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Terry smiles as his wish comes true and a pressure builds within him. Rubber squeaks sound as his waistline swells outward. He looks up at the four watching him swell and sees confusion on their faces. Inside he smiles as he knows he’s just beginning to inflate and inside he fills with air and pressure. A loud snap sounds as his belt breaks free and loud groans sound as he pushes the limits of his clothes. Gently he pushes on his taught rubber skin and it squeaks loudly. He groans excited as the pressure builds and he winces as the clothes keep him painfully trapped as he swells. The four watching slowly step backward as he winces and his rubber skin shrieks.

Suddenly Terry explodes out of his pants and his rubber groaning skin stretches outward unhindered in all directions. He feels the cool outside air on his tightly stretching skin and his member grows erect as he builds with pressure. He looks at his ex-girlfriend Jan and notes her long brown hair decorating her skinny face and draping down at her modest cleavage in her low cut top. The hissing filling him grows hollow sounding as the curve of his sphere body swells past his knees and elbows. An idea enters his mind and he smiles as he reaches down for his member. Loud squeaks sound as he finds he can’t bend his bloating arms much and will never reach his distant member. He frowns and looks at Jan, “A little help.”

Jan looks at him with disgust, “What?”

“A little..” Loud rubber squeaks interrupt Terry and he feels his member stretched flat against his tightly stretched inflating body. He sighs, “Never mind.” He feels his neck slowly shrinking into his sphere body and four thumps sound as both feet and hands disappear into his body. He moans as he feels tighter and tighter and the curve of his body moves closer and closer toward his head.

Sherry steps back a little more, “Is he going to pop? What was his wish? He’s getting to big!” She watches as Terry closes his eyes and his rubber sphere body shrieks with pressure. “Oh god he’s going to pop!”

Suddenly rubber squeaks sound as Terry’s head is stretched flat against his sphere body and the hissing fades. Just a face on a big inflated balloon, Terry opens his eyes and smiles. “I’m finished. I didn’t pop.”

Sherry responds, “Thank god.”

Jan sighs softly, “That’s a shame.”

Terry frowns, “That’s not funny, Jan.”

Jan sighs, “Relax, I was just joking.”

Loud squeaks sound as Mark gently pushes in on Terry’s tightly stretched rubber skin and Terry moans with pleasure. “So this is what you wished for……to be a living balloon?”

Terry’s face reddens as he smiles slightly, “Yeah.”

Sherry gently runs a hand across the smooth surface with a squeak, “You wished to become a balloon. Okay what’s next?”

Terry looks up at her with a slight smile, “Well you could bounce me or play with me. I’m just a helpless balloon.”

Suddenly Jan gasps and everyone looks in her direction. She moans as her rear rounds outward and her lips plump a little. Loud crunches sound as her waist sucks inward and her slight belly flattens. Her hips flare slightly and she arches her back while looking at her chest. Jan feels the pressure build and her breasts swell larger. She moans loudly as her breasts reach almost volleyball size and her body stops changing. She breathes hard and swallows as she struggles to regain her composure. She smiles at the others as she feels the weight of her exaggerated female form and gently shakes her new breasts back and forth. Jan laughs to herself, flips her brown hair over her shoulders, and strides toward the inflated Terry. “Well, Terry Balloon.” She squeezes her large breasts, “I bet you wished you had hands so you could squeeze these. If you did have hands, I wouldn’t let you anyway.”

Jan laughs loudly as she leans back and her voluminous chest bounces with each laugh. Terry glares at her, “You turned yourself into a freak!!”

Outraged Jan screams, “I’m the freak?!! You turned yourself into a balloon!!” Rage flows through her and she swings her foot fiercely. A sound similar to a dodgeball being kicked sounds and Terry sails into the air. “You’re the freak!!”

Terry moans with pleasure as he sails through the air and another dodgeball sound fills the air as he bounces off the building and continues on his way. Sherry gives chase yelling, “Terry!”

Mark asks as he starts to give chase, “Why did you do that?!”

Jan looks at him sadly as he runs off, “He always told me I’m beautiful and now that I am…….now that he’s a balloon….he called me a FREAK.” She sighs and gives chase causing her new curves to bounce ridiculously.

