Big Burps of a Jumbo Jerk

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Matt and Cindy had always had a difficult working relationship. Cindy was a blonde, stout, middle aged, single mom of two kids. While Matt was a young, light brown haired, tall, athletically built 20 something that seemed to do nothing around the office. Nothing that is except make noise and distract Cindy. Cindy would try to do her work but it was difficult as Matt loved his soda and as a result belched a lot. Burping was something Matt knew Cindy hated so he would do it on purpose and he wasn’t subtle about it. The amount of times Cindy would turn around to see Matt beaming at her smugly, his blue eyes twinkling behind his black framed glasses.

One day, Cindy had had enough and went to her bosses to complain about Matt’s behaviour, but they did nothing, which wasn’t a surprise to Cindy as Matt was friends with one of the higher up’s kids or some bull shit like that. The only choice Cindy had left was to bring in a pair of headphones and try to drown out the sound of Matt’s annoyingness.

For a couple of days Matt tried to annoy Cindy, not just to kill his boredom but in hopes that she would quit and they could replace her with someone hotter to look at it. For hours he’d sit staring at his computer monitor, scratching at his brown stubbly chin thinking of ways to push Cindy to breaking point. However, no matter what Matt did nothing was getting passed Cindy’s headphones so he decided to up his game. Going onto Google Matt begun looking for the fizziest sodas he could find that could be delivered overnight. All it would take is the right loud burp for Cindy to snap and the bosses to fire her, Matt thought smugly to himself as he finally came across a large canned drink called Steigern Soda. Steigern Soda was some new German drink which hadn’t yet passed FDA approval in America but was still available online, apparently its release was being held up due to the amount of gas it caused consumers to produce which was all Matt needed to read. Promptly ordering some cans, Matt stretched back in his chair, folding his arms behind his head as he shot Cindy a triumphant smirk.

The next day Matt sauntered into the office, late as usual, but unusually said a hello to Cindy, which made her immediately suspicious even though it was one of the most insincere Hellos she’d received in her life. Getting to his desk Matt’s eyes widened with joy as he saw a box sitting there and he knew immediately it was his new foreign soda. Having a quick look around the cubicles that weaved around the office space Matt was pleased to see it was just him and Cindy. So he could belch as loud and long as he liked from this new drink with no witnesses to back Cindy up for his behaviour. Matt was so excited he was almost certain he’d given himself a boner by the time he sat at his desk and opened his delivery. As Matt had hoped his saviour from Cindy, his Steigern Soda had arrived.

Grabbing one of the tall, blue cans Matt tried to read the ingredients and labelling on the side but it was all in German so he shrugged, pulled the aluminium tab and opened the can up. Taking a deep swig of the soda, Matt licked his lips savouring the surprisingly nice flavour of the drink. Matt’s eyes widened with joy and surprise as he felt the bubbles of the soda build up inside him already and with a grin he let out a loud belch.

Cindy listening to her head phones, still managed to her the burp and supressed a flinch at the sound. I’m not going to let that little punk get to me, Cindy thought to herself turning up her music and getting back to work. Matt watching Cindy, scowled at the lack of a reaction and so took another swill of the soda which soon resulted in another louder belch that felt like it shook the chair he sat on. Cindy couldn’t completely supress a shudder at the reverberating belch but didn’t react apart from turning up her music further.

Matt was getting seriously frustrated so sculled the rest of the drink and had just opened another when his stomach rumbled, hissed and churned. Scrunching up his eyes Matt rested his hands on his stomach as he felt a huge well of pressure bloom. Massaging his gut and leaning back in his chair Matt tried to relieve the pressure but nothing was working. At last Matt could feel the gasses moving in him, the pressure shifting and he opened his mouth to allow a roar of a belch to escape but the pressure didn’t go away. The pressure only seemed worse and he could’ve sworn he felt his flat abdomen push seriously far out against his hands.

Opening his eyes Matt couldn’t believe his once proud, four pack was sticking out like a beer gut. With a rumble the pressure welled up within him and he watched the bulge beneath his blue polo shirt grow. Rather than a cry of surprise Matt let out another belch as his shirt untucked itself from his ivory pants as his belly continued to balloon. Again Cindy simply ignored Matt and turned her music up even further, though she was disgusted by the quickening successions of Matt’s burps. Cindy couldn’t hear over her the music and Matt’s burps the sounds of his chair groaning, Matt’s moans of discomfort, his whimpers or  the creaking of his clothing as he continued to swell up and up and up. With each belch Matt grew, his belly stretched out in front of him onto his desk like he had swallowed a beach ball, his taut polo pushed up around his pecs by his swelling middle. With another belch, Matt’s eyes widened further as he was dropped out of his chair onto his butt on the floor, as his back and chest begun to round out. Pushing him out of his chair becoming spherical with his sizeable belly. Pathetically, belching with each movement, Matt tried to right himself knowing with each swelling moment he was getting larger. Matt could not only feel his legs raising higher from the carpeted floor, but he could feel his pants straining around them, his butt, his crotch which he realized were all also swelling. Just like his arms and neck which were being choked by his polo. His once toned, forearms and biceps loosing definition as they bloated wider with each burp.

