Water Belly Expansion

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Allison was a social girl. She loved company, almost to a fault. She basically relied on it. She had dirty-blonde hair that fell a little bit past her shoulders, but she usually kept it in a neat ponytail. A few loose strands covered her forehead, down to her brown eyes. She had a small smattering of freckles on her nose and rosy cheeks. She was five-and-a-half feet tall with a thin but not frail frame, with a hint of athleticism adorning her body. She had a respectable C-cup bust and an ass that did its job.

She was no celebrity. Nowhere near what she wanted to be, but she made a point of trying her best to get there. She was attending a pool party on this night. It was being hosted by the college’s most popular boy, Nathaniel. Allison thought she had a chance to woo his heart, and what better place than a pool party? She knocked on the door, and when it opened she came face to face with Nathaniel.

“Allison!” Nathaniel said, excitedly. “You made it!”

“Yep.” Allison replied, modestly tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “I made it.”

Nathan stood to the side of the door and presented Allison with a path to enter. Allison did so, and her ears were overtaken by the blasting of music, her bones thumped with each pulse of the overdriven bass, and she saw an orgy of sweaty teenagers dancing in the commons room. She turned to speak to Nathaniel, who had followed her in.

“I need to change, where’s the bathroom?” Allison tried to shout over the music.

“What?” Replied Nathaniel.

“The bathroom!” Allison repeated, even louder.

Allison couldn’t hear what Nathaniel said, but he pointed to a door on the other side of the room, and when Allison opened the door, it was indeed a bathroom. She took off her T-shirt and shorts and put on a skimpy aqua-blue bikini. She exited the bathroom and made her way to the pool. A few of the boys looked at her body. She wasn’t the most amazing, but she was damn close.

She arrived at the pool and dived in, trying her best to keep her motions fluid, and look sexy to any onlookers. What other point was there to a pool party, after all? After a short while she had done her share of swimming, and took her place on a reclining seat. She fell asleep, and nobody dared to wake her. She looked too good.

A few hours later, when the party had run its course, only a sparse handful of attendants remained, most of them drunk out of their minds. Nathaniel was one of them, and he saw Allison sleeping on the reclining seat. He got an idea. He went to the side of the house and pulled a green, rubber garden hose over to where Allison was sleeping.

“Hey guys,” he drunkenly slurred. “Watch this.”

A small crowd of drunk boys watched as Nathaniel turned the hose on and stuck it in Allison’s mouth. Allison sat up and looked around in a shock. She noticed the hose in her mouth and tried to pull it out, but something was stuck. All the drunk boys were laughing and pointing, but Allison pulled and pulled on the hose, and it wouldn’t come out.

She could feel a steady torrent of cold water cascade down her throat and into her stomach. She felt her stomach starting to bulge out slightly as it was filled with liquid.

“Uh oh.” She thought to herself. “This isn’t good.”

She tried once again to yank the hose out, but to no avail. Her stomach was quickly swelling up. She could feel her abdomen cool down from the coldness if the water. She felt her skin beginning to tighten slightly. Her stomach stuck out like she was nine months pregnant. As she stumbled around she felt the water slosh around inside her.

She tried to yell at the laughing boys, but the only thing that made it through was a gurgled muffle. Her stomach was not a few feet wide, and a few blue veins were starting to make themselves shown. Allison fell down into her back and her full stomach shook wildly around from the impact. By now it bulged out farther than she could reach around with her arms. Her belly button was starting to stick out, and her skin felt stretched out.

The boys continued to laugh as Allison lay there and her stomach continued to swell with water. It was several feet high, and she felt like a giant water balloon, moments away from bursting. The water was putting a high amount of pressure on her from the inside. She felt like she might burst. She tried once more to yank the hose out, but to no avail. One of the boys got the bright idea to jump inter her stomach. The boy’s impact on one side of her stomach ripples and stretched out the skin on her other side. The impact caused her to move, and she rolled into the pool.

She fell into the deep end, and the water in her stomach caused her to sink. However, her stomach was so huge that it just barely kept her body above pool level. As her stomach continued to swell, she was slowly pushed high and higher up. She felt the sides of her stomach push against the sides of the pool. She was filling the pool up.

Eventually, her stomach overflowed out of the pool, and she stuck out like a muffin sticks out of its mold after baking. Allison was slowly pushed higher and higher up by her expanding stomach, and she was several feet above pool level when she burst, and a miniature tsunami flooded the entire backyard in several feet of lukewarm Allison-water.

The brief soak sobered up the boys, who now realized what had just happened. There was no trace that Allison has been there, or had even ever existed. The action of her bursting from all the water pressure inside of her essentially vaporized her. The only thing left was an aqua-blue bikini at the bottom of the backyard, which was now a pool a few feet deep.

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