Center of Attention 6

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The more he thought about it, the more he realized that things were even stranger on levels that were heretofore overshadowed by other strange events.  For such a large city, it had to have some earlier foundations, but there were no signs of historical buildings or landmarks.  It was just a very generic large, modern city.  Odd how he never considered it until now, he thought. "So about what you said a few days ago..."

She glanced behind her as she walked. "What about?" she asked.

"The buildings get fixed if anything happens to them?  Just... overnight?"

She nodded. "If anything happens to the city, it's undone when I go to sleep and wake back up, and everyone else here just kind of accepts it.  It's like that one Harold Ramis movie."


She stopped in her tracks, giving him a look over her shoulder.

"National Lampoon's Vacation?"

She turned, jabbing a finger at his chest. "Don't you- don't you -dare-."

"Don't worry, I know which one you mean."

"You better."

A few minutes later they happened across a vending machine, and she paused to fish some change from her pocket before punching one of the buttons.  There was a clunk in the tray, and she fished out an opaque glass bottle. "Hey."


She placed it into his hands, too stone-faced for him not to know things weren't as they seemed. "Bet you can't drink this in one go."

With a shrug he unscrewed the cap and put it to his lips, tipping it up and drinking.  It was cold water, nothing more and nothing less, but after a few gulps he realized that it was still full.  Still drinking, his eyes went to her, searching for an explanation.

"Yeah, there's... really full bottles here." She shrugged helplessly. "It's like how helium tanks are basically bottomless.  You can stop if-" As he shook his head a look of surprise crossed her face. "You're really going to...?" She smiled. "Alright, go for it."

He nodded, continuing to drink, noting that the amount of water coming out of it was increasing as time went on.  His cheeks bulged as they filled, his throat swelling out with each swallow, and his stomach quickly began rising off his frame, navel poking out from beneath his shirt as it forced open the zipper on his jeans.  The water began pooling elsewhere as well, fabric across his backside pulling taut as his hips widened.

By now he had attracted the attention of passers-by, some of whom lingered but most left the area with various degrees of haste.  Those who remained watched as his gut took up more of his body and his legs fattened into trunks, growing over his ankles as his thighs pushed them apart before eventually beginning to disappear into his rounded midsection.  By the time his legs were gone, pulled into shoe-topped dimples, his backside had already touched the ground.  His shoulders and arms were untouched, but the rest quickly tapering down, giving his body a teardrop shape the size of a queen-size bed and a foot or two higher than her.

He pulled the bottle out of his mouth with a "pop," taking a breath.

"You're stopping?" she asked.

"No, but..." He gestured towards her. "I don't want to flatten you."

She arched her eyebrows. "Wow.  Okay." Circling around him she planted one foot on his sizeable ass, climbing up om top of him. "I want to see where this goes."

He nodded, raising the bottle. "Hang on," he said, before putting his lips around the mouth and sucking as hard as he could.  His cheeks grew to the size of basketballs as he drew in water, gulping it down as hard and as fast as he could.  He grew in fits, surging out and up a foot at a time, then more.  As he spilled out across the road he felt his backside begin to press against the windows behind him, glass cracking and giving way as he bulged into the store front.  To his sides were parked cars, bumpers first indenting his body before he simply grew over them.  There was a fullness and weight to his body that wasn't there with air, and as he crested one story in height he felt the vehicles begin to crumple beneath him.

He spread across the road, cresting two stories in height and still gaining.  The front of him intruded on a series of apartment buildings, rough stone bricks pressing against him.  With no more room in front of him or behind him he grew out and up, love handles stretching to the sides as his line of sight rose higher.  It was confining, being pinned as he was between two rows of buildings, pressed out of shape.

She looked down at him, noting the discomfort on his face. "Hey," she said, pointing to the buildings in front of them. "Are you going to take that from some dumb -building?-"

He shook his head, still drinking.

"Yeah, what do buildings even do for us anyway?  Shelter from the elements?" She rolled her eyes. "Pfft.  Flatten those suckers."

So he grew, crushing cars and toppling trees.  He grew, shattering windows story by story.  He grew, filled with millions of gallons of water, now gaining yards at a time, shaking with each gulp.  His weight mounted as it pressed into the sides of apartments, bulging over onto their roofs as bit by bit, cracks formed in their walls and foundations.  Frames buckled, then broke, an entire street of buildings pushed over and crushed by tons of liquid.  His body, unconstrained, lurched as it spread over rubble, the top of him dropping with enough speed that it set his contents in motion, jostling and wobbling, gut and ass smashing into more of the neighborhood.

The sole passenger on him, and the only other person in the area that didn't evacuate, bounced about as he rose and fell, clinging to his jacket until he came to relative rest.  She took a moment to recover her bearings, looking over at him as he held the bottle upside-down, the last few drops of water dripping down on him.

"I think it's empty," he said.  With a casual toss he let it roll down his front, watching as it grew more distant. "Am I..." He turned his head to either side. "I'm the size of a city block."

"Probably a couple thousand tons, too," she added.

"I feel like it.  It's different from air; there's more weight to it.  I can feel my body flattening out and pressing against everything around me."

She nodded, crawling forward and taking a seat beside him. "This is really great, you know?  Having someone to share all this weird stuff with."



"I wish I could reach my dick."

"You know you can bounce up and down a certain way and-"

"No, that's fine.  These are my good jeans."

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