Long Day

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The warm waters of the bath washed over Lily as she sank down. Her aching muscles relaxed, strained from the day's arduous work. The screaming faces of angry managers were stuck in her mind alongside snide and sarcastic customers. She wanted to quit her job, to drift away from it entirely, but she needed the pay. Tuition didn't pay itself. Shaking her head, she tried to relax in the bath, but she couldn't seem to just forget the days worries.


She could.

Closed eyes, deep breaths.

She knew what to do.

The process was easy to start, all it took was a thought and a desire. The tingles came first, traveling up and down her body. A promise of what was to come. Her only response was a sigh as the feeling settled in her chest. Her nipples throbbed, desire building and building. Lily had always assumed that was the fuel to her ability. Desire, filling her up and up. It always started the same way once the tingles settled.


Lily could feel the gas gathering in her chest, swirling against her skin. It teased her, made her squirm in anticipation before her skin suddenly gave. She could see her breasts jump outwards, filled by desire made manifest. Her hands grabbed her nipples as she grew. Lily knew there was only so much time before her size would make this mundane task impossible. She pinched and squeezed, reveling in her increasing size and sensitivity. The waters of the bath seemed to push her ballooning chest up like buoys, forcing her to bend her knees so she could comfortably float on her back.


She kept growing, no, inflating, surpassing sizes found by those with logic and reason. Lily did not care for such things now, only how marvelous her breasts felt. They squeaked as they inflated into her arms, hands still firmly planted on her nipples. She looked as if she was holding onto her breasts, a girl held adrift by her body. Almost there, she thought, as she felt the air itself begin pushing against her. Every gentle breeze, every tiny wave in the tub's water teased her stretching skin like a delicate massage. Lily could not help but gasp and moan as she kept growing.


Her arms now began to tire as her breasts outgrew her reach. She wanted to savor the feelings of her stimulated nipples for just a little longer, but soon physics took over. As Lily lost her grip, her arms falling to either side of her, her breasts sprang forth unabated. Their shape was spherical, evenly inflated with the gas. Her nipples reached to the ceiling as her body felt on the cusp of buoyancy. Gentle breezes in the air were now raging gusts trying to lift her away, and she barely seemed to rest upon the water's surface.


With one more puff into her buoyant blimps, Lily felt open air replace the touch of water on her back. She closed her eyes, focusing entirely on the feeling of being a balloon, of being lighter than the air itself. Her breasts carried her up and up, their circumference hiding her upper body from view. Had she been caring to look, she would have seen a valley of pale cleavage, goosebumps perforating the surface of her inflated blimps. Still Lily rose up, her feet leaving the water with a gentle splash. The room was silent now, her previous moans of lust replaced by a reverent silence. With a gentle boing, her balloons bumped and settled against the ceiling above her tub.

Lily opened her eyes, taking in the sight from the air. Below her, she saw her bath, now forgotten and unusable by a balloon like her. Yes, that's what she was like this. A balloon, drifting from her cares in the world. Everything else was so small now compared to the pleasure she felt, simply floating with her breasts. Smiling to herself, Lily rested her head against her breasts and sighed. Perhaps a proper vacation from work was in order.

Author's Note: 

Hi, I'm Venya and I'm new here.


This story is one of the ones I had posted on my deviantart, at https://www.deviantart.com/venya8008

I'll be posting more of my stuff, but not all of it, as some of it is contextual to stuff specifically on deviantart.

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