Unexpected invasion

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   No one had anticipated their arrival, and no one moved quickly enough to stop it. "They" had descended onto earth and, without a word, began dismantling every military on Earth. Those who resisted or attacked were vaporized. The alien things looked like car-sized stars, floating steadily on their obtuse bodies. All humans had come to let the creatures alone, all but one, one woman who was determined to find every weapon still available and use them in an often dreamed-of war.

   Millie Landsen pedaled furiously to her house, confident that today she would take up her shotgun and battle "them" out of existence. She knew where each creature did rounds and when, and so was extremely surprised when a star showed up in front of her route. Trying vainly to avoid it's unseen gaze, the floating behemoth pulled out a laser gun and trained it on her. She went pale as it took aim... and stopped. The gun retracted, but Millie's sigh of releif was shattered when it produced a second gun, stranger-looking than the first. This time, the balloning thing wasted no time in enveloping her with tingly rays, making her already fear-tinged pallor go completely white.

   Millie roused herself soon after the thing left. Laughing triumphantly about this "victory" sent all the neighbors running inside, fearful the things would return. She wasted no time in righting her bicycle and racing home to plan, barely wary of the lingering tingles and paleness. she soon reached her house, running in and shutting the door. Instead of coming up with more devious and ambitious plots, Millie felt that a nap best suited her.

   Awakening sooner than she liked, Millie felt the tingles grow stronger. She actively wondered what was happening, then noticing that the wind was wafting strongly from a nearby window and caressing her whole body. as the tingles grew, so did the windpower and it's accuracy, slowly starting to blow beneath her legs. Millie went to sit down, but the air made it's move. While the tingles suddenly immobilized her, tickling strongly, the Gale rushed up from below at breakneck speed, filling her bottom with amazing amounts of air.

   The air collected quickly in Millie's alarmed body, filling first the stomach. She gasped as her low belly rose rapidly, and cried out in pain as it rumbled and gave way. Feeling the burst hurt much less than she expected, however, even though this did not comfort her mind. The air slowed a little, but still steadily refilled her belly regions. Her shirt began to rip under the stress. The stomach protruded ever outward, slowly tightening. The shock in Millie's head bellowed as her hips started to give outward, expanding like huge sausages as her thighs followed. Her bra started failing just as the tingles released her, and she fell slowly forward.

Millie's fall was reversed as her breast snapped free, joining the stomach in bouncing her back up. Once her arms began to fatten, she made a desperate waddle to the couch, one that failed when her lower legs turned into cones and bounced her high off of the ceiling. Now the size of a small car, Millie slowly bounced up and down, with each "up" becoming longer than the down. 

After a few minutes, her body starfished, and she rose slowly upward. she lamented not being able to take on "them", especially in this pressured state. The rest of her clothes floated, destroyed, to the floor as Millie began to quiver, then wobble in mid-air. How was she supposed to fight if she...if she...

"Looked exactly like them", were the last words.


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2nd story.

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