Soda and Mentos Infation

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Cassie was a rough party girl down to her very core. Every aspect about her was rowdy, from her messy, short bob of a haircut she had, down to her punk-ish eyeliner. She was attending college, and a rowdy gathering of teenagers and young adults was taking place across the hallway, right outside of her dorm. Naturally, she was one of the first people to be invited, but she still showed up a few hours late anyways.

Cassie knocked on the door. Evan, the party host, opened the door, and a loud plethora of rock music and teenage language assaulted her ears. Evan invited Cassie inside, and she found a nice spot for herself at a table in the corner. 

Cecelia, or “Cece,” sat across from Cassie. They were dorm mates, but usually spent most of their time separately. Cassie thought this would be the perfect opportunity to solidify their relationship.

Evan sat to Cassie’s right. He was your average, well-built, not-so-smart jock type, but he knew how to throw parties. Even when he wasn’t hosting a shindig he would always supply a party with plenty of alcohol. Despite this, Evan himself never drank; he thought drinking leads to bad judgement.

Annie sat to Cassie’s left. She was, in essence, a girl with the body of a bimbo but the mind of a genius. She was known for being prodigiously smart, while also having an insatiable thirst for beauty. At the young age of 19, Annie was endowed with a pair of massive implants, much too large for her thin frame.

As always, Cassie drank the most liquor, with Cece and Annie tied for second, and Evan in dead last. They talked for hours, bonding and laughing. Eventually, the party started to die down. The only ones left were the four friends, hopelessly drunk (except for Evan), seated at the table, and a few other partygoers scattered around the commons space.

“How about a game of truth or dare?” Cece proposed.

“Sure thing.” Agreed Evan. “Who wants to go first.”

A short silence took hold of the table, until it was eventually broken by Annie.

“I’ll go first.” Annie said. “Truth.”

Cece took this chance to ask Annie a personal question, one that she’d been curious about for a long while. “Annie, are you planning on getting bigger implants? And, if so, how much bigger are you going to get?”

Annie took a sip of beer and said “I’m not sure how big I want to go, but I’ll keep going until I’m satisfied.” Annie looked around the table, and chose Evan. “Evan, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Said Evan.

“Why don’t you drink anything?”

“Because I think it clouds judgement.”

“Alright. Fair enough.” Annie said, taking another swig of beer. It was Evan’s turn.

“Annie, truth or dare?”

“Dare.” Answered Annie.

Evan thought for a moment. He wanted to try and make a dare that she didn’t want to do. “I dare you to take your shirt and bra off for the rest of the night.”

Evan, Cece, and Cassie looked at Annie. She did nothing for a while, but eventually started to take her shirt off. Her breasts were the size of basketballs. Same shape, too. They were unnaturally round. She took her bra off, and the trio saw her nipples, with the areola around them stretched far out.

“Damn.” Evan said after a brief while. “Didn’t think you’d actually do it.”

Annie smiled. “I choose Cassie.” She said.

“Dare.” Cassie replied.

Annie thought long and hard about another dare. One that was even more ridiculous than Evan’s. “Cassie. I dare you to drink an entire liter of coke, and then eat an entire pack of mentos.”

“What?” Said Cassie. “Where’d you pull that one out of?”

“Who cares?” Interrupted Cece. “Do it!”

Cassie was not one to back down from a dare. She loved the look on people’s faces when she proved them wrong.

“Done deal.” She finally said.

Cassie got up from the table and went over to the mini-bar. The other three followed. Annie got scores of looks from the other partygoers, who now realized her chest was completely bare. Cassie pulled out a liter bottle of coke, a large pack of mentos, and walked over to the middle of the open dance floor. She wanted everyone to see this.

Cassie took a deep breath. “Here we go...”

She opened the liter bottle and started gulping down the soda. She took big gulps, and the fizzy soda somewhat hurt her throat as it passed through it. She had only gotten a quarter of the way through. She kept the bottle glued to her lips, chugging the entire thing. Halfway there. Her throat was starting to sting. Her lungs were sore from not taking a breath. Almost done. Almost...

Cassie threw to liter bottle onto the floor. It was completely empty. She took a huge breath, a sighed a sigh of relief. She felt very light headed and nearly lost her footing when she noticed that a crowd of a few dozen people were surrounding her.

“What?” She asked, playfully. “That was nothing.”

