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It was a cold and snowy February night on the campus of North Chicago Tech, few people were out and about as the snowstorm was supposed to last until the next night. One of those few people out was Caitlin, a communications major, who was making her way to take advance of an uncrowded library. As she walked on the slick sidewalks to the library, she thought about what all of her friends were doing and why she was spending another Friday nightin the library. Caitlin checked into the library and made her way to her favorite writing area, which looked like a scaled down version of New York Public Library with rows of hardwood tables underneath huge rounded windows frosted by the blowing snow and cold outside.

Caitlin settled down to a table by herself and pulled out her notebook to write down some notes about her latest story idea. She’d been thinking about her latest story all day, thinking through the mechanics of the plot and how she’d introduce the idiosyncrasies of the main characters. She had even thought about how she’d build tension with the central conflict around a rollercoaster of emotional swings and a climax that would serve as a reveal and bring about redemption to a lovelorn soul. Caitlin adored her creative writing classes growing up and had developed quite the penchant for crafting stories, she had even published a few of them to critical acclaim and had many folks practically begging her to write more stories. Caitlin smiled at the thought of being an “in demand” author with adoring fans clamoring for her every tale of fantastic fiction. Her face dropped though went she opened up her web browser to DeviantArt and saw that her newest story had only received a single favorite and zero comments. It had been two days since she’d posted the story and she was getting a very tepid response to her latest masterpiece, something was not right.

As Caitlin checked over her stats, made sure she had submitted the story to the right groups and had used the best hashtags to increase the visibility of her stories, she finally succumbed to the reality that her description of being an author in demand may have been a little delusional. She navigated up to her notes and saw that there weren’t any new notes and that the latest note just asked her if she’d send pics of herself naked.

“Ugh!” she exclaimed, blowing a strand of blond hair out of her face. “I even included that part where she climaxes by rubbing herself frantically against the ballooned body of her lover! C’mon!"

Yes, being an inflation fetish story writer wasn’t the path to success. Ever since she was young, Caitlin loved writing and loved to write stories about everything her mind wandered to. All of that changed in middle school, Caitlin had seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at a sleepover and was enthralled at the scene of Violet becoming a blueberry. That scene played out in her mind until she finally decided to write a story about it for a class creative writing assignment. Though her teacher wasn’t too thrilled, she received a good grade based solely on having a “creative” perspective toward the assignment. Beaming with pride, Caitlin had found her niche and throughout the years developed her stories from predictable tropes about hapless girls getting inflated to well-developed characters and plots. Her writing skills were honed by taking further creative writing classes in high school, writing for the school newspaper and getting accepted into North Chicago Tech on a journalism scholarship. Caitlin still loved to write about inflation in her free time and had been on a recent creative streak, she had published two stories in the last week and had great ideas for the next one that she had been dwelling on all day while in class.

Vicky squeezed herself out of the warm confines of the bathroom, her mountainous water-filled breasts making the exit much more difficult than when she had entered. Her hand reached to the bottom of her boobs and found that they were resting below her belly button, had she been inflating herself in the shower for that long? The click of the door signaled that Kelly was home from the weekend, much to her...

Caitlin’s cell phone chimed suddenly and startled her out of her writing zone. She reached across the table and saw that her boyfriend Jesse had just texted her letting her know that he would be spending another night working in the chemistry lab late and that he’d talk to her tomorrow.

“Figures! Does he even care that it’s Valentine’s weekend?” Caitlin scoffed as Jesse’s text. She wrote back wishing him luck and asked if they were still on for their plans the next night.

“Of course babe, wouldn’t miss it for the world” Jesse replied. Caitlin rolled her eyes and wondered what exactly he was working on in the lab for so long, it had been almost a month and nearly every night he was in the chemistry lab working on his new project. Caitlin thought about their relationship and wondered if it was going where she hoped it would go, Jesse seemed great at first and now it seemed as if he was all-consumed with his work. “Might be nice to be a genius,” Caitlin said as she focused back on her latest steamy story.

Meanwhile across campus, Jesse was nearing a breakthrough. His passion project that he had worked so hard to keep a secret was nearly complete and he couldn’t believe his timing. “If I can get this wrapped up tonight, I can accelerate testing to get this stable much sooner than I thought,” he said to no one in particular. It’s true, Jesse was a slave to his work, he always had been. He dreamed of discovering the mysteries of the biochemistry, unlocking the secrets of the human body and researching how to improve our species. While Jesse was a little of an idealist, he was also nearly a genius in the field of biochemistry and had already published several research papers, applied for (and received) numerous grants, and was already working on his third patent; all while being 22 years old. However his newest pet project, named ERIN-2217, was born in the vein of many modern improvements; he wanted to impress his woman.

