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(Warning: This lil' fiction contains pretty intimate details about the male anatomy. Also, yes, it is an inflation fic of Lucio from Overwatch. If that's not your thing, I suggest you don't read it)


Lucio was amazed that Winston hadn't been kidding. there it was, an aerobics course, but with surfaces specifically for wall riding. The entire thing looped so the DJ could test both his speed and endurance. Both, he had to hand to himself, were pretty amazing.

It was his 32nd lap around the whole thing and he was coming up on what he'd started to call the chasm. A bit dramatic but the name fit its purpose, 150 metres, two walls parallel to each other and a fault zone beneath which would end the timer if he touched it. Narer the end were interceptors, objects between the walls designed to prevent him from randomly jumping between the surfaces. He jumped onto the right wall first then kicked off it after about a second, gaining a bit of speed as he did, and started grinding against the left wall. He continued this over and over, jumping between walls, getting faster and faster, narrowly dodging the interceptors, but the mistake came when he jumped off the eft wall instead of the right at the end; The course quickly turned left after the chasm was over. He changed direction quickly, but this made him stumble due to his incredible speed, and his right food hit the fault zone outside the lines of the course.

A claxon sounded and lucio groaned, he was getting into a really good rhythm and everything. His lap score, best lap and average lap time showed up on the board, none were record breakers, but they were close.

"Reset the course, let's try that again." He commanded, managing to go back to his chirpy self.

The timers didn't reset. Instead, a female voice came over the tannoy. "Lucio, it has been 2 hours 23 minutes and 53 seconds since your last break. I recommend you rest and recover."

"Really, that long?" He looked up at the clock, looked slightly taken back, then replied "Yeah, good call. Thanks Athena."

He didn't get a response back and he didn't really expect one.

He walked over to the changing rooms. He was wearing a sports shirt that hugged his slim frame tightly, mostly so it wouldn't get in the way. His pants were skin-tight as well, though they were designed for his Bionic legs, hcih he deactivated and took off, stepping out of them.

He went over to the mirror. He looked fit, but the kind of fit he liked, nice and light. He turned around, getting a look at his backside. Nice and firm, and it stuck out a little, a pleasant bubble butt. The rumours about Genji suddenly flooded his mind. It was common knowledge that the cyborg had been injured, but the method of which was a mysterious, well, mystery. He'd asked Dr Angela the day after the incident, but she had simply laughed and walked off.

What had spread around by the younger members of Overwatch was that Genji's butt had been enhanced to a point where he couldn't move, a thought that made the DJ blush a little, and made the front of his spandex pants feel a tiny bit tighter. He would have dismissed it if Lena or Hana had told him, but he got this from McCree.

Lucio coughed, trying to rid the thought from his head, it was making things...uncomfortable. The cough made him realise how parched his throat was. He looked around, he'd forgotten to bring any water with him. Perhaps the drinks machine outside? No, no money. His eyes scanned the room, eventually settling on a bottle on one of the benches.

it was Soda. Looked like soda, anyway, dark with bubbles travelling up the liquid. There was no label and the cap was white, the plastic see-through; the brand was a mystery. The size wasn't, he could judge it to be 2 litres

Lucio walked over and picked it up, holding it in his hand. It was cold, so it had been put their recently, in fact the exterior had some condensation. Had somebody left it? Must have, there was nothing else in the changing room. Lucio shrugged, twisting offf the cap, heard the familiar hiss and raised it to his lips.

It tasted brilliant, just what he needed. Ice cold, tangy, sweet, he felt his body perk up thee moment it hit his tongue. The first mouthful was swallowed and followed by another, and another, and another. Before long, he had chugged the whole bottle down. He sighed, putting the bottle down, feeling a bit heavier. He looked down at his stomach, which had bloated out, quite a bit actually, more than he would have expected. He went back over to the mirror, getting a better look at himself.

He grunted at his reflection, which grunted back at him. The rest of his body was nice and fit, but his stomach just didn't belong. It had a distinct curve from the side and forced a gap between the bottom of his shirt and the top of his pants.

"Well, that's what i get for chugging i-"

He belched. The expulsion snuck up on him, he hadn't felt the pressure a moment ago, but he did now, and despite three more belches afterwards, the pressure didn't go away. if anything, it increased!

His stomach made a plethora of gurgles and groans, forcing him to make a moan or two as well out of discomfort. He found a bit off joy with it, seeing how long he could belch, making a little game out of it. the game stopped when he felt the fabric of his clothes shift.

He looked at his reflection again, had the gap between his clothing gotten bigger? It felt tighter. Another long belch came out, and he swore he saw the fabric move yet again, exposing more of his midriff.

"What the...*Uuuurp!*" He stumbled a little from that one "Am I getting b-*Uuarg*-igger?"

He was. Against all logic, his shirt continued to move up as his stomach pressed outwards. The waistline of his pants even started to move down, making way for his engorging girth.

He felt heavier, and gradually getting heavier still. He pressed a hand to his stomach as if to check it was his and not some flesh-coloured balloon. Nope, it was warm, and tight, the skin just managing to stretch. He pushed down on it, which forced out a 6-second-long burp from his growing body, which he moaned after. Belching didn't relieve the pressure, but it felt good anyway.