She got no response from the crowd. She noticed they were all staring at her stomach. Cassie looked down and let out a quick gasp. Her stomach bulged out greatly, as if she were several months pregnant. She quickly spun around, trying to locate her friends. The side sloshed around violently in her stomach. The shaking caused some gas to build up, and she let out a colossal burp. She faced her friends who were also staring at her giant belly, wide-eyed.

“Cassie? Are you okay?” Asked Evan, worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She answered. “Where are the mentos?”

“I really think you shouldn’t.” Evan advised.

“Oh, what’s gonna happen?” Cassie said as she took the mentos from Cece. “It’s not right to back down from a dare, right guys?” She said, addressing the crowd.

“Yeah!” They shouted.

Cassie looked at Evan. “Don’t worry, it’s just a little fizz. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Cassie filled her mouth up with a few dozen months and swallowed them all in one gulp. Cassie turned to Cece. “Dare complete.” She said with a smile.

Suddenly, Cassie felt a fizzy, bubbly sensation come from her stomach. She rested her hands on her belly. She could feel her skin start to stretch under her palms. She looked down and saw that her stomach was visibly growing at an alarming rate. She looked back up and saw the crowd slowly backing away from her.

“Uh, guys...” She said with a nervous laugh. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Her stomach continued to grow. It looked like she had been pregnant with twins for nine months. The crowd continued to back away.

“Don’t worry guys.” Cassie said, her voice quivering with fear. “I’m sure it’ll stop soon. I’m sure.”

Cassie tried to push her stomach back down with her hands, but it was expanding with a force greater than her own. Her stomach stuck out several feet. It was unnaturally round, much like Annie’s breasts, and it felt hollow, like it was filling up with air. Cassie felt like a balloon. It was at this point that she noticed her skin felt unbelievably tight and stretched out. She felt a strange, growing pressure ruminate from inside her. The skin on her stomach began to tingle from the stress. Cassie instinctively began to back up in an attempt to distance herself from her growing stomach, which, of course, was useless because it was attached to her.

Cassie’s foot hit a beer can, and she fell over inter her back. Her stomach was whipped back and forth with the impact, as if it weighed nothing. The tingling in Cassie’s skin became much more severe, almost to the point of hurting. Her stomach was halfway between the floor, where she lay, and the ceiling, which was 10 feet above.

“Help!” She cried. “Help!” She pleaded. She looked around, only to see the the crowd remained standing where they were. “Someone get help!” She cried, a few tears beginning to roll down her cheeks. Her skin felt immeasurably tight, the pressure within her grew at an unrelenting pace, and her skin was hurting from being stretched to such a degree.

“Help! Someone help!” She sobbed. “It hurts! It hurts!”

A few people, including Cassie’s friends, started looking around the room for anything that might help. Some of them continued to watch in silence. Most of the others started to back away even further, and making their way towards the exit.

Cassie’s sobs gradually turned into cries of pain. Evan and Cece looked hopelessly around for, well, nothing really. Annie started to approach Cassie stomach, which was almost touching the ceiling. She put her hand in it, and it felt just like a balloon. A warm balloon of human skin, which she could feel getting stretched under her palms.

“Oh my god.” Said Annie. “Guys, we need to go! She gonna pop! She’s gonna burst!” She started running for the exit. “She’s gonna blow up!”

“No!” Cassie begged. “Don’t leave me here! Help me!”

Everybody had left, except for Evan and Cece. The other people took cover behind overturned tables or watched through the window. The top of Cassie’s stomach was inches away from the ceiling.

“Evan!” Cece grabbed Evan’s hand. “There’s nothing we can do!” Evan stood still, speechless. Cece took Evan’s hand and pulled him away. “I’m sorry, Cassie!” She yelled over her shoulder.

Cassie’s cries of pain turned into piercing shrieks. The skin on her stomach caused her indescribable pain. She felt the pressure inside her, contained in too small a space for the power it possessed, ready to explode out like a bond. Her skin felt intensely thin and stretched. Finally, Cassie’s stomach reached the ten foot ceiling. With nowhere else to go, Cassie’s stomach started growing to the side. The displacement in the pressure caused the pain in her skin to exponentially increase. She felt like she was moments away from bursting. She knew she was. She let out one last, piercing scream, skin gave way.

A loud pop could be heard from miles away. A shockwave of air knocked the onlookers back several feet. A red fizz covered the walls. All traces of Cassie were nowhere to be found.

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