Envy Is A Powerful Emotion

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Beth stared beyond the cash register, beyond the small dining area, out through the glass windows into the depths of the cool New England night. It was dark and alien, an infinite shroud broken only by the steady rhythm of the streetlamps that lined the small road out of town. The boredom was soul numbing. She could not for the life of her fathom why a Burger Wiz should be open so late at night, and who in their right mind would be hungry enough for one of their slimy grease pucks in the dead of night. She yawned and switched her empty gaze at the clock above the only exit, directly across from the counter. Twelve fifty two.

"God I hate this flimsy body. It's always hungry, or thirsty, or it needs to go potty. It's like taking care of a child."

Beth took off her visor with the stupid wizard hat and ran a hand over her head. She raced her fingers through her dull orange hair. Nothing there. No bumps, no nubs, nothing. It didn't feel right to be so hornless.

"Beth, keep your hands clean! Customers don't trust a greasy palm."

Beth shuddered at the motherly, nasally voice snapping at her from the kitchen.

"What fucking customers? There's no one here!"

"Language, please!"

Beth could feel her manager Nancy lumbering behind the wall of kitchen apparatus, or probably eating it.

"Who could I possibly offend right now?"

"Me, for one."

Can we at least close up? Seriously, no one's coming. I haven't even seen a car on the road for an hour."

"No. We close up at one in the morning. That's the rules, and we follow them."

Nancy knew Beth was right. Any other manager would have closed two hours ago.

"Besides," Nancy continued, "You never know when a customer is going to walk in through that door."

"You know what? You're right." Beth snapped back, " I bet a mob will rush in at second, so get on that grill. Just don't eat their burgers before they get here."

"That bitch," Nancy thought, "How does she know?"

Nancy walked over to the grill and carefully placed a slice of cheese on each of the four beef patties simmering on the grill. Yesterday was three days from being a full year since she began her nightly raids. She watched the patties dance in puddles of fat with tense anticipation.

"Well, no harm no foul, right?" She thought, "I mean, if anything I'm saving the company money. I've always stuck to using stale bread, old cheese, and old beef. If there's less to throw out, less is wasted. If less is wasted, money is saved. For what it's worth, I should get a raise for my selflessness."

Nancy forgot to consider Burger Wiz's five year old policy that the food closest to expiring be cooked first and that stale bread be donated to local food banks. She also forgot to take into consideration that she started grilling fresh patties a week ago. Nancy grabbed a pair of fresh buns that she 'mistook' for stale and scooped the patties on to make two double cheeseburgers. Nine hundred and seventy six calories altogether. She took her first bite into her forbidden fruit, savoring the sweet and juicy product of Burger Wiz's garden of Eden. The eating soothed her, and helped her forget the anxiety of management for a few minutes. She felt the warm ball of greasy goodness slither down her esophagus and melted like the fresh slices of cheese she used on those patties.

"In the end, doe it really matter what I use? It all gets eaten or thrown away at some point, anyway. I haven't been caught yet, and no one will suspect a model employee like me. They already bought that I have a glandular problem, too."

Nancy didn't remember that Beth knew just what it was that she was doing in the kitchen, neither did she know that no one really believed her flimsy excuse for gaining an astounding one hundred and thirty four pounds in a single year.

"Fat fucking pig." Beth steamed behind the cash register. She could hear every piggish noise Nancy made, every bite she took, and winced every time she chomped her big teeth onto that disgusting vomit. She could feel every calorie surging through Nancy's body, racing in her greasy bloodstream only to deposit themselves cleanly and snugly in her breasts. "I fucking swear, a hundred pounds of her is just her fucking tits. And she weighs, what? Like, four hundred pounds?"

Beth growled and stared at her own body. She was skinny, but curvy everywhere it mattered. She had the definition of an ideal body type as far as she was concerned. Her breasts strained her E cup bras with pride, shamelessly teasing men of all colors and types into wanting a bite. She was always the curvy girl, the one with the hooters that could knock a man dead where he stood. Breasts were everything to a man, and she knew it. And yet here, before her very eyes, was this cow of a woman, this ugly ball of slime and burger meat who carries around a pair of boobs so unbelievably big they crush all others by comparison. It drove her insane. Each breast was a personal insult to her very existence.

"Alright Nancy, it's twelve fifty five so I'll start wiping all the tables. I already counted the cash and both registers match the sales."

Nancy swallowed the last bite of her second burger, "Okay! I'll get started in the kitchen, then." She said, licking the grease off her fingers.

