Ghostbusters: Kevin's Slime Inflation

First time doing a slime inflation, thought I should write a prologue for it:


After the ghost invasion in New York, the Ghostbusters thought that it would be a good idea for Kevin to receive “Ghostbuster training”. There was no way they were going to let him touch the equipment, but he desperately needed training so he would get possessed again. Today was Kevin’s first lesson, “How to listen to orders to know when to get inside away from a ghost 101”.

Kevin was sitting in a chair with Abby and Holtzmann. Abby was drawing circles on the board, and Holtzmann was very intensely nodding and agreeing with Abby while also giving convoluted explanations as to why running in circles will confuse ghosts. Meanwhile, Kevin was thinking about how a few days ago, he could fly like Peter Pan. The thoughts flowing through his head like a stream, if he could fly again, all he’d need is a cape, and he could be a superhero. He’d do anything to be able to fly again, it felt good to soar through the air like that.

Fingers were snapping in front of Kevin’s face, Abby’s fingers. Abby’s fingers were snapping in front of his face, “Yes?”
“Did you hear anything I just said?” asked Abby.

Kevin shrugged and gave a smile, “Eh, not really. When do I get to use one of those jetpacks?”

Abby groaned and walked away, “you’re lucky you’re cute. It’s probably while all the ghosts aim for you. Hunky muscles, and cute boyish charm.”

Holtzmann brought her face inches away from Kevin’s to explain, “they’re not jetpacks, they’re highly explosive machinery to help us locate and extract ghosts from locations where they should not be.”

Kevin just smiled back, as if not noticing that Holtzmann was invading his personal space, “So when do I get to use one?”

Holtzmann patted his cheek and walked away, “You are cute.”

Kevin was left alone again, “well, I guess that’s the end of the lesson.” He stood up and walked around the firehouse, picking up random tools, waving them around like lightsabers or pretending to shoot laser, making “pew pew” noises. Eventually he came to the jumpsuits, he looked around to make sure that nobody was around before he grabbed one and slipped it on. It fit him perfectly, “Told them I was born to be a Ghostbuster, this fits perfectly.” Kevin continued to play around with the equipment, but it wasn’t long till he got bored. Forgetting to take off the jumpsuit, he walked outside, enjoying the sunny day.

What Kevin didn’t know was that he was being watched. A ghost called Slimer had come back to the real world, angry that his fun had been ruined when he was forced back into the ghost world. But there on the street, he saw the uniform of the people who ended his fun. The green blob ghost swooped down behind Kevin, raising his hands to his sides, he summons his greatest power. Torrents of slime gush from his hands and flow into Kevin’s mouth. Kevin gags and sputters, but is helpless as the goo is forced into his mouth. He feels the slime flow down his throat and pool in his stomach. His abs distend, filling out the jumpsuit as the slime moves through his body, filling him up, rounder and bigger. The jumpsuit stretches as Kevin helplessly swells and fills with slime, filling up to the point of immobility where he can’t even run from the slime monster. He coughs and sputters as goo drips down his chin over his rounded form, his only chance is that Patty and Erin get back from their mission and save him, but until then he’s forced to eat and gulp down more and more of that green slime.

Ghostbusters: Kevin's Slime Inflation
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