Mary watches as the three give chase to the bouncing and rolling inflated Terry. The wind blows across her and she makes her first wish. She moans loudly as her slender form bulks up with muscle and slowly grows bigger. She smiles as she feels the new strength of her body and soon reaches the size of a body builder that may have used steroids to bulk up. She gently squeezes a bicep and slowly jogs after the others.

Tires squeal loudly as Terry moans and bounces into an intersection of the street. Sherry, Jan, and Mark give chase as he thumps against the side of a bus. The three’s eyes widen as the inflated sphere that is Terry bounces back toward them and a squeal of rubber sounds as he collides with them. The fall to the street and Terry spins helplessly in the middle of the intersection. Terry feels dizzy, “Oh…….whoa…..oh….some……one…”

Jan finds one of Mark’s hands on one of her large boobs and she slaps him across the face. Mark holds the side of his face, “Ow.”

People empty out of their cars and the bus as a wind picks up, threatening to take Terry away. A squeak sounds as Mark grabs hold of the inflated man and Terry struggles to steady the world in his eyes. Sherry begins moving toward the store across the street, “I’ll see if there’s a phone inside and call for help.”

Jan sighs, “Someone out here probably has a cell phone……whatever.”

Squeaks sound as a gust of wind picks up and Mark struggles to hold Terry steady. Terry moans, “Whoa….whoa.”

Jan frowns, “Shut up, freak.”

Terry glares, “I’m not a freak. You’re the freak! You look like a cross between Barbie and a cow!”

Jan shoves a hand into her pocket, “That’s it!” She withdraws her keys and stabs toward Terry’s rubber, tightly stretched, skin. “FREAK!”

Mark yells, “No!”

A deafening bang erupts as Jan’s key pierces Terry, the force knocks them backwards, and a neon blue goo splatters the surrounding area. Jan frowns as she looks at the neon blue goo covering her arms and decorating her massive boobs. “Gross!” She wipes some of the goo off her chin and shakes her right hand to the side to get some to come off.

Mark glares at her as he wipes some goo off his left arm, “Why did you do that, Jan?”

“What is this stuff?”

“Why did you have to do that to, Terry?”

“Any idea what this goo is?”

Mark glares at her, “Why?”

Suddenly a chorus of inflating sounds fill the air as Jan, Mark, and anyone else hit by the neon blue goo. Jan screams, “No! My body!” Her clothes split apart as her waistline and belly swells outward. Tears run down her face as she moans with the pressure building inside and stretching her. The body of her dreams and taken away so quickly.

Loud squeaks of rubber sound as Mark moans and his member is stretched flat on the curve of his swelling sphere body. “Oh….oh…damn it.”

The sounds of inflation tapper off and Sherry’s heart skips a beat as she exits the store to see large balloons with human faces decorating the street. The wind gently ruffles her black hair as she slowly moves out into the street and asks, “What…..what happened?”

Mark glares in Jan’s direction, “She popped Terry!”

Jan rages back, “He called me a freak!”

Mark shoots back, “Oh and what are you now?!”

Jan looks hurt, “Shut up!”

Sherry looks at Jan, “You popped Terry?”

Jan answers sadly, “Yeah….”

A loud dodgeball sound fills the air as Sherry kicks Jan and Jan moans with pleasure as she sails through the air. “OH shit!” Jan feels her face redden as pleasurable sensations flood her mind and she is completely out of control. She feels the wind picking up strength as it moves across her tightly stretched skin and she hopes she doesn’t end up being carried away, but is helpless to do anything except hope.

Suddenly loud screeches of rubber sound and Jan screams with pleasure as to firm hands catch her. Mary smiles, “Hi there.”

Jan gasps as she is rocked by an orgasm, “Get….get me out….of here. She’s going to pop me!”

Sherry begins to protest, but a gust of wind rushes across them and Mark begins to roll away. She gives chase as other ballooned people tumble down the street and bounce of car. A loud squeak sounds as she grabs hold of Mark and he moans. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay….for being a balloon.”

Sherry smiles slightly, “Don’t worry, I called for help and they are on their way.”

