Chris's Stuffing, A Candy Shop Story

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Grace was furious. She was fuming. Any person walked down the street could see the black storm clouds coming their way. Grace was thundering down the street towards the Candu Shop. Her boyfriend Chris, always had a sweet spot for chocolate.

Grace was sitting in her favorite cafe not even a quarter of an hour ago, when she saw Chris smoozing some brunette across the street. They didn't see Grace, but she saw them. They were standing in the brunette's second story apartment, making out. Only whent eg brunette starting taking BOTH their shirts off that Chris thought to even close the window drapes. Grace saw all that. So she went with the first plan that came to her mind, to ruin what he loves most: his body. Chris had a very handsome figure. At twenty-two, he was 6'2", had rippling abs, football biceps and thighs, and a perfect tan. He took care of his body as if he'd die if he even looked a piece of chocolate, but every now and then he takes a piece, as chocolate is his favorite candy.

Grace burst into the shop. She surprised the man behind the counter.

"Oh! Hel-hello my dear! You shocked me! Quite the entrance if I say so. What'll you have?"

"I need as much chocolate as two hundred dollars will buy," Grace tried very hard to sound as polite as possible.

"Well...that's a lot of chocolate. How about these? If you eat these, anything you eat will BE chocolate, not just taste like it, but be it."

"How long does it last?"

"Well that depends on how many you take. One is about fifteen minutes, two thirty, three is sixty, four is a hundred twenty, so on."

"How many is in a bag?"

"Ten, and it's only twenty dollars."

"I'll take a bag. Do you have anything to make you no long feel hungry as well? Just put of curiosity."

"I have these toffies, they'll make you hungry or not hungry. If you eat one, bottomless pit, or two for unfeeling. For only twelve dollars a dozen."

"I'll take that too." Grace bought her things and left.

She called Chris and planned a weekend get-away. Her parents had a cabin on the lake, so Grave asked to borrow it for the weekend. That weekend they left for the lake. They got there late at night, so they went straight to bed. In the morning, Grace got up early. She started to make breakfast. She made chocolate pancakes with a piece of toffee in the middle. Chris woke up and found breakfast.

"Eat up honey!" Grace smiled with an evil sparkle in her eyes.

"Thanks babe! I love pancakes!"

"I know," Grace watched him devour the pancakes. He asked for more, so Grave made some more, and some more, and more with a little more.

Chris was chowing down, pancake after pancake. He didn't notice his shirt tightening around his midsection. He didn't notice his belt straining more. All he noticed was how delightfully chocolatey the pancakes were. Grace watched his belly start to fill, and it turned more paunchy. His stomach poured into his lap, growing larger with every pancake.

"More!" Chris grunted through pancakes, "More!"

"We're all out of pancakes, but I'm sure we can find some thing else," Grace turned the oven on, and the stove top, but she heard a crunch. She turned and saw that Chris had started to eat the table. She looked on in surprize as Chris eat it. His stomach was that of a nine month term. His shirt was not covering any of it, and his belt was holding on for dear life. His pant button popped off and his fly unzipped, but his belly wasn't were it was all going. His thighs were also expanding, and his butt too. His pants were starting rip and his belt was looking like it was on it's death bed. He finished the table an looked very overweight.

"More! Chocolate!"

"I underestimated his capacity," Grace thought.

Chris ate the chairs next, causing his belt to give in and burst off, sending it flying across the room. His pants ripped at the seams, and he ate any more they'd surely burst. Of course he did eat more. He ate the couch next, leaving him in his boxers, which were straining as well. His shirt wasn't covering anything, so he took it off and ate it. His arms started to puff up as well, making his biceps bigger then before. He looked like he was very obese. Grace watched on in satisfaction. He ate and ate, till there was no funerture in the living room. His arms were now resting on his belly and his legs stuck straight out in front of him. He moaned, and was out of his chocolate rage. He looked at him self. and screamed.

"What's happened to me!?"

"You did to you. You cheated on me you pig. Now you're getting what we'll call your just desserts."

"Please get me back to normal."

"Ok, I've had my fun, eat this and you'll be normal," Grace placed a toffee in his mouth. He scarfed it down, and looked at Grace.

"How long does it ta..." Chris' voice trailed off. He felt hungry, VERY hungry.

"Feel that? Want some chocolate?" She picked up his shoe.

"That's not choco-murph!" Grace shoved the shoe in his mouth.

"Funny, how it tastes like chocolate, isn't it?"

Chris ate the shoe, then the other one. She'd place things in his mouth and he'd eat them. His boxers ripped on half. He continued to grow, his belly swallowed his arms and legs. His face plumpened, his lips pursued, and his eyes got squintier. He tried to resist, but he was to big to move. Even through he was spherical, he still got bigger. Grace rolled him over to continue feeding him. He reached the ceiling when Grace ran out of stuff to feed him.

"Looks like that's as big as you'll get."

"Hef me..." Chris mumbled through his lips.

"What? I don't understand. Leave you? If you insist."

"Hef me!"

"You do look like you have some things to work out. You're a little overweight. See you later! Oh! Not without a kiss though!" Grace kissed Chris and then grabbed the car keys and left Chris to digest the situation.

Author's Note: 

The Candy Shop is a strange little shop, that appeared one day out of nowhere. No one knows the owner, or where the shop came from. It has the best candy by far, but one display gets a little...changing.

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