3 Months Ago

"Youuu're kindaaa cu-cuuutte" slurred Caitlin as she walked up the steps into her apartment with Jesse's help. Caitlin had been partying that night with some friends who had come into town to visit, one of them had contacted Jesse to come help Caitlin get home safely.

"Caitlin, you're an awfully complimentary drunk you know?" Jesse said to his clearly inebriated girlfriend, helping her down the hall toward her room. Caitlin saw the bathroom and made a sudden move to the door, trying to get to the toilet. Jesse helped her to the porcelain throne and held back his girlfriends' long blond hair as she violently expelled the contents of the night into the toilet. He thought about how they met, how he figured he didn't have a chance with this beautiful, creative and outgoing woman who now brightened every area of his life. Jesse helped his girlfriend to her feet and down the hall to her room, he tucked her into bed and kissed her forehead as she was now very asleep.

Jesse was gathering her things from his car, her notebooks filled with tales and stories tucked away in her messenger bag. Jesse placed the bag on the couch and one of the notebooks fell out of the bag, he reached down to pick it up and was intrigued by the title of the notebook "Technical Writings". Now Jesse knew Caitlin was a creative free-spirit and wouldn't title a notebook Technical Writings, he knew that he shouldn't but decided that he was far too curious about the notebook to not read what was contained within. He flipped open the notebook and saw various writings in Caitlin's beautiful handwriting, he read a title that didn't seem like it fit with Caitlin's usual writings he had read; Tales by the Balloon Girl. He read through what was written and his eyes went wide with the imagery that his girlfriend painted through her words, he never knew his girlfriend had this side to her. He read sentences like "the balloons rubbed against her massive body, eliciting moans of from the blown up beauty" and " his body steadily growing below her naked body, she bounced against his growing girth producing a cacophony of squeaks from his rubber-like skin".

Jesse felt dirty, not because the words on the page but the fact that he had discovered this new side of his beautiful girlfriend without her knowledge. He didn't know what to make of the stories that he read through, but nonetheless, he continued to read until he had read an entire notebook of steamy and sexually explicit stories involving body inflation and breast expansion. He hadn't know that his normally modest girlfriend had this wild streak inside of her, and she had obviously used her considerable talent to produce stories that were...well...pretty sexy. Jesse had to admit it, the thought of his girlfriend writing fetish stories turned him on a little. He heard her roommates walking up the steps to the apartment and quickly stashed away the story-filled notebook before her roommates arrived. Jesse said his goodbyes to Caitlin's roommates, telling them to make sure she drank plenty of water in the morning and made his exit. Rather than going home to his condo, he decided to go to the lab to research a new project that he had thought of during the night.

Back to Present Day

Jesse had just texted his girlfriend while in the chemistry, opting to finish his three-month passion project in his free time. It was proving to be a strain on his and Caitlin’s relationship but he reasoned that the struggle would be worth the pay-off in the end, and with that end in sight he was working late many nights in the lab. If ERIN-2217 was ever going to be successful, he would know tonight after his first live tests. He had run countless computer simulations, constantly checking for anomalies, aberrations, and unfavorable outcomes until he had arrived at the current state of the ERIN substance. Before administering the test to a live subject, he had pulled in a favor and received some limbs from cadavers from a friend of his in the biology department, while this was a shady practice he knew that he would need to test the substance’s effect on the epidermis of a human.

Jesse loaded the specimen into the chamber and through safety glass administered the substance to the limb, paying close attention to how much of the substance was applied to the sample area. Numerous sensors were producing real-time results on the effect and molecular makeup of the sample area. As the young biochemist applied the sample to the limb, he did not observe any effect that the substance was having on the skin which was not entirely unforeseen, he had theorized that to penetrate the epidermal layers the substance would have to be topically applied and rubbed into the skin. Jesse continued to coat the limb with the substance and now the desired affect was taking place, a slight sheen developed the lifeless limb as the substance began to change the limb at a molecular level. This latest test confirmed his previous tests on inanimate objects and now he was felt as confident as could be expected to proceed with a live subject, and with the only subject with the knowledge of the substance being himself; the choice on who to test the substance on was easier. He knew how cliche it was that a genius scientist would test his secret project on himself, but time was of the essence and he knew the risks associated with the test.

