County Fair Winner

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Zack: C'mon Ryan, you can't bully your way out of this situation

Josh: You're not so big and bad anymore huh? Well just BIG! Hahahaha

Ryan: Guys stop, please. I'll do anything you want just don't do this, I can't be publicly humiliated like this!

Zack: No can do my little fat blueberry, you had this coming years ago, now its time for payback, so just be a good berry and smile.

Josh: Flap those chubby blue arms all you want, you're not getting out of this one. hahahaha

Ryan: Stop poking me! I'll make you guys pay for this!

Zack and Josh proudly rolled their former high school bully Ryan up to the center stage to claim the 1st Prize at the County Fair! You could just see the humiliation and embarrassment on his helpless big blue face. Laughter from the crowd went on and on as Ryan waddled trying to keep his balance. Zack and Josh carried on poking him, taking photos, and making jokes for all to hear. And soon after a group of Tuba players from the fair joined in on the fun playing the only appropriate tune to fit the occasion for these Prize Winners. ♫OOMPA LOOMPA  ♫

Zack: now that we won, what should we do with him now?

Zack: Josh: hmmmmmm

Feel free to leave your suggestion hahahaha

County Fair Winner
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