Matt tried to supress the burps, he even went so far as to call out to Cindy for help becoming desperate. Though he went silent, his face reddening as his struggling clothing finally gave out and burst off his body. His belt rocketing across the room and making a clang as the buckle smacked into a filing cabinet. The shreds of his pants’ legs being scraped free as his legs were dragged against the edge of the desk before lifted onto it by his swelling middle, which now seemed to be swallowing his overblown limbs. Matt was just a helpless, swelling, belching ball of flesh now that was rapidly filling his cubicle space. A series of fwoomps barely audible over his groaning, his moaning and his belching, sounded as his limbs were absorbed by his middle. Matt’s stubbled jaw now scrapped and prickled against what was either his neck or his pecs as his head sunk down. No longer able to move his head Matt was forced to look at Cindy as he continued to belch and balloon.

Cindy had turned up her music as loud as it could go and she could still faintly hear Matt’s billowing belch’s. She needed to get up and walk away otherwise she was really going to get mad. Grabbing her mug to make herself a cup of coffee, Cindy turned around only to stop dead in her tracks as she looked at the giant, lightly haired ball of a man that was slowly ballooning out of his cubicle behind her. “Please… *belch* help me…. *belch*” Matt pleaded, his cubicle walls jostling with each burp and bulge of his body. Cindy stepping forward rubbed what was Matt’s pec the fuzz of his chest hair on the taut swollen skin helping her come to grips this wasn’t some joke Matt was playing. He really was swelling up like a balloon.  “Bitch…. *belch*…. Don’t feel me…. *belch*…. Up… help me! *belch*” Matt grunted, feeling the well of pressure that was stretching his entire body being compounded by the pressure of being wedged inside his cubicle.

“How did you get like this?” puzzled Cindy, taking a step back as with the last belch, Matt’s globular body begun to bow out the walls of his cubicle and loom over her. “The soda… *belch*… I got it… *belch* to piss you off… *belch*… now help me for fucks sake!” ordered Matt. Cindy calmly looking at the overblown jerk, went around behind the cubicle. “Hey, what are you doing back there? *belch*” Matt demanded only to get his answer a moment later when Cindy returned holding a can of the evil soda. “This soda?” Cindy asked

“Yes how thick are you?” growled Matt, supressing a long, low burp that rumbled through his body and the still empty office. Cindy stared at the helpless young man who had tormented her ever since he’d arrived and shrugged, it was time for a change. 

Matt’s eyes widened and his pathetic, helpless hands and feet flapped desperately to keep Cindy back as she forced more soda down Matt’s throat. “Oh no…” Matt moaned instantly feeling the pressure inside him becoming a hurricane that was making his overblown body feeling excruciatingly tight. A hissing, gurgling, fizzing sounded just like a fuse that had been lit inside Matt to the two office workers. “Bye Matt.” Shrugged Cindy walking out of the office into the tea room. Wide eyed and panicking Matt tried to roll free as if it could do him any good. In a matter of moments the surging swelling that accompanied his burps had his rotund figure pressed between the floor and the ceiling. Wedged Matt could feel the gasses within him seeking somewhere else to go eventually finding his sac which had only been mildly inflated to become grossly taut and distended. He felt his balls and his cock swell up his sides until they too were pushing at the roof. Matt then felt himself pushing out of his cubicle becoming more balloon shaped than spherical as his inflation sort a way to continue.  Bigger and bigger Matt got, spreading him helplessly across the office. Cindy could hear the rumble of Matt’s belches but she also knew from her kids’ birthday parties the sounds of an overblown balloon that was about to pop as Matt’s body groaned with the strain.

With one last mighty burp, Matt realized he wasn’t swelling in size anymore it was just the pressure in him that was growing beyond what he could handle. I’m not going to pop, I’m not going to pop, I’m not going to pop Matt thought to himself trying to ignore the shuddering of his over inflated body which probably matched his over inflated ego now. For a moment Matt felt his body calm, the tension ease and he thought he’d won when one little *urp* escaped his lips and his body surged in one last heave before BANG there was no more Matt. He’d been so overblown there wasn’t a trace except for the scraps of his clothing. Cindy returning to her desk eyed off the remaining cans of the strange soda Matt had ordered, and wondered, as she sipped her coffee, how many other co-workers she could get rid of.

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If anyone is interested pic that inspired the story can be found here (i couldn't get it to work in the body of the story)

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