Doubling Down

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Davis was a sweet girl. She had short brown hair, blue eyes, and paler skin. She was 17 years old and had a slim body. Her chest was flatter, as was her rear end, and her belly was also flat. She didn't go around for boys like most girls her age were doing. She was happy drawing and being invisible. Her closest friends were at most five people, and she only ever saw them at lunch or the random class. Davis was what was called the wall flower, and she was happy there.

One day, she was driving to school. She was wearing her favorite sweater, and her favorite jeans. They were both baggy, yet fitting, allowing no one to see her figure. She saw the Candy Shop and decided to stop in. The shop was very pleasant inside. The man at the counter looked very jovial indeed.

"Hello there girly! What can I persuade you to today?" He sounded like a grandfather that was well loved.

"Well, howabout some gum?" Davis walked to the counter.

"Gum? Well I got you some gum! All types from fruit to mint to veggies, even one called snozberries! But I can tell you want something MORE, huh? This here is Wonka gum, like the movie see, but it works instead. See you take A piece and you get A meal. Wanna bite?"

"Sure, yeah yeah I'll buy a package," Davis took the pack, paid and left for school.

She go there just in time, and waited for lunch. This gum was too good to keep to herself, and besides, new things are always best when shared. Lunch rolled around and Davis sat at her table. Her friends came and sat down as well: Cody, Noble, Dakota, and Daggie.

"Guys, guess what I picked up?" Davis reached into her pocket.

"A cold? The flu? Chicken pox?" Cody ribbed at her.

"No! I got this!" Davis pulled out the gum.

"Some gum?" Dakota picked it up. She smelled it and handed it back to Davis.

"Not just any gum, but Wonka's, from the film, but this one works!"

"Really now," Noble opened the pack, "We'll have to see about that," He popped a piece in.

"I wanted to try first," Davis said.

"It's amazing and all the jargon she says in the movie," Noble said sarcastically, "I do feel the tomato soup going down my throut. A bit too creamy for my taste however. And now it's changing to a baked potato with roast beef. I do like a potato, but this one has no bacon," Everyone leaned in, because they knew what was next, and they wanted to see Noble turn into a blueberry, "And now it's blueberry pie and ice cream."

"Look there on his nose! It''s...!" Cody poked Noble's nose.

"What?! What?!" Noble jumped up and about fell over.

"A sparkle! I save your life man!" Cody picked off a small sparkle.

"Boy did he get you!" Dakota started laughing.

"That's not funny! Ohh...the taste's gone. Now it tastes like an easer, Yech!!" Noble spit the gum out.

"Noble, you sure do look like you had a meal," Cody poked Noble's little potbelly.

"Hey! I had a filling meal."

"Okay okay. My turn," Davis pulled out a piece, "It's so small! You know what, I'm gonna take two pieces, see what that's like," She took out another piece and put both in her mouth.

The taste was great. Even though Noble was being a smart aleck, it was amazing. The soup ran down her throut. It was rich and creamy and the best she'd ever tasted. She also noticed it lasted twice as long as Noble's did. She also felt full from the soup alone. The gum moved to the next course. About half way through Dakota spoke to Davis.

"You all done there girl? You look like Noble," Dakota poked some skin that was poking out from under Davis' sweater. She pulled it down and blushed a little.

"No, I'm still on the roast beef. You know, it's like it's taking twice as long as Noble's? I was full after the first course."

"It's cause you took two pieces. You get two meals," Cody picked up the package, "Ahh see here? It says take only one piece or there'll be "Unwanted and unexpected results". So you done goofed girl."

The second course ended and Davis could taste the pie now. She felt overstuffed at this point and thought she might explode from the pie, but it just filled her up, and kept filling her.

"Is it done now?" Noble reached over and poked some more skin. Davis again pulled her sweater down, but it was too small to cover all of it.

"Uh oh..."Cody pointed to his nose.

"Ohh..." Dakota shrunk in her seat.

"What?" Davis asked.

"You're umm...turning blue," Noble poked her nose.

"Come on you guys, you think I'm that dumb?" She scoffed at her friends reminded of the boy who cried wolf. The pie kept coming.

"No really sweetie," Dakota pulled out a mirror and showed it to Davis. She gasped and touched her skin.

Her entire head was blue, right down to her hair. The blueness spread down her body, until her entire body was blue. a little bit of blue flab poked out from under her sweater. She then felt her stomach start to push out from her farther.

"She's swelling up!" Cody poked her again.

"Why are you still here?! Go get help!" But no one moved they just watched.

She felt the juices fill her more and more. Her gut continued to protrude even more, and her sweater rode up her belly. She felt her thighs start to swell too. Her jeans started to fit more perfectly. Her butt also started to swell, causing her jeans to fit even better. Her stomach touched the table, and started to push her away from it. She looked like she was full term pregnant.

"Please help me! I'm so embarrassed..."

"Honey, being embarrassed is the least of your worries right now," Dakota said.

Her butt fell off the sides of her seat, and her thighs touched the bottom of the table. The table started to rise on her thighs. Her belt split and fell to the floor. She could feel her arms start to rise and her legs spread apart. The stiching on her jeans started to rip, and her sweater revealed her whole belly. Her button on her pants popped off and her zipper unzipped. Her arms were straight out like a T. She felt her lips plumpen and her cheeks fill with juice. Her back rounded out and she started to straighten out. She stood up from the seat and was now seen by all.

Some students were pointing and laughing at the blue inflating girl, some went for help, some admired her, and some took cover. Teachers tried to figure out what to do, whilst Davis kept growing.

Her arms and legs started to become enveloped by her growing body. Her limbs became cones and her body came closer to spherical.

"Pleaphe! Heph me!" Davis tried to talk trough her swollen lips.

"You sound a little miffled," Noble joked.

"Are you making fun of her?" Cody was little upset.


"Well what?!"

"Yes?" Cody rolled his eyes and ignored his smart ass friend.

Davis's sweater ripped in two and fell to the floor. She hoped that that wouldn't happen to her. Her hands and feet were all that were left of her arms and legs. Her bra strained aroundthe globe, and her panties weren't holding up so well. She was now a perfect sphere. She continued to grow however. She felt her panties give way and fall off her. The bra also surrendered.

"" Her head started to sink into a crater formed by her body. Her hands and feet followed suit. She was now about ten feet in diameter. When she reached fifteen feet, her head, feet, and hands were no longer visible. Everyone but her friends left the lunch room. They tried to reason out a solution.

"Mufph! Mumm!" Davis moaned. Her skin groaned at the pressure inside her as it conti Jed to rise. She stopped growing bigger and just felt the pressure rise.

"The pie was so good," was her last thought, then the entire lunch room was coated in blueberry. Her friends were fine though, just covered in juice. They looked at each other, then left.

Author's Note: 

The Candy Shop is a strange little shop, that appeared one day out of nowhere. No one knows the owner, or where the shop came from. It has the best candy by far, but one display gets a little...changing.

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