Sophie's Blueberry Nightmare

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Sophie Adams was a very attractive 18-year-old lady in the middle of her freshman year of collage. She was very voluptuous, standing at 5 foot 7 inches and weighing 165 pounds. She mainly wore low cut dresses to show off her shapely figure and had bright blue eyes and her skin was radiantly clear.

Sophie was studying to major in her Bachelor's degree in Science at Princetown University in Denver, Colorado. What was unusual about her was her kind personality, which most collage students stereotyped the hottest girl as the bitch with the hunk of a boyfriend. But not Sophie, as her boyfriend, Charles, was an unpopular, more nerd-culture student who most girls, or those who were as beautiful as Sophie, wouldn't be caught dead with. But Sophie was in love with his affectionate personality and witty sense of humor.

However, Danielle, the unpopular girl of Princetown, felt extreme jealousy of Sophie.

"Ugh! That bitch!" Danielle said bitterly to herself, as she also liked Charles and she felt Sophie had stolen him from her. She felt like she could have it all had that preening brunette not been in the way.

"Ehh! Well i'll show her!" Danielle shouted as she started thinking about what kind of revenge to get on Sophie. Then, she passed by an image on the internet of Violet Beauregarde blown up like a blueberry from the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

"Eureka!" Danielle said with a sinister laugh. "I'll make Sophie feel like a giant blueberry!" She then let out another evil cackle as she went into the lab to create a special kind of blueberry yogurt. With enough time, she showed up at Sophie's dorm room with the unsuspecting yogurt, left in a mostly unmarked container.

"Hi sophie, i just wanted to apologize for being such a bitch to you before and I want to make up for it with this special blueberry yogurt I got for you~" she chirped quickly, faking the best smile she could.

"Thank you Danielle~ That's very nice of you," Sophie squeed as she took the yogurt, eyeing it over mildly.

"Listen Sophie, we really should hang out sometime," Danielle suggested.

"Definitely," Sophie nodded. "Anyway thank you!"

"No problem!" Danielle falsely beamed as she closed the door and walked down the hallway, her shadowy grin unfolding as she dipped out of sight. "That bitch has no idea she's in for quite a fall~"


Sophie then hesitantly stared at the yogurt, having fetched herself a spoon and wandered into a seat by her desk.

"Out of all the ways she apologizes for the shit she has done to me she brings me this blueberry yogurt?" she pondered aloud. "What if it's poison? No, she wouldn't be that stupid...Well, it does look delicious, so it shouldn't be that bad..." She then opened the container and started to nibble at it.

"Yum! This is delicious~" Sophie mewed as she continued to eat it. "It tastes like real blueberries~ What kind of yogurt is this?"

However, her skin started to gradually turn a violet color. Sophie began to notice as she turned to face a nearby mirror.

"What the hell is happening to my skin? This is so weird!" Then, she started going from violet to a rich inky blue. "What is this yogurt doing to me?" she shouted, aghast at her shifting skin. she suddenly felt bloated as her belly and thighs begin to expand, gurgling with the building up juices.

"I-i'm...blowing up! Oh my God! What did Danielle do to me?!" shrieked Sophie as she continued filling up with juice. Her butt started to expand along with the rest of her body, cheeks wobbling like racing balloons against one another. Her dress than began to rip off as she continued to expand bigger and more spherical until she was a giant blueberry of a woman. She bobbed about her crotch as her turgid skin softly creaked and groaned beneath the strain of the fluid within.

"I've become a blueberry! Just like in Willy Wonka! I can't believe this!" she screamed as she reached for her phone for help. "I gotta get help quick!"

However, Sophie had gotten so rounded and bloated that she couldn't move to reach for her phone.

"I CAN'T MOVE! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!" Sophie screamed, blowing up a little more. "I'M ABOUT TO EXPLODE SOMEONE HELP MEEEEE!" She began to cry as she feared for her life, visions of her splattering across the walls dancing along her vision. Charles, by sheer luck, came to Sophie's dorm and knocked.

"Baby it's me, Charles! What's going on?"

"CHARLES! PLEASE HELP ME!" Sophie wailed, flailing her pudgy hands about.

"Oh God! I'm coming in there!" Charles kicked down the door as he found his girlfriend, now a helpless blueberry, in horror.

"OH MY GOD!" he shrieked in aweand fear. "WHO DID THIS TO YOU?"

"DANIELLE DID THIS! PLEASE DO SOMETHING!" his girlfriend cried out, lips and cheeks softly plumping up as she spoke. Charles made for a swift call to 911.

"9-1-1 What's your emergency?"


"Sir, I'll have you know there are far worse consequences in trying to prank us than cheaply trying to make me believe your girlfriend's period is Wonka. Get off the line, we have actual lives to save," the operator flatly complained as she hung up.

"CHARLES! YOU IDIOT! WHY WOULD THEY BELIEVE YOU ON THAT?" Sophie barked, her cheeks wobbling viciously as she glared.

"At least I tried! I guess I could juice you..." As Charles tried to find a tool for juicing his bulging girlfriend, Sophie started to expand again. The ominous creaks grew louder, skin tightening into a growing pressure.


"I'M TRYING MY BEST!" Charles panicked as Sophie kept getting bigger and bigger.



Before she could finish her last sentence, Sophie exploded and all of the juice within her splattered across the room and onto Charles.

"Oh God!" he freaked as he began to sob into tears.

"I...I let you down baby! I-i'm so sorry!" Charles took what clothing was left of Sophie and cried into it, sopping his face with her juices. "You won't get away with this Danielle! You evil bitch!" he vowed, the scent of revenge upon Danielle hung in the air as he promised to Sophie that Danielle would pay the price for what she had done.



Editing Thanks to Glaciaberry

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