Johnny and Emma's Ballooning, A Candy Shop Story

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Johnny and Emma were a couple. They loved each other and couldn't keep thier hands off each other. Johnny was a fine country lad, strong, handsome, 18, and slim. Emma was a hot city girl, curvy, sexy, 17, and had nice breasts. They were inseparable, and were almost never seen apart. Both of them had a soft spot, a weakness: sweets. When they were together, there was always something sugary between them. It had its affects: a little puffing up, but nothing to bad. Just a little glow, but niether of them cared; they weren't dating each other only for their bodies.

When The Candy Shop opened, how could resist checking it out. They walked in and saw the most amazing arragment of candies and chocolates. There was fudge, chocolate bars, licorice of all flavors (even English), chocolate covered fruits and nuts, brittle of any type, just everything. Johnny and Emma were like kids in a candy...that doesn't work here. Never mind that, but you know what I mean, eyes lit up with the most shiny joy. They jumped from display to display, grabbing this and that to fulfill their joyous desire and wonder. When they had at least two or six pieces of every thing, they went to the counter.

"Good day, these...1, 2, 3, 6 boxes all for you today?" the man at the counter asked.

"We good today babe?" Johnny glanced around.

"What about these?" Emma pointed to a display on the counter.

"Those are special candies my dear. Much more expensive. Anywhere from 5 to 10 more dollars."

"What types are there?" Johnny spun the display.

"For you, I'd suggest the balloon chews. Very light and airy," the man chuckled.

"We'll take one and split the pieces," Johnny payed the man, and the two left.

In the car ride to Johnny's house (because Johnny's parents were away and his brothers were too), the couple started on the boxes. After they arrived, they'd eaten one box. They went in and sat down on the couch. Johnny pulled out the balloon chews and read it.

"'Balloon chews, garentied to lift up your day, contains blah blah blah, has ten pieces, WARNING: DO NOT CONSUME MORE THEN ONE PIECE AT A TIME.' Huh, wanna try?"

"Sure, you get five, I'll get five."

"Allright," Johnny delt the pieces and they popped all five in at the same time.

"Thrawberry," Johnny said through the pieces.

"Mine'th different," Emma moved closer.

"What ith it?" Johnny moved closer.

"Why don't you find out?" Emma pit her forehead on Johnny's.

Johnny moved in and kissed her.

"Lier, it'th thrawberry." He locked lips again for much longer.

Let's take a moment describe somethings, like attire. Johnny was wearing jeans and a tee shirt that was one size to small. Emma was wearing a short blouse that didn't cover her midsection, and showed a little cleavage at the top. She also wore short shorts that came down to her upper mid thigh. Now that that's outa the way: let's continue.

Emma pushed Johnny over and stayed liplocked, laying on top of him. She felt Johnny's stomach touch hers, and she stopped.

"What'th the matter?" Johnny asked, slightly uncomfortablely. He shallowed the candy.

"I feel...a little...bloated is all." Emma shallowed her candy as well.

"Huh, so do I, no matter right?" Johnny pulled himself up to Emma lips.

She kissed him and they stared making out again, the bloated feeling growing stronger. Johnny felt the pressure rising inside him. Little did they realize thief stomachs puffing up. Johnny's belly poked out from his all ready small tee, and Emma's gut looked swollen. As their bellied swelled, Emma was rising higher. They strained to keep kissing, till Emma's mouth left his.

"We're swelling up," Johnny panted a little.

"Yeah, stand up."

Emma got up off Johnny, and both of them looked at each other. Johnny's gut was sticking out from under his shirt, and his belt strained. Emma's stomach was about the same size, and her belt looked ready to-POW! Emma's belt exploded off. Her shorts' button popped off and hit Johnny's expanding body. Her zipper also unzipped. Johnny grabbed her and again they hugged kissed.

"Betcha...I'll be...bigger," Johnny said between breaths.

"In your...dreams...loverboy!"

Johnny's belt popped off, then his button and zipper followed. Now thier sides started expanding. Johnny's shirt started to rip at the seams, Emma's blouse tightened. Their thighs and butts started filling up too. Johnny's jeans tore across the top, and Emma's shorts ripped up the middle. Their bellies touched and pushed them away from each other, their thighs started rubbing togeather, pushing their own legs apart. Johnny's shirt ripped apart and left him without a shirt, Emma's shoulders started broadening too. Their stomachs were at least two feet in depth, and three feet in width. Their arms couldn't hold each other anymore, and went to their sides, well...kind of; they were more diagonal and were rising up. Their back started rounding out, making them more spherical. Emma's boobs also started inflating, tearing her blouse in the middle. They stared pushed apart from each other and their feet slid backwards, causing them to move lower. They slipped and kicked their feet out, landing on their bellies. Johnny's pants ripped apart, leaving him in his boxers, Emma's short tore into two and slid off. Emma's blouse's staps snapped, but her blouse stayed on. Their arms continued to rise up and soon they formed a T. Their legs and arms started to shrink into their growing guts. Emma's blouse tore down the middle, and her bra strained to contain her. They were now perfect spheres, well Emma was sort of one, her boobs were still there. Johnny clenched his fists from the pressure that was building; Emma's bra started to rip and Johnny's boxers too. The swelled bigger and bigger, till they filled the room, then Emma opened her eyes and saw their skin: it was getting more and more translucent. Johnny's was less so, but Emma was smaller before. She started to push air into Johnny, making him swell bigger. He reached the ceiling, and pushed against it. Once their skin was the same, Emma stopped blowing. They reached max capacity and then Johnny and Emma opened their eyes, tears forming as they realized what they'd done.


They both exploded.

Author's Note: 

The Candy Shop is a strange little shop, that appeared one day out of nowhere. No one knows the owner, or where the shop came from. It has the best candy by far, but one display gets a little...changing.

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