Sugar Rush

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She was alone finally, and she knew where the candy stash was hidden. After waiting patiently for everyone to leave, the whole storage closet was fair game. So she sat herself down and got ready to feast. “30 some odd pounds of candy should be enough to get a good sugar high”, she thought; little did she know what she was getting into.

The first couple bites were quite easy; 5 pounds went down like nothing. It happened so quickly, the sugar rush started to hit. The candy sat like a pit in her stomach, but it didn’t matter; all she could think of was more. Shoveling handfuls of candy in her mouth, she started to feel full. She barely noticed the bloating though, it was nothing compared to the immense head rush from the sugar.

She hit 10 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds; she felt unstoppable. Now her tee shirt had become skin tight, and her pants had ripped a good while ago. Her growing belly had stated to push her thighs apart, as it had grown too big to sit comfortably in place. It looked more like a party balloon than a body part. Alas, this was no time to stop; she still had 10 more pounds to finish.

Pound 25 was a struggle; she was starting to feel the consequences of such intense consumption. Her settling belly was red with stretch marks as it was well past any safe limit. At the size of an overinflated beach ball, she could no longer see her feet. She was so close though; she had to finish now.

More candy flew, as she approached completion. Now she could feel the pain through the sugar rush. But it still didn’t matter. She was so close; it had to be the last pound. Things starting moving slower, as pushing anymore candy into such an overfilled stomach seemed near impossible. She felt mind numbingly tight, but ignored all warnings. She kept going until all 30 pounds were consumed. Victory was hers, the problem; she was trapped under her own weight. With 30 pounds of candy inside, her belly closely resembled an exercise ball. The other problem, digestion.

She started to feel sick as the pressure naturally increased inside her. She noticed some ginger ale by her side. “That always settled my stomach before!” she thought, so she grabbed it and started drinking. Unfortunately for her, the carbonation moved things along quite quickly. She only grew a bit more before her belly stopped stretching, the pressure didn’t stop building though. Huge stretch marks circumnavigated her body, her belly ready to burst. She let out one last gasp before the inevitable.


Some sugar rush.

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This is the first story I've written like this. I've been debating posting on here for awhile, it's somthing to do so I don't go crazy. I'm glad I did, and I hope you enjoyed it too.


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