Underground Testing

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Doctor Daily gently rubs his eyes and slides his eyeglasses back into place. He gently stretches and walks around the concrete floor of the underground facility. The fluorescent light hums above him as he looks at his watch and sees it's three in the morning. Questions swirling in his mind as he rests a hand on the tomato the size of a weather balloon at the center of the room. He feels his heart race as he touches the massive tomato and thoughts flow through his mind. These experiments would help fight hunger and food shortage issues.

Suddenly, Doctor Daily turns away from the tomato and fires up the ray sequencer. It hums and lights dance across the barrel as he returns to stand in front of the huge tomato. He drops the lab coat to the floor, his heart races, and he struggles to control the panic building inside. He forms his hands into fists as he watches the barrel light up and light bursts outward toward him. The green burst of light hits him in the stomach and the ray sequencer's hum whirls down as it cools from firing. Doctor Daily looks down at his stomach and sees no change. He frowns knowing theoretically the ray sequencer should affect him like any other organic matter, but this is the first human test.

Suddenly a hissing sounds and Doctor Daily feels a pressure building. He watches with shock and excitement as his belly, waist, sides, and lower back round outward. Squeaks sound as he begins to resemble a bowling pin with arms and legs. The pressure stretches him a little bigger like a balloon and the hiss fades away. Gently he prods his bloated belly and laughs softly. The ray sequencer made things bigger, but not in a way that will help food shortage problems yet. He smiles as he rubs his hands across his rounded belly and loud squeaks sound as he attempts to bend over to get his lab coat, but he finds he isn't very flexible anymore.

Suddenly Jan's voice responds, "You really packed it on, Doctor Daily."

Doctor Daily jerks his head up to see the rail thin blonde, standing in her lab coat behind the ray sequencer. He swallows, "I can explain, Jan."

Jan smiles slyly, "You don't have to." The ray sequencer hums and a green light escapes the barrel. The light hits Doctor Daily and the hissing returns. Jan watches excitedly as squeaks fill the air and the Doctor's torso rounds out. "Getting bigger, Doctor."

"Ughhhhh." Doctor Daily moans and stretches bigger along with the hissing. "Ughhh." He grows more and more excited as he swells like a balloon with air. His body is an oval shaped sphere with arms, legs, and a head as the hissing fades. His body squeaks as he looks down at himself, "Oh my."

Jan smiles as she strides over to him and a few squeaks as she gently pokes him with her left index finger. "I see you have started human trials, Doctor Daily."

"I was curious....I..." Panic fills him, "What have you done to me?! They're going to lock me up and do tests one me the rest of my life now. I know how those scientists think! I'm one of them!"

Jan smirks, "You were one of them, balloon boy. Now you're just an inflatable toy to play with."

Doctor Daily glares at her, "That's not funny, Jan."

Jan gently rubs a hand across the curve of his body, "I know. I'm sorry. You could get as big as that tomato behind you." She sees the excitement on his face and smiles, "I'll make you a deal. I'll blow you up if you blow me up in the right spots and when we're done I'll get us out of here."

Doctor Daily looks at her sternly, "You're not blowing me up bigger."

Jan pulls her hand away, "Well okay. If you help me though, I'll still get you out of here."

Doctor Daily grins slightly, "Okay."

Loud squeaks sound as the doctor slowly waddles his inflated form toward the ray sequencer and loud creaks sound as Jan grabs hold and pulls him into place. She smiles and returns to the spot in front of the tomato. She bends over and sticks her butt out. "Okay we'll start with a little more junk in the trunk."

Doctor Daily grins as the ray sequencer hums to life, "One inflated posterior coming up."

Suddenly the green light hits Jan's rear, a hissing sounds, and her butt grows. "Ughh..oh..ughh." Her butt splits her pants and her hips flare. Squeaks fill the air as her butt rounds into two half volleyballs and the hissing fades. Jan gently shakes her new bottom and rubs her hands on her enlarged hips. "Half the hour glass." She faces the ray sequencer, "Now let's get the rest of the hour glass. Give my breasts a good shot."

Doctor Daily smiles warmly, "I wish I knew you when I was in highschool."