Chrissy sighs as she feels the wind ruffle her long brown hair and hears a strange sound coming from up the street. She looks up as she waits with others at the corner for it to be their turn to cross the street and she sees several large balloons racing toward her. Her eyes widen at the unreal sight and one collides with a nearby man causing the balloon to bounce harmlessly away. Chrissy moves away not wanting to be hit by a large bouncing balloon and she watches as the wind propels more balloons into the waiting group. Chrissy frowns with confusion as a woman’s scream comes from one of the large balloons and a loud bang fills the street as the balloon collides with a man’s cigarette. Neon blue goo splatters the crowd and Chrissy winces as she feels something hot and wet hit her in the left eye. She curses as her left eye burns and she holds her left hand across it. The sounds of inflation fill the air and she looks to see the group slowly inflating like balloons. Her mind struggles to process the scene as panic and pleasurable sounds fill the air. The wind drags away some of the lighter inflatees and she feels sick to her stomach. Chrissy runs toward the nearby alleyway and drops to her knees vomiting. Her throat hurts, her eye burns, and she feels dizzy. She falls over in a heap and the others continue to inflate.

Later Jan sits nervously on the ground below Mary’s apartment balcony and hopes no one finds her or the wind is merciful. Her skin feels slightly less tightly stretched now that night has fallen and the air is cooling off. It relaxes her to feel less tight, but makes her strangely sad for some reason. She frowns as she hears a dog’s growl in the distance and feels completely helpless and fragile. She curses Mary for being gone forever, but in reality it has only been a couple minutes. She whispers, “Hurry up.”

Mary returns, “I’m back.” Loud squeaks of rubber sound as she grips Jan and launches her into the air.


Mary laughs as a crash sounds from inside her apartment, “I hope you didn’t pop.” She hears Jan’s soft pleasurable moans, “I guess you didn’t.”

Jan swallows as the muscular Mary joins her in the apartment, “You could’ve popped me you muscled up brute.”

Mary sighs, “Calm down you didn’t pop.”

Jan glares at her, “Did all those steroids go to your head, Mary? I’m a balloon, I can pop! You’ve made yourself so manly that you’re too dumb to think about that!”

Mary feels her muscles tense, “Manly?”

“Yeah, you probably have a penis hanging between your legs. I think I see a bulge!”

“You think you see a bulge?” Mary sighs and makes a wish, changing the orientation of her crotch. She moans loudly as a girthy penis stretches outward and she slides off her pants to reveal it. She smiles as it stops at nine inches and asks as she grips it, “Do you see a bulge now?”

“What…did you do to yourself?”

Mary smiles as she moves towards her, “Made another addition. I’m a little eager to try it out…..if you get my meaning.”

Jan’s face goes red, “On me? You’re a girl and I…” She moans loudly as a squeal of rubber fills the apartment and Mary’s new member is inside her. It feels strange to have something displacing pressure inside her and she swallows. “Oh…okay. Just don’t pop me.” She gasps as Mary starts sliding in and out of her and squeaks fill the room. Her face warms and she feels her skin tighten as she warms with the activity. She moans as an orgasm hits her and Mary smiles with satisfaction. She screams as Mary grips her tighter with her muscular hands and thrusts powerfully into her one last time, releasing her load. Jan is rocked by another orgasm as Mary’s member spasms and shoots inside her.

Mary slides out of Jan with a rubber squeak and a gasp from Jan. She smiles as sweat runs down her muscles and she slowly moves away. “That was fun.” She winces as she feels a pressure in her stomach and the sound of hissing fills the room. She frowns as her waistline pushes outward, “NO!!” Her body squeaks and creaks as she swells and moves to make another wish. She finds it difficult to move across the room as the curve of her sphere body reaches her knees and elbows. She frowns unable to reach down or move to pick up the object to make another wish.

Jan laughs, “Problems?”

Mary frowns, “You did this to me!” Four thumbs sound as her feet and hands are absorbed into her swelling sphere body. Her body touched her chin and with s squeak of rubber her head is stretched flat. She sighs as the hissing fades and finds she is just a giant balloon with a human face and an inflated penis. “Just great….”

Jan smirks, “At least no one will pop us anytime soon.”


The sounds of the world around Chrissy reach to her as she slowly opens her eyes and sits up. Her left eye burns and the world seems to be rocking back and forth as she sits there for a moment in the alleyway. She hears sirens, screams of pleasure, pops, and squeaks. She closes her eyes as the wind blows across her and struggles not to vomit again. Weakly she rises to her feet and stumbles through the alleyway. What happened to the world? She can hear people screaming at each other to stay away from them and declarations about others turning into balloons. Through the fear and through the pain Chrissy slowly navigates her way home. This is the night the contagion began and the world for Chrissy will never be the same again.

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