Beth walked around the dining area, biding her time as she casually wiped each table with a wet rag and a spray bottle of watered down discount cleaner. After the last table was dry, Beth walked over to the front door and quickly looked around. Beth pushed a finger on the lock of the door and a successive click told her it was locked, and that Nancy's keys would not fit in the keyhole.

"I wish my magic wasn't so limited in this body. Locking doors, it's just embarrassing." Beth mumbled.

Nancy yawned and walked out of the kitchen, "All clean!"

Beth had to suppress a gag when Nancy walked out from behind the registers. The all black uniform they both wore looked like paint on her skin. The black polo shirt she should have replaced by now barely covered her whole torso, and a little bit of flesh stuck out from the bottom. Every roll of fat and cellulose deposit on her stomach and back was shown without mercy, and her bra was outlined perfectly, from the cups to the straps to even the clasp. Walking around shirtless would have made no difference to either of them. Her jeans shorts fit her waist comfortably enough, but were cut high enough to let portions of her truck sized ass cheeks go uncovered. The pair of white panties unfortunate enough to be hers was painfully outlined and even visible at times.

"Those poor things." Beth thought.

Nancy's legs jutted out like half filled sausages, displaying every varicose vein that existed on her thighs and calves. Her messy cropped blonde hair exploded from her head at random, from above and below her visor. The way she looked, it was amazing that she wasn't even thirty years old yet.

"Do me a favor and lock up for me, okay? I'll see you tomorrow."

Nancy walked to the front door while Beth walked to the bathroom out of sight.

"Hey Beth, why'd you lock the door?"

She fumbled her keys with the lock, trying and failing to get them to fit.

"What's wring with the lock?" She mumbled, "Beth? I need your keys, mine aren't working."

Nancy turned around and saw an empty restaurant.

"Beth? Where are you?"

"Sorry, I'm in the bathroom. I'll be right there!" Beth called, her voice sounding slightly different. More confident.

Beth walked out of the bathroom and stopped at the soda fountain. Nancy froze.


Beth tossed off her visor and shook her head, letting her bright red hair cascade to the small of her back. Beth's hair only went to her shoulder blades before. Nancy shuddered as two little horns peeked out from where Beth's visor was. Beth's skin was much more pale than before, from a normal ginger complexion to an albacore white. Her numerous freckles were gone, as well as her green irises. Instead, they glowed an unsettling yellow, like a campfire. She still wore the black polo shirt and tight yoga pants that she had on earlier, but this time it was like a total stranger stood before her.

"Yeah boss?"

Beth laughed at Nancy's pale, terrified face.

"What? You don't like it? That's a shame. My name is actually Alba, but you can call me Beth if you want."

Nancy gauged whether or not she could make it to the fire exit door in the kitchen, a path that went directly towards Beth or Alba or whomever she was. In the end, she knew she had no choice, but no chance either. She broke into a dead sprint toward the counter, but it was her misfortune that as fast as she could was still not very fast. Alba laughed like a hyena at Nancy's escape attempt.

"Where do you think you're going, lardass?"

Suddenly, all twelve of the soda machine's nozzles turned on as Alba reached her arms out towards Nancy. The streams defied gravity as they rocketed toward Alba's arms, forming into two large streams of soda that wound around her arms like snakes until they shot out of her hands like fire hoses. The two streams combined into one at the exact point of Nancy's mouth.

"Six months!" Alba screamed as the rivers of soda poured down Nancy's throat, "I watched you gorge your fat face with those disgusting burgers for six fucking months!"

Nancy couldn't process the events unfolding before her eyes. Her stomach filled with soda like a water balloon hooked onto a hose turned to full, and it wasn't long before her shirt began sliding up her belly as it swelled larger.

"And just where did it all fucking go?"

Nancy bent her knees and grabbed her burgeoning gut as it weighed heavier and heaver. Suddenly, she felt the soda spread and explore different areas of her body.

"Your fucking ass!"

Nancy ran one of her hands over her behind, hearing creaks and groans from her shorts. She could feel them tearing little by little already.

"And your gigantic-"

She wobbled like a top as her center of gravity was forced further and further forward. She knew she couldn't stay standing for long at this rate.


Nancy felt her knees buckle and she toppled to her knees, feeling the seat of her pants rip in two from the zipper to the belt. Her butt bulged like a zit, tearing her straining white panties. Her shirt rode up to beyond her belly button as her stomach swelled larger still, and her fat rolls flattened out to a balloon-like smoothness.


