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Warning mature content. Contains inflation fetish material and is for mature readers only. Read at your own risk.


Lilly and Scarlett sit in the backroom at work talking about their coworker Frank. He seems a strange fit to be working at the clothing store, but both of them agree there is something very desirable about Frank.

Scarlett gently twirls her body in front of Lilly, showing off her slim figure. Her bust line is a full d-cup and she's quite proud of how they look on her slim frame. She pushes her naturally red hair back and says with a southern accent, "I think I'll get his attention."

Lilly smiles and gently jiggles her curvy form. She's almost as top heavy as Scarlett and has a round butt. She has a slight curve to her belly, but is hardly fat. Her brown haired ponytail bounces as she shows her body, "I think you have some competition."

Scarlett frowns as points a small device at her, "Not for long."

Suddenly a green light hits Lilly a hiss sounds and the stretching of rubber fills the air. Lilly stares at her body in shock as it expands, "Ughhhhhh." Lilly feels it stop as suddenly as it started and takes in the changes to her body. Her legs and arms thicker and belly, butt, and breasts are rounder. She gently pokes her pudgy belly, "What did you do to me?"

Scarlett laughs, "I eliminated the competition. Frank will definitely pick me over you now." She smiles as she hides the device behind her back, "Hey, Frank."

Frank nods, "Hey, Scarlett." He smiles brightly at Lilly as he takes in her fuller curves, "Hey, Lilly, you're looking good today."

Lilly's face reddens as Frank stares at her and Scarlett glares at them. "Thank you, Frank."

The two of them watch Frank walk away in silence and Lilly is the first to break the silence."I guess he likes me bigger. Must have a thing for big girls."

Scarlett stares at her for a moment and points the device at herself. "Two can play that game." She shoots herself the sounds of hissing and stretching rubber fill the room. "Ughhhh." The pressure pushes her body bigger and her body issues rubbery groans as she swells. The pressure and hissing stops as fast as it started and she takes in the changes to her body. She gently rubs her new potbelly and notes she is almost as big as Lilly, but not quite.

Scarlett looks at her rounder hips and butt. She feels her inner skinny woman screaming to diet and hit the gym, but ignores it. She points the device at herself, the pressure returns, and hissing and squeaks fill the room. "Ughhhhh." Arms and legs plump and belly groans outward. Boobs and butt rounds. "Ughhhh...." She smiles as she surpasses Lilly's size, "Ha! I'm bigger!" Her shoulders puff up and both the pressure and hissing fade away.

A loud squeak sounds as Scarlett bumps her inflated assets into Lilly's, "Hey!!"

Scarlett smiles, "Frank is going to love me. I bet you'd pop like a balloon if you tried to get as big as me."

"I bet I won't. The there's plenty of stretch in me."

Scarlett hands her the device, "Fine, but I'm not picking up the pieces when you pop."

Lilly shoots herself, "I'm not popping." Groans of rubber sound as the pressure returns and she hisses bigger. "Ughhhh." She smiles as arms grow thicker, hips grow wider, and belly pushes outward. Her shoulders puff up as she approaches Scarlett's size and she quickly shoots herself twice more. The pressure inside turns fierce and rubber stretching shrieks fill the backroom. "UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Scarlett watches in shock and fear as Lilly surpasses her size. She sees Lilly's inflating torso shape into a sphere as her neck shrinks and arms and legs are slowly swallowed. "What have you done to yourself? You're going to pop."

"Ughhhhh.....I'm not.......Ughhhhh......POPPING!!!"

Scarlett watches as Lilly's expanding, groaning, body turns into a sphere with hands, feet, neck, and head. Her neck shrinks as Scarlett says fearfully, "I hope you're right. Please don't pop, Lilly."

"Ughhhh....I....ughhhh.....won't." The pressure and hissing fades away and she smiles as she looks over the curve of her sphere body at Scarlett. "See! No pop!"

Scarlett smirks, "You got lucky. That was cutting it pretty close."

"Close? Ha! There's no way you can stretch this big. I'm afraid your stuck as a bloated blowup doll and will never achieve the size of blimp girl I have."

Scarlett bumps her belly into Lilly's sphere body as she reaches for the device, "I'm going to prove you wrong!"


The groaning of rubber fills the room as pressure pumps Scarlett bigger. "Ughhh." Rubber screeching becomes deafening, "Ughhhhhh." Her body rounds into a sphere as the pressure pushes her bigger and mistakenly the device slips from her hand. Her body groans loudly, "" Her body trembles as it groans loudly and it reaches the same size as Lilly's sphere body. Her face redden from the strain, smiles weakly, "Looks like we're the same size now."

Lilly smiles, "You'd pop if you tried to get bigger. You were really straining."

Scarlett smiles back, "I'd prove you wrong if I hadn't dropped it."

"Lucky you."

Suddenly a new voice responds, "What the hell happened to the two of you?"

Scarlett looks down at the frumpy Chrissie and smirks. "We made ourselves bigger. If you can hand me the device on the floor, I can make myself bigger."

