Wrong Time

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I took one more look at my un-inflated body in the mirror. Today was the day. I was finally going to bloat bigger than I had ever before! I grabbed the three packs of mento's that I had bought before and swallowed them all. Then I took my bottle of diet coke and chugged the whole thing until I felt a strong tingling in my stomach.

"Yes!" I put my hands on my pudgy belly, feeling it start to inflate under my fingers.

Then I heard a knock at the door.

Shit, who is it!? No one was supposed to be here! I buttoned up my shirt and walked out.

"Hello? Sarah, are you in there?" my friend Lillian said from outside,"We're supposed to be working on our project for science class."

Science class. That was what I was forgetting earlier! I went over and opened up the door.

"Hi, Lilly..." I said, stating to feel a tightness in my belly,"Listen, I not feeling very well today, maybe we can reschedule for tomorrow?" 

"Oh, sure thing!" she replied,"But I've started to work on the poster a little bit, and I want to show you what I've done so you aren't to behind, that ok with you?

"Ok," I said. WHAT! That was not ok! This shirt was baggy ten seconds ago! Now I can feel the top of my stomach stretching the first button.

She walked in and put her half-made poster on my kitchen table,"Ok, so I've put the essay you wrote up on the right, and... Did you do something?"

"What?" I said, trying to play it cool.

"You look different somehow," she said, looking me over, then centering on my growing belly,"No offense, but did you gain weight?"  

"Why? Does this short look tight to you," It certainly felt tight. In a few minutes the buttons would have all been a treasured memory, along with my dignity.

"Yeah, maybe that's it," she said, looking back at the poster,"Now if we..."

"I... Need to get something!" I said, turning around just before the first button popped off.

"Ok... Are you sure you want to do this, if you need rest I can go?" 

"Um, I'll get my phone and take a picture of it when I get back," I said, walking into my room, no longer able to see my feet.

I threw open the door. What was I thinking! I had this one chance to inflate like in the stories, but I had to screw it up! I thew on a hoody that concealed my belly pretty well. 

But as I was leaving, I saw the other bottle of Diet Coke and the last pack of mento's. I don't know what it was, but the though off inflating in front of Lillian so fast was so sexy I couldn't help myself. I ate the mento's and chugged down the coke, and instantly felt my belly expanding two times as fast. One look at me and you would've though that I was pregnant with twins. And it wouldn't stop! The seams on the zipper burst off, leaving only the strained remaining buttons of the shirt to cover me up.

"Hey Sarah, is everything alright?" Lillian asked, opening the door just in time to see my buttons pop off.

"Hey..." I said, stifling a burp.

"Oh. My. God. What the hell is going on!?" 

"It's a... Long story."

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