Her shirt yanked upward to her bra as she fell on her stomach, legs flailing and feet sliding on the linoleum floor. Thankfully, it was not a very long fall. Her thighs and arms smoothed out and widened with soda. Her jeans continued ripping apart and exposing more and more of her jiggling butt. Every part of her body was rumbling and shaking as soda poured in. Her arms quickly tore the sleeves of her shirt like tissue paper. Suddenly, the flow of soda ceased. Both Alba and Nancy blinked in confusion.

"What? What the fuck happened?"

Alba looked at the soda fountain; empty.

"No. No! No, God damn it, No!"

Nancy blinked and looked around in a daze.

"Ugh... Ooh, my... Belly. What... What happened?"

Nancy belched and and rubbed the side of her stomach with her stiff, inflated hands.

"I'm so... full. And big... What-"

She belched again, except louder.

"What happened to me?"

Alba, with fire in her eyes, stormed up to Nancy and grabbed her by the cheeks. She leaned in close like a drill sergeant in boot camp.

"Me! Me you fat fuck!"

Before Nancy could respond with anything of substance, Alba grabbed the sides of her tight stomach and shook it as hard as she could. Nancy groaned in discomfort as her belly got tighter, and her entire body started to rumble. By the time Alba let go, Nancy was growing again, and faster than ever before.

"Oh... Oh! Oh my-"

Nancy belched again and grabbed her stomach.

"Ugh! God!"

Nancy's arms and legs quickly stiffened with carbon dioxide until she lost the ability to move them, not like it would do her any good. They jutted outward like traffic cones as they inflated with gas. Her body groaned and rumbled as it filled up even more. Her back smoothed out and filled with gas, ripping her poor shirt from the collar to the waist. The exposed clasp of Nancy's straining bra dug deeper into her flesh as her breasts inflated as well. The front of her shirt, strained already, gave up and tore in half. The two shredded pieces of her shirt hung from her shoulders until her arms ripped the sleeves apart.

"Ooh! I feel-"

Nancy burped again.


The remains of her jeans fell to the floor in shreds and disappeared under her growing mass. Her exposed panties snapped, leaving her butt and crotch completely naked. Not like there was much to see anymore. Her butt assimilated into her globe as her thighs vanished into her body. Her sneakered feet flailed uselessly. Her arms followed suit soon after. Her neck sunk into her body and her jaw was forced shut. The pressure kept building up; tighter, tighter, bigger, bigger. She kept swelling and growing, but she knew she had to have a limit. She could not last forever.

"Jeez, Nancy! You gained a lot of weight." Alba mocked, "Your glands really are overactive after all!"

Nancy's body stopped growing even as the gas still kept coming. The weight of the soda distended the bottom of her body against the floor, yet still she touched the ceiling. The pressure within was astronomical, and still increasing. Nancy struggled to keep breathing. Her skin was tighter than a drum, and was stretched so thin that much of her skin changed color to a disturbing brown. The top third of her remained the same color. Her bra finally relented, and snapped off. Her breasts, apparently the envy of Beth or Alba or whomever she was, were the size of beachballs. Her nipples were stretched tight, and sensitive to the air currents in the room.

"Better enjoy these puppies while you can, bitch." Alba said, flicking a nipple with her hand. The sensation sent waves through Nancy's body, causing her to shudder. More bubbles formed and the internal pressure skyrocketed. "Cause no one gets bigger boobs than me without my permission."

Nancy's skin creaked.

"Wait." She thought.

Her skin creaked more, and stretch marks pulled across her skin.

"She did this because-"

The creaks became groans, and the rumbling grew only louder.

"My boobs were-"

The groans and rumbling became a deafening roar as she toppled at her limits.


Alba snapped her fingers and vanished, reappearing outside the Burger Wiz just as Nancy's body gave way and exploded with a roar. Windows shattered and soda sprayed everywhere. Even some of the metal in the kitchen was bent or broken. Alba smiled, then chucked. She turned away from the husk of a building.


When Alba turned back around, her proud smile vanished. The shorted electrics sparked and burst into flame. Within a minute, the entire building was on fire. By the time the fire crew reached the ashes, nothing was left but a few smouldering embers. Alba made sure of that before vanishing into the hills and woods beyond the glow of the streetlamps, and deep into the wall of the moonless New England night.

Author's Note: 

I wanted to make a real series out of the Hilda/Alba dynamic, and while this story does not have Hilda in it it does qualify as being part of that series. I wrote this as part of an art trade on deviantart with Fukureru-Shogun, so go read his stuff.


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