Vitruvian Blueberry

Every time I saw Violet inflated it reminded me of DaVinci's Vitruvian model, so I decided to apply some blueberry expansion to the mix. Surprisingly, even though the model is based on a circular form, and Violet's final stage is spherical, the rounded blueberry does not readily translate as one would expect.

Vitruvian Blueberry
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Blueberry calculations

Just for the record, if anyone is curious (and to show how much of a geek I am), the Vitruvian sketches are part of a much larger personal project trying to put actual numbers and calculations to the process of becoming a blueberry (based on the 1971 film). I already calculated the end mass, volume and circumference of our female blueberry, and then used those numbers to generate rate of expansion over time (MS Excel worked great for calculating the increase in volume, mass and big around she gets each passing second). Since I figured the gum wouldn't fill the subject with juice at a fixed rate (instant-on, instant-off), I developed a rudimentary Normal Distribution Curve (aka Bell Curve) that reflected an increase in flow rate over time (Gallons Per Second inflating her), peaking about mid-way, then starting to taper off (I enjoyed interpreting the data in five second increments to highlight what the female model was experiencing). Hey, it keeps me out of trouble...there are so much worse things I could be doing.