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It was an ordinary autumn day at an ordinary high school in an ordinary city in Japan.  Nothing of grand dramatic importance happened there, either in the city or the school; it was placid, perhaps excessively so.  Despite this it had a certain charm, its mundane nature casting the events and hardships that took place within its walls in a dramatic - and potentially melodramatic - light.

As Hiro took his seat by the window he said, "so I hear there's a new transfer student arriving today."  Hiro was generally good-natured and kind, and specifically devoid of any traits which might make it difficult for others to project upon him.

To his right Nodoka let out a quiet note of understanding, not looking up from her English copy of Godel, Escher, Bach.  Nodoka was aloof and spoke little.  Rare were her moments of affection.  Rare, and well-earned.

Behind him Gesuko leered, making a gesture the specifics of which are better left unsaid. "I hear it's a -girl-.  I hope she's cute."  Gesuko was a young woman whose sexual predilections and behavior were those of an unrepentant sex offender.  As it stood, however, her constant acts of molestation and undesired advances were merely seen as a quaint personality quirk.

The class representative rapped a ruler against the chalkboard, bringing everyone to attention. "We have a new student in our class!" She nodded towards the door. "Please, enter."

Into the classroom stepped a fair-skinned girl, black hair hanging down past her shoulders.  Stopping beside the teacher's empty desk, she turned to the other students and bowed deeply. "Hello there," she said. "My name is Fuuko Senjo."

Hiro furrowed his brow, mouthing her name to himself.  Gesuko licked her lips eagerly before rummaging around in her bag, and Nodoka looked up from her book with an impassive expression. "That's your name?" she asked softly.

Fuuko nodded. "That's right."


"Yeah...?" she said hesitantly.

"I'm sorry."

"What?  Why?"

"Never mind her!" Gesuko exclaimed, quickly rising to her feet. "Welcome to the class!" Approaching Fuuko, she held out a suspiciously blue stick of gum. "Here, have some candy."

The class rep gave Gesuko a withering look. "Gum isn't allowed in-"

"See, she says it's fine." She pressed the gum closer to Fuuko's mouth in a gross violation of personal space. "Go on, take it."

Fuuko held up her hands, glancing about for assistance. "No, I really, uh..." Her eyes fell on Nodoka, who mouthed "run" at her.  Recognizing that she had wisdom beyond her years, Fuuko quickly fled the room.


Fuuko didn't notice it before, but the atmosphere of this school felt different from her last one.  It was hard to pin down, but it was unmistakably -off- in a way she couldn't explain, least of all when at a full run.  Though she certainly received a clue when a gas cylinder tumbled out of a closet in front of her, hose spraying, whipping directly towards her mouth.

She juked to the side without breaking pace, the metal can hitting the ground behind her.  Not more than ten steps ahead a classroom door slid open, students stepping out with a large tray of soda and Mentos held between them.  Fuuko dropped and slid between the surprised students before rising up again, running past a series of open windows.  Suddenly a hose snapped up, spraying water, and she pivoted around it as it lashed towards her lips, dodging the puddle as she passed by.

Another classroom door opened and Gesuko leaned out, still brandishing the gum. "Are you sure you-"

Without a word Fuuko palmed her face, shoving her back into the room and slamming the door shut before escaping outside.


Fuuko finally stopped running when she came to an abandoned club building on the far side of the grounds.  She entered, leaning on the table to catch her breath as her thoughts finally caught up with her actions.  Fleeing the school probably wasn't the best way to make a first impression, but when you're somewhere new and someone who's been there a while gives you advice, it's probably a good idea to take it.  She circled around the table to one of the chairs in the room, pausing to look back at the door.  As she did a yellow balloon suddenly and inexplicably floated in through the open window, moving with uncanny speed before settling down on the seat behind her.

Fuuko dropped into the seat, bursting it, and she let out a surprised yelp as her stomach immediately billowed out with a loud hiss.  The hem of her shirt and waistband of her skirt parted as her belly surged between them, going from stuffed to pregnant to beyond.  Up above her breasts swelled and strained against her top, pressing together to form a crevasse of cleavage that bulged out of the neck of her shirt.  It was over in a flash, replacing her modest chest and slim torso with heaping, bra-busting endowments and a belly which could double as a beach ball.  Stranger still, there was no weight to them, almost as if they were filled with air.  Bewildered, Fuuko cupped her breasts, giving them a light squeeze, finding her skin suddenly and strangely elastic.

It was about this time that Hiro opened the door.

Fuuko's head whipped towards him, cheeks burning red. "I-" she stammered. "I can explain!"

Hiro bore a look of surprise, but it quickly faded to genuine concern. "What happened?"

"I'm not sure." She made a move to stand, only for her belly to bump painlessly against the edge of the table.  Pivoting to the side she made another attempt, rising to her feet. "I sat on a balloon or something and then... this happened."

"I see."

Fuuko pressed her hands into her abdomen. "This is insane.  I look like a freak."

"Don't say that!" Hiro blurted out.  Approaching her, he took her hands in his. "Fuuko, you're very beautiful."

Fuuko blinked in surprise before lapsing into silence, eyes moving about as she silently contemplated something. "Are you just saying that because you're intended to be a viewer self-insert?"

"What?  No, of course not."

"Oh.  Okay."

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