The blue-hued substance shimmered while interacting with his forearm, it felt like he had just put a lot of aloe vera on his skin. As he proceeded to rub the substance into his skin, the changes were felt throughout his arm. There was a distinct tingle, followed by a comfortable numbness that within a minute subsided into about the exact opposite; his arm felt everything! Jesse grabbed a pair of tongs and decided to put his skin to the test, pinching his skin between the tongs didn’t feel too uncomfortable and as he pulled away from his skin, his eyes went wide with the sight before his eyes. ERIN-2217 was a success!

The Next Day

Jesse had spent the day recovering from working another late night and was making preparations for that evening at his house just a few blocks from campus. Almost too conveniently, his roommate was going to be on a ski trip in Colorado with his fiancé’s family so he would be gone for the entire weekend. Jesse had talked to Caitlin that morning and apologized for another late night in the lab, but they made plans to do dinner at Jesse’s as well as their Valentine’s Day gift exchange. Jesse told Caitlin that he wanted the night to be special and offered to cook a meal, Caitlin quickly agreed knowing that Jesse’s cooking skills were second to none. Though Caitlin had been miffed about the lack of quality time they had been spending together, she sensed that he was up to something. Jesse spent the day running errands, getting a haircut, picking up food at various stores in preparation for the night ahead. Caitlin on the other hand spent the day in her pajamas doing laundry, catching up on The Bachelor, and writing her latest story. She just knew that it was going to be her best story to date, she wanted to set a high bar for herself when it came to writing for the inflation fetish crowd as she was tired of so many stories with tired plot lines and one-dimensional characters.

"The door opened and Kayla appeared saying "would you come in already?" beckoning Sarah inside her house. Sarah walked into the small house and closed the door behind her. The room was dimly lit and Sarah immediately saw that there were some giant balloons filled with helium floating in the living room as well as smaller balloons scattered out on the floor. Kayla came up to her and wrapped her in a tight hug then whispered in Sarah's ear "we can take this as fast as you want, or we can just talk if you'd prefer for now."

After lounging around all day, Caitlin finally got ready to go over to Jesse’s putting on one of her (and his) favorite outfits while thinking about her story, she wasn’t sure why she couldn’t get this one out of her head but it’s all she could think about. After driving toward campus, she arrived at Jesse’s split-level house that he shared with one roommate at the time being. The other roommate, Damian, had just moved out suddenly and the two roommates were still looking for another to take the vacant room. She entered the house to the most wonderful smell, she announced her arrival to Jesse and he came out of the kitchen on the top level of the house to greet her. The two kissed and he helped her out of her heavy winter coat to reveal her beautiful outfit that, turning for him to see the whole outfit. Jesse had a drink ready for her, as he put it “a delightful Cab”, and asked her to take a seat on the couch while he finished putting the finishing touches on the meal. As they walked up the stairs, Caitlin noticed that he seemed a little nervous and inwardly laughed at his shyness and his dorky demeanor is one of the things that initially drew Caitlin. She surveyed the room to find a large bouquet of red and pink balloons above the couch with a note hanging from the ribbons of the balloons.

“I saw how big these balloons were and thought you’d like them!” Jesse said with heightened excitement.

Caitlin smirked as she walked toward the balloons to retrieve the note, saying to herself “if you really knew, you’d be the balloon floating by a string”. She read the note, it was a beautiful note about how they had stuck together during a rough season of life and that he loved her very much. Caitlin walked to the kitchen and hugged her boyfriend from behind, nuzzling his shoulder blades and saying how much she loved him too.

“Babe, what are we having for dinner it smells incredible!” Caitlin asked.

“Well I’m trying a new recipe but we’re having black pepper-encrusted new york strip steaks in a red wine reduction sauce with garlic-seared bok choi and polenta.” Jesse with an air of pride, knowing that his cooking was almost always on point. “Take a seat at the table, everything is just about ready!”

The two sat down and caught up over dinner, enjoying being able to talk without having any pressing deadlines or projects that normally consumed their conversation. After eating dinner and refilling drink again, they moved to the living room where they prepared to exchange gifts. Jesse appeared from down the hall, holding a small box and presenting it Caitlin. Having a good idea what was inside the box, she was overjoyed to find a Mont Blanc pen with several ink refills. Caitlin fished out Jesse’s gift from her handbag, a small box accompanied by a small envelope. He opened it to discover an Apple Watch and an Amazon gift card. Both Jesse and Caitlin were feeling very joyous and snuggled on the couch in front of the fireplace for quite some time, just taking in each other’s presence and reminding themselves that though the last few months had been strained, their love remained as strong as ever.


