Juice Vat Caper, The

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“I’m in.” Emily whispered into her walky-talky. She had managed to crawl through the air conditioning ducts of Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

“Head north to the inventing room.” Rebecca replied. She was stationed outside the factory, keeping guard.

“Did I really have to wear latex? I’m burning up in this suit.”

“It makes it easier to slip through tight places. With my fatass I’d be stuck in there.”

After a few turns, Emily came to the conclusion that she was lost.

“I have no idea where I am.”

“Look through one of the vents.”

Peering through one of the vents, she could only faintly see the color blue.

“Ugh! It reeks of…berries.”

“You must be over a juicing vat. That means you’re close to the inventing room. Keep moving.”

“Rebecca, these air ducts aren’t stable at all.”

“Then be careful.”

Emily resumed crawling. Right when she was about to get a turn, a massive gust of air blew in her face, knocking her off balance. The ducts shook and creaked, nails becoming loose.

“Emily! What’s going on?”

“The whole unit is coming apart!”

She broke through the duct, failing thirty or so feet to the blue ocean below.

The liquid was gooey, sticky, and smelled strongly of berries. Emily was covered head to toe in it. She stood up, as the gymnasium-sized room illuminated itself. The liquid was waist high, and spanned the whole room. Looking up, Emily could see the broken air duct, as well as large pipe.

“You there?”

“Yeah, I’m here, waist-deep in juice.”

“Oh shit! That juice comes from the juicing rooms!’

“Yeah. And?”

“After being inside a human body, the juice becomes two times thicker and four times as potent.”

“Son of a bitch, Rebecca. Of course you sent me in here. Don’t you know how often I exercise? I can’t afford…to…” Emily stared at her stomach. Like a sponge, it soaked up the juice. Her whole midsection had become plump with juice. She turned around to see her butt cheeks fattening, jiggling around as they filled up with juice. She had become a magnet for it.

“Rebecca!” She whimpered. “I’m filling with it!”

“You going to have to let it run its course.”

“Great. Now my ass is going to be the size of a Zeppelin.”

Emily, the human sponge, swelled at an ever increasing rate. Everything below her chest had become engorged with juice, including a body part that she wish it wouldn’t go near.

Her bottom had become so fat, that instead of her feet giving her balance, her butt had touched the bottom of the vat, and made her torso and the rest of her body move upwards into the air.

“How are you doing?”

“As well as someone swelling with juice can be. It all concentrated itself in my belly and my butt. My whole upper body is slowly rising closer to the ceiling.”

“Stay in there. There’s not much I can do. In fact, I’m going to abandon my post. See you later.”

“Rebecca! Please, give me some company.”


“How does it feel?”

“Cold…and thick.”

Her backside had become the size of a two-story building. Luckily for her, the juice was beginning to run out.

“I think it’s about to stop.”

The pipe stuck down, as Emily’s rising body inched closer towards it.

“My face isn’t swollen, thankfully, and neither are my boobs or arms.”

“Good. I’m going to leave now. Hope you get juiced.”

“Thanks for nothing…” Emily said jokingly.

She set the walky-talky down on her thigh, resting her heads upwards.

Bad idea.

The pipe descended into her mouth. With the pressure from her hindquarters pushing her upwards, her lips became lodged on to the pipe, which stunk with a scent of – you guessed it – blueberries.

Despite her muffled cries and moans, Emily was in for a bigger – and even juicer – treat. Though she had stopped swelling, the factory was a busy place, and it was only a matter of time until the inevitable. The black latex suit she wore was now a shade of dark blue, and ripped in many places.

Through the vibrations of the pipe, Emily could hear a juicing taking place.

“Now, this might feel weird.”

The sound of metal pressing against liquid, and the subsequent oozing of that liquid followed.

“We’re all done here.”

Emily glanced around, seeing how her rear touched every corner of the room. This was not going to be fun.

The rumbling of the pipe got her attention. She knew it was near.

The pipe vibrated more and more, before unloading its goods straight down her throat.

The juice was warmer this time, and a hell of a lot sweeter. Like a pufferfish, the remaining parts of the body expanded. Her breasts billowed outwards, finding a resting place on her swelling belly. Her arms fattened and became utterly useless, her fingers turned to sausages. Her lips became plump, only furthering the seal on the pipe. Her cheeks were inflated like a chipmunks, blocking her vision.

The rest of the vat began to fill with her bloating, gurgling mass.

“Finally, it’s over…” she thought, as her body settled.

A single drop of juice cascaded through the pipe and down her gullet. Her body began to quiver, shaking and sloshing.

“Please, no!”

A loud, wet pop rumbled through the factory, accompanied by a great splash of liquid.


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