Suddenly a blast of green light hits Jan's a-cup breasts, the hissing returns, and pressure builds. "Ughhh." Squeaks and creaks fill the room as they swell to volleyballs and Jan bites her lip as pleasurable sensations flood through her mind. "Ughhh....oh....ughhh." The hissing fades as her breasts reach the size of basketballs and she looks down at them to see they're blocking her view of her feet. "Oh wow!"

Jan gently squeezes her new boobs together and bounces over to Doctor Daily. His fave reddens, "You're huge!"

Jan smiles, "I know. Now I will keep my word and get us out of here. Don't worry."

Doctor Daily, "Uhhh...."

Jan smile fades slightly, "What is it, Doctor?"

Doctor Daily sighs, "Will you make me as big as the tomato before we go?"

Jan's face lights up, "Of course." Loud squeaks sound as her inflated breasts collide with his bloated form and drags him to the spot in front of the tomato. She quickly returns to the spot behind the ray sequencer, "Time to get big!"

A large blast of green light hits Doctor Daily and the hissing returns. The pressure builds and rubbery groans fill the room as it pushes him bigger. "Ughhh." His sphere torso groans as it slowly engulfs arms to the elbows and legs to the knees. He moans as he feels the pressure swirling him, building in him, and pushing him bigger. The feeling is incredible and he feels like he is becoming the impossible. He smirks knowing he'll be as big as that tomato soon and finds it strange to being helplessly stretched by a force within. "Ughhhhh." He feels super tight as his expansion slows and loud squeaks sound as his sphere meets his hands feet and head. The hissing fades. "I'm as big as the tomato, aren't I?"

Jan smiles, "You're actually slightly bigger."

Doctor Daily looks at the curve of his sphere body, "Oh."

Suddenly, the heavy man named Paul moves into the room, "What the hell is going on in here?!" He strides confidently toward Doctor Daily and gently pokes the inflated doctor. A squeak sounds, "Are you okay, Doctor?"

The Doctor sighs, "I'm fine."

Paul frowns as the ray sequencer hums louder, "You don't look fine." He turns to face the ray sequencer and a green beam of light hits him. "What the..?!" A thunderous hissing sounds with high pitch squeaks as the pressure builds and he stretches outward. "Ugh....ughh....what's happening to me?!" Angry squeaks sound as his sphere body swallows his arms to the elbows and legs to the knees as the green beam continues to shoot light at his bloating belly. Too late he realizes he should have gotten out of the path of the beam and he watches Jan bounce across the room. "Ughhh..you....ughhh..stop this!"

Jan smiles, "No! Just inflate and enjoy!" Loud squeaks sound as she collides with the sphere doctor and begins rolling him toward the doorway. "Time to get out of here, Doctor."

Doctor Daily moans as his inflated form is rolled, "Please be careful!"

Four loud horrible squeaks sound as Paul's hands and feet are absorbed into his sphere body. "Ughhh." He feels the pressure building and building as it stretches him bigger and bigger. "Ughhhh." He feels confined as the pressure builds and his expansion slows. A horrible thought enters his mind and he wonders if he can pop. Pop like a balloon? A horrible squealing and groaning of rubber sounds.

Bang! Paul's head jerks and he realizes the tomato is no more. His expansion continues unhindered and he swells over the ray sequencer and fills the room. "Ughhhh." His body groans with pressure as it touches the walls and a loud creaking sounds as his head is stretched flat upon the sphere he's become. "Ughhhh....ohh.....ughhh no!" His body feels impossibly tight and fragile as he completely fills the room. Paul closes his eyes as part of him inflates outward into the hallway and begins moving to fill the hallway. Someone sees his inflating form moving down the hallway and they sound the alarm. "Ughhh...aw.....crap."

Above ground, Jan struggles to drive the cargo truck away as chaos ensues in the facility below. She glances at Doctor Daily snuggly in the back and smiles. Squeaks sound as her massive breasts squeak against the wheel and she wonders what her life will be like from now on. Suddenly, the ground cracks as the inflating Paul begins to push outward and a horribly, thunderously, loud groaning fills the air. Jan winces as she drives and tries not to stop.


Jan gasps, checks herself, and looks to see the doctor is alright. She swallows with relief and returns her attention back to driving. She smiles and knows that will keep everyone distracted for awhile.

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