Jesse excused himself to the bathroom and Caitlin pulled out her iPhone to indulge in one of her favorite activities; scrolling through her Instagram. While Jesse was in the bathroom, she scrolled through her friends Valentine’s photos which included many romantic dinner and activities. Hearing Jesse return, Caitlin kept scrolling through Instagram absently hearing Jesse coming back into the room.


Jesse was in front of the couch and looked up at the balloons, then looked down at his gorgeous girlfriend and was filled with nervousness. She was scrolling through her feed on her phone, so he doubted that she’d notice his change in appearance. Jesse took hold of one of the giant balloons and bopped Caitlin on the head with it. Without looking up at her screen, she waved her hand around and threatened to pop the balloon if Jesse did that again. Jesse gulped and decided to go for it...

“Hey remember doing this as kids?” He untied the balloon and inhaled some of the helium. He laughed in a squeaky voice to pull Caitlin’s attention away from her phone but failed to get anything besides a weak acknowledgment of his changed voice. Undeterred, Jesse began to inhale more helium steeled by his girlfriend’s lack of attention. He was releasing all the helium into his awaiting mouth, the helium kept entering his mouth as the giant balloon lost its shape. He squeezed the last of the helium from the balloon and exhaled deeply. His body was electric, he hadn’t felt this good in years and looked down at his girlfriend for her to look up from her phone.

“Oh my god, Ryan and Molly finally got together! Look at the spot her took her too!” Caitlin exclaimed, finally look up at her boyfriend. She immediately dropped her phone on the floor when she saw her boyfriends’ appearance. Her eyes went wide, standing before her was her boyfriend but he was big. His skin was shiny and he was big. “OH MY GOOODD!”

Jesse knew this was going to be a big surprise and wanted to reassure her that everything was ok, but he found it hard to ignore the amazing sensations pulsing throughout his bloated body. He looked at Caitlin as she slowly got up from the couch and stepped toward him, she cautiously reached out to his white shirt and pressed her hand against his body. A dull squeak emitted from his skin, at which she quickly removed her hand from his body. Jesse breathed deeply through his nose, noting how amazing it felt to be touched. His mind was still reeling from the physical contact when Caitlin pressed both hands against his bloated belly, causing Jesse to shudder in response.

“What the hell is going on?” Caitlin said slowly and breathlessly as she examined her bloated stomach.

“Caitlin I want to explain everything to you, but I need you to not touch me right now,” Jesse said trying to focus as the pleasurable sensations coursed through his veins.

“Jesse, what’s going on? Are you ok? My god, let’s get you to the hospital!” Caitlin was starting to panic.

Jesse ignored his girlfriends concern and calmly asked her to sit down. They sat next to each other on the couch and Jesse began to explain everything over the last couple of months to Caitlin, talking about the stories he read, to his research, to exactly how this was even possible. Caitlin experienced a whole range of emotions, her trust felt violated that Jesse had read her private notebook without her knowledge, she felt concern for his well-being, not to mention she felt hurt because Jesse had hidden this knowledge from her for the last few months. Jesse assured her that he did all of it because he discovered this side of her and wanted to support her interests, which caused Caitlin to blush like mad. He told her about how ERIN-2217 affects the molecules after it is rubbed into skin, making it very pliable and not unlike latex rubber but the changes don’t stop there, inside the body the bloodstream takes the substance through the body and makes the cells very flexible while forming a barrier around any vital organs. Caitlin looked at him dumbfounded, so Jesse distilled it as best as he could to her.

“This substance makes me a human balloon for 12 hours. While I was in the bathroom, I applied the substance to my entire body. I got you the balloons because I wanted to have a fun way to introduce this to you.” Jesse said, still trying to reassure his girlfriend. She extended her hand and traced the skin above the collar of his shirt. “I did this for you, for us, because when I read your stories I discovered this hidden part of you that I wanted to get to know.”

Caitlin was fighting back tears, blushing madly, and was still apprehensive but what Jesse was saying was registering as an act of love. He meant no ill will by reading her stories and had invented a way for him to be a participant in those fantasies. She looked up at his eyes and kissed him hard on the lips.