Chrissie stares at her through her glasses and rests a hand on her paunch. "Why on earth would you want to do that?"

Scarlett answers, "So Frank can pick me over Lilly's blimped ass."

Chrissie snorts as she laughs, "There's no way Frank is going to like what you've done to yourself."

Lilly frowns, "God you're dumb. We didn't want to be this way, but Frank likes this."

Scarlett nods, "Yeah, so give me the device."

Chrissie smirks as she takes out her cell phone and takes a picture, but doesn't include any faces. She sends it to Frank and quickly receives a response demanding to know what website it is from. She scoops up the device and her phone rings as another text begging to know the website pops up. "Well that settles that."

Scarlett responds, "Good. Now give me the device."

Lilly responds, "No give it to me!"

Chrissie smiles at the two and points the device at herself. A hiss sounds and a pressure builds. Rubber groans fill the room as her body begins to push outward in her baggy sweater and pants. "Ughhh...." Her body groans as she feels herself reach the size of pregnancy and the pressure fades away. She smiles as she gently pushes her belly below her braless, floppy, boobs. "Trouble is going to love me."

Scarlett frowns, "Trouble?"

Chrissie smiles, "Yeah trouble. That's what I call him because he is trouble." She shoots herself, the pressure returns, and the squeaking of rubber fills the air. "Ughhhhh..." Her face reddens as her back and side rounds outward. "Ughhhh...ughhhh."

Scarlett watches as Chrissie's body trembles as her inflation stops, "You should give me the device, Chrissie. You're going to pop yourself."

Chrissie holds up a finger, "Hey now! Both of you got that big, well so can I." She activates the device, the pressure returns, and the sound of rubber shrieking fills the air. "Ughhhhhhhhhhhh." Her face reddens even more as she closes her eyes, her body trembles, and she slowly inflates ever so slowly bigger. "Ughhhhh....ughhhh....ughhhhhhhhh."

Suddenly a loud pop sounds silencing Chrissie and sending flesh colored rubber fragments fluttering to the floor. Scarlett sighs, "At least that wasn't messier, but I won't be able to get bigger now."

The curvy and bubbly Abby walks into the backroom, "What was that noise?"

Lilly smiles weakly at the shocked Abby, "Uh...would you believe me if I said Chrissie popped like a balloon?"

Abby looks at the fragments of flesh colored rubber on the floor and at the two of them. "You know I just might." She scoops up the device and looks at it. "What's this?"

Scarlett responds, "It's what we used to get bigger. Give me a shot and I'll demonstrate."

Abby smiles, "I bet you will." She points the device at herself and fires it multiple times. The hiss returns loudly and groans of rubber sound as Abby rapidly balloons outward. "UGHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Abby's belly swells outward, sides curve out, and back pushes outward. Her shoulders puff up, arms plump, and legs thicken. Her boobs make loud creaks as they are stretched flat on the curve of her sphere body and both her legs and arms are slowly absorbed. "UGHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Four thumps sound as her sphere body absorbs her legs and arms as she surpasses Lilly and Scarlett's size. Her face reddens from strain as a horrible creaking sounds as her head is stretched flat against her sphere body. Her expansion slows to a crawl as the pressure pushes her bigger and the curve of her sphere pushes into Lilly and Scarlett's sphere body.

Suddenly the pressure is gone and Abby smiles. She knows she just a face on a giant sphere body, "Frank will love me now!"

Lilly frowns, "How did you know?"

Abby smiles, "Frank has had a thing for me for awhile, but I wasn't quite what he was looking for. I found his phone and discovered what it was he liked." She smiles again, "Thanks, you all. You did a good job not popping, but I'm his prize blimp."

Suddenly, Frank's voice calls, "Chrissie?" He steps into the backroom and is shocked to see three inflated blimp girls.

Abby responds, "Frank, I have some bad news for you. She popped." She brightens up, "Good news is I'm huge."

Frank smiles, "You sure are."

Scarlett responds, "We're almost as big as she is and you can have both of us."

Lilly is shocked by her statement, but quickly agrees, "Yeah both of us."

Frank arches an eyebrow, "How did you get so big?"

Abby responds, "A device....I dropped it when my hand was stretched flat against my sphere body."

Frank scoops it up, "I found it." He looks at them, "So helpless now and fragile." He points the device at himself and fires. The pressure returns with a hiss and his body bloats outward. "Ughhhhh."

Abby responds, "Don't get to big. You won't be able to take care of us."

Frank's inflating stops and leaves him looking close to the size of a sumo wrestler. He smiles at Abby, "Don't worry I'll take care of you." He slowly waddles over to Lilly and Scarlett, "It's a little harder to move now."

Scarlett smiles, "I knew you'd choose us."

Frank smiles, "Of course I'll choose the two of you." He pulls out a sewing needle, "To pop."

Lilly panics, "To pop?!!"

Frank stabs with the needle, a boom sounds, and a second boom sounds. Shards of flesh colored rubber join Chrissie's remains on the floor and he slowly turns back to Abby. He smiles, "Now to figure out how to get you out of here. Maybe I'll think of something faster if I were a little bigger."

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