He experimented. He clamped his mouth shut, keeping his windpipe closed, trying to keep the belch in. His stomach gurgled louder, felt almost painful, and, to his surprise, grew much, much faster. he relaxed, letting out a loud belch that shook the very floor, which he giggled after.

He sat down on one of the benches, opposite the mirror so he could continue to watch himself. he'd never seen his stomach this big, it was like round pillow under his shirt by now. He just started to realize that something felt oddly...good about it. The tightness of his skin, the constant belching, the mere idea of growing. His belly wasn't the only thing that was starting swelling.

The blush returned to his cheeks, stronger this time. This was his aerobics course, nobody else used it. This changing room connected to other gyms, but he was alone and, as far as he knew, it would stay like that.

He pulled up the top of his shirt, gasping at the sight. He looked pregnant! Rounded out, stretched tight. He tried to play with it but it was like prodding a basketball. He looked back at his reflection to see a rather defined bulge underneath his huge gut. He got up to try and get a closer look, at least, that's what he tried to do.

His stomach had become too heavy, it was like trying to stand up with a water tank on his front. He leaned forward so his center of gravity was nearer his feet. As he slowly stood, a long, deep belch echoed throughout the whole room, which he laughed at. he took off his shirt completely, his breathing getting faster and faster.

He was burping at least once every 6 seconds, and usually moaning directly after. He turned on the spot, getting to see the different angles of himself. The side angle was one of the best; His roudn stomach perfectly in frame, his fit rear snuggly held by his tightening pants and his bulge just visible under his gut.

His stomach had reached a point where a plate could be rested on the top. Itlet out a long, loud rumble, which forced the DJ to moan throughout, followed by a belch that lasted at least 10 seconds. His hands dug under the waistline of his pants, but he paused, looking around himself, biting his lip

"Oh, f-*UUUURK* it."

He pulled them down all the way, along with his briefs, leaving him completely naked. he stood there, ogling at hsi form. His stomach was huge, the size of a beanbag, and so noisy too. His junk was completely hidden by it.

A long, powerful belch escaped him, which he giggled after, hsi hand sneaking under his girth and finding his...girth.

Step, step, step.

He gasped, somebody was coming. Somebody had come, the door to the changing room was opening. Lucio cursed, kicking up his discarded garments and rushing into the toilet cubicles, closing and locking the stall door behind him.

Whoever entered didn't call out, had they not noticed him? He had no idea who they were. The pressure built up inside of him, he needed to belch. He clamped his mouth shut, but all it did was make his stomach gurgle louder and grow faster. He froze, he had no idea what to do. His back was against the side wall and his stomach, at its increased rate of growth, started to press against the other side, squishing up against it.

God it felt good, his package was more aroused than he had ever felt before. He had to touch himself, one hand under his belly, the other holding his mouth shut. He wanted to both moan and belch oh so much, but he couldn't be caught.

The cubicle started to creak as his stomach increased pressure against it. Lucio managed to turn around, sitting on the toilet, his stomach not reaching the door. Not yet, anyway. His hand still pleasured himself from underneath hsi massive girth. It rumbled like it was about to explode. That's when he heard an unfamiliar voice.

"You're enjoying this more than I expected~" It was a woman's voice, silky smooth, an English accent but definitely not Tracer's. "You might want to get out of their soon, you'll break the cubicle."

Lucio removed his hand to speak, but he replied with a 15 second long belch that rattled the very building he was in. After a succession of moans of satisfaction from relieving such a painful pressure, he managed to speak.

"Did you p-*UUUURP*-ut that soda th-*Uur*-ere?" No answer came back. The sides of his stomach now stretched so far that they were pressing against the sides of the cubicle. he decided to take the mystery woman's advice, to get out of there, but his girth was so large he couldn't reach the cubicle lock.

"Oh God, oh G-*OOouurp*" His voice was an odd mix of pain, fear and pleasure, the hand below his stomach merely moving faster and faster. He held back his belches again, deciding to have one last hurrah. Hiss rate of growth doubled, his stomach reaching the door, the three surfaces started to creak and bend, Lucio getting pressed backwards into his seat.

The door went first. The hinges were designed to go inwards, but the lock and hinges both broke together, the door falling away, Lucio's massive gut bouncing out the opening. The sensation forced the DJ to moan and belch at once, his arousal reaching a peak.

"Oh yes, oh f-*UUUUUCK* yes!" The sides creaked and bent, but they too gave up their struggled, each collapsing into the cubicles joining on. This, along with a belch that lasted 20 seconds and a moan beneath it that just managed to be heard, forced the swelling boy to climax, hard, a puddle forming underneath his enormous belly.

The growth stopped. Lucio almost felt disappointed, he wanted to be bigger than the whole building.

Reality sunk in as the door to the training room opened once again, in walking the familiar cowboy, who's jaw hit the floor the moment he saw the stranded, bloated balloon. Lucio awkwardly chuckled

"Er..." One final belch escaped his lips "Little help?"

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