“I love you, Jesse, I love you so much. Don’t ever make me worry like that again!” Caitlin said after the lengthy kiss.

“There’s nothing to worry about babe, I know all the risks and have accounted for everything,” Jesse said beaming a goofy smile.

Caitlin grabbed another balloon from the bouquet and asked Jesse what another balloon would do to him. As Jesse explained, Caitlin’s hand were busy untying the neck of the large balloon. Jesse was explaining every detail of the affect of helium on his body when he found a balloon neck in his mouth expelling its helium down his throat further bloating out his body. He nearly choked in surprise but allowed for Caitlin to inflate him until the balloon was empty. He’d really blown up and having a hard time meeting Caitlin’s eye line over his impressive girth that he was gaining all around.

“As you can see babe, I’m very much…your balloon! Happy Valentine’s Day!” Jesse said as Caitlin was busy untying another balloon readying it to further blow up her balloon boyfriend.

“You’re amazing Jesse, you are simply amazing. Not only are you a great boyfriend, you’re willing to indulge my fetish!” Caitlin said while squeezing the balloons’ helium into him. “I can’t believe it, you’re actually inflating!” No sooner had she finished with the balloon, she was preparing another to fill up Jesse further.

“Say, babe, I don’t exactly know how big I can get yet, but based on my projections I should be able…” Jesse tried to continue but another balloon was in his mouth and the familiar feeling of helium rushing down his throat into his growing body was again present. He inwardly sighed at just how enthusiastic Caitlin had received the news yet she didn’t seem very interested in the science behind ERIN-2217; she only saw a human balloon that needed to be filled. After several balloons, Caitlin noticed that Jesse’s feet were starting to leave the floor!

“Shit Jesse, you’re floating like a balloon!” Caitlin breathlessly said, absently untying the knot in the balloons’ neck. “How does it feel to be a balloon hun?"


“Wonderful. It feels wonderful. The substance also effects the nervous system and I was able to tap into all of the body’s pleasure receptors to make sure the inflatee feels absolute bliss while being inflated.” His rounded body was growing very big for the room, and while he didn't have far to float up to the ceiling, it seemed like he was slowly removed from gravity’s downward pull.


“Babe, you look so…ugh…sexy right now!” Caitlin ran her fingers up and down Jesse’s still-inflating body. His clothes had long since been “grown out of” and he relished the feeling of the warm air tickling every inch of his massive body. Caitlin began to remove her clothes while taking in the sight that was her lover, she had never felt more loved or more intimately know in her life and she knew that she would do anything to make Jesse feel loved too. Jesse floated in front of his lover looking very much like a balloon and feeling very much the part as well, the air currents tickling his skin causing him to shut his eyes in pleasure.


For the moment Jesse had stopped inflating, his head rested against the ceiling and his shiny round body took up a considerable amount of space in the living room. He felt Caitlin pulling him down and trying to climb up his expansive body, her head slowly cresting into his vision. Balloons in tow, she looked at him with pure delight. The couple stared in each other’s eyes for a minute, Caitlin taking in the incredible sight below her as her body weight became on actual ballast for his buoyant boyfriend. She still couldn’t believe that Jesse had blown himself up all because he read a notebook full of inflation stories and now she was staring at her very own personal balloon. Caitlin became to trace circles on Jesse’s taut skin; admiring the way his skin even squeaked at her touch! Jesse shuddered below his girlfriend trying his best to take in all of the pleasurable feelings of being Caitlin’s balloon.


“You said that this formula lasts for 12 hours, right?” Caitlin asked with a devilish grin. Her mind running wild with being able to live out her fantasies of having a helium filled boyfriend for the night. Jesse could only groan in affirmation as Caitlin shifted her weight on top of his chest, now straddling the highest crest of his body. Jesse turned his head and realize that they hadn’t touched the floor, but were caught in a zero-g dance floating a few feet above the floor.


“How is this possible? The balloons didn’t have THAT much helium in them?” Jesse asked himself in his mind. He would be doing more research about the properties of ERIN-2217 as soon as he was able to move again which caused him to smile for the meantime he was in the care of his loving girlfriend. He felt Caitlin bounce a few times on top of him, rolling his eyes to the back of his head.


“Jesse, you’re so thoughtful! I always wanted a balloon ride for Valentine’s Day!”

The End.

Author's Note: 

This is an inflation story that I wrote for a friend, I think she appreciated the story! 

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