Bob and Mary's Life part 7

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Bob and Mary had their fun with the loonie Dru. One day she told them the party was over and she had to be leaving them, but wanted to impart one last gift. She said to them, "This gift comes from my heart. I really like you two and have enjoyed our expanding friendship. Use this well and below (pun intended) all else raise your expectations for one another!"
     With that she produced a small vile and set on the table beside Mary's bed. It had a cork plugging the top and had a shimmering glow to it. Mary asked, "What is it"?
     Dru replied, "It's an potion of expansion. I won't tell you what it does, but please use it when all else fails. Only one of you can use it, but it will help both of you."
     Dru then waived her arms over her head producing a hail of lightning bolts storming into the bedroom. She vanished in a loud crack of thunder. Mary and Bob were likewise struck and transported. They all ended up standing at the bottom of the inflation room Bob and Mary had built a year ago. It stood four stories tall and was designed to let them practice inflating themselves. Two stories were under ground and two reached up to the second floor of their two story home.
     As the three of them looked upon each other Dru began to expand. Her breast started first. She took a deep breath as they did. Soon they started to resemble two large punch ball sized balloons and were lifting themselves into her face. Her butt joined the action. As this happened, Dru's body slowly began to rise. First she began to stand straight up, her bosom pulling her chest towards the ceiling. Then as her bottom filled out, her legs lifted off the ground. Slowly at first, she rose. She said to Bob and Mary, "Enjoy! I've enjoyed everything here. I'll always be with you!" With that she hit the roof and vanished.
     Bob and Mary stood there looking at where Dru vanished. The ceiling shimmering in a red and blue after glow of the vortex into which she disappeared. Mary sighed and said, "Well at least she showed us some new tricks. I'm going to miss her!" As she said this her new tail flicked between Bob's legs and made him jump in start.
    His surprised reaction caused him to think to himself, "Inflate!" With that he proceeded to rapidly blow himself up into a sphere and rapidly rise to the top of the room where he vanished into the vortex. With a white flash he disappeared.
     Mary watched as her husband rose and entered the swirling mass. Stunned she saw the vortex begin to close. Quickly she thought, "Rise, inflate, follow!" With that she very quickly expanded her breast, butt and legs. Rising like the letter X she ballooned into a human....well balloon. As she came to the ceiling, the vortex went "pop" and closed. She hit the roof of the inflation room. Pinned like a child's balloon lost in a circus, Mary cursed at herself. 
   She deflated herself and sank to the floor. Staring at the ceiling she thought, "Now what?" 
    On the other side of the vortex, Dru appeared in a room filled with dozens of multicolored balloons. Her appearance made them swirl and float. Dru thought, "Crap, wrong place!" She turned to create a new vortex when she herd a loud 'Crack'.
     Bob appeared and due to his inflated state began to rise taking with him in his wake a number of the balloons. Looking over his shoulder he spotted Dru standing amidst the balloons. He yelled "Dru what happened!?" Then thought "Deflate." Returning to the floor he looked at Dru with a puzzled face.
   She said, "I don't know. I wasn't planning on anybody coming with me. Mary must be worried."
    Bob replied, "I'm sure she is! Where are we?"
    Dru answered, "We are in my homeland. Balloonapaloza. Remember when I first came to you two I had a balloon shape? Well all these balloons are my children. I was coming home to check on them then pass some of them to people like you who enjoy inflation."
    That's when Bob noticed that his legs were surrounded by balloons. They began on the floor and were slowly stacking themselves up. Soon both legs were completely encased up to his waist. One in particular was wedged directly under his crotch. He felt it begin to expand and push his feet apart. Bob exclaimed, "Dru what's going on? I'm being pushed on by all these balloons! "
    As he was saying this the one between his legs was four feet apart and growing. Bob had to sit down on it as though he were riding a horse. The other balloons released his legs cascading to the floor with a soft thud. The balloon Bob was sitting on continued it's expansion raising Bob a good five feet above the floor. Soon it started rising into the air. Bob had to lean forward and place his arms around the balloon to stay on top.
   Now eye level with Dru, she said to him, "I'm sending you home. My daughter knows the way. I'm sure you'll enjoy the ride."
    After hearing that, Bob felt as though he was sinking into the body of his ride. Slowly the balloon engulfed his body until all that remained outside were his head, feet and hands. Bob was unable to move as the ascent began. Dru reached for Bob's face and lovingly kissed him. "Once again I say goodby" Dru said with sadness in her voice.
    Bob felt himself raising up, higher and higher. As the ground fell away,Dru got smaller and smaller until she disappeared from view. The air around his face grew colder, but his body remained warm.
    Awakening to warmth on his face, Bob realized he was in his own bed. Reaching next to him, he couldn't find his wife.  Pulling the sheets off his body and standing up he realized something wasn't right. He looked down and saw himself covered in a yellow latex suit. The balloon he rode home was yellow as well. Putting two and two together, he realized it must have brought him home then deflated around him. It felt tight and compressed. Looking in the mirror he saw himself wearing what appeared to be a women's one piece bathing suit but instead of straps over his shoulders, the latex covered them and formed a nozzle around his neck.
     Mary entered the room and stopped dead in her tracks. Her jaw agape, she flung herself to Bob and wrapped her arms in a huge hug. She was giddy, happy and crying tears of joy. Kissing Bob, she pulled back and asked, "Where have you been? I've been looking for you for the past two months. You followed Dru into the vortex and disappeared. My sister and I were going crazy. We even called the police and filed a missing persons report!"
    "Why are you wearing a balloon suit?", she asked as she stood back to look at him.
    Bob too was stunned. "Two months!" He thought to himself. "I don't understand." 
    Looking at Mary, Bob said, "What do you mean two months? I was gone for only a few minuets. I was in Dru's homeland. She saw me and encased me into a yellow balloon. It brought me home. I guess it deflated and put me in bed. I really don't much more. To me it's been less than an hour."
    Mary looked at Bob with a stunned expression. She was ecstatic to have him back. She reached out and kissed him again then said, "We'll I'm just happy you're back! Lets get that balloon off you."
    She reached into a drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors to cut it off him. Reaching for his neck, Bob suddenly exclaimed, "No! Wait, something's happening."
    Bob could feel the suit beginning to tighten around his upper body. Like it was constricting him. Mary saw Bob's chest start to expand and said, "Bob this isn't the time to inflate. We need to get you out of that thing.
    Bob replied, "It's not me! I think it's the balloon. I can feel it pressing against me. It's quite an interesting feeling."
    Mary, looking at Bob could see his chest growing a pair of yellow latex breasts. Soon after Bob could feel his butt starting to compress. Mary saw his rear begin to expand. It looked like he had two huge balloons on his butt. As the expansion continued in the front and back, Bob could feel himself getting lighter. Mary saw him getting light on his feet and said, "Not this time. I'm not losing you again!"
    Bob soon found he could barely keep touch with the ground. Up on his toes then suddenly floating. Above him a purple vortex appeared. Mary saw it too and thought, "Inflate to match Bob."
    She too began rising. Reaching out she grabbed Bob's hand and said, "This time I'm coming too."
Author's Note: 

A continuation of the Bob and Mary stories Iv'e previously written

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