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Jenny reached the other end and stopped, wheezing and out of breath. She had challenged her friend Hannah to a race from the school field to the sports hall, which were very far apart from each other, so she was quite tired. 
She cupped her hands around her breasts and inhaled a big breath, feeling her chest swell in her hands.  She had last inflated herself yesterday, and she was doing this to satisfy her fetish. Her bright red dress made her look just like a robin, with a big red breast. 
As she exhaled, Jenny's friend Hannah (remember her from my last story?) came to a stop next to her, out of breath. Hannah was a couple of inches taller than Jenny, and had a curly mass of ginger hair running down her back. Just like Jenny, however, she sported a highly impressive rack, 35 inches round.  (Jenny's breast was just a bit smaller,  32 inches) 
Jenny became slightly turned on by the sight of Hannah's chest heaving up and down with every breath she took to catch her breath back. "Oh my God," she puffed. "Try not to choose the longest route for a race next time, Jenny." She finally caught her breath back and looked at Jenny with a cute smile on her face. She then giggled slightly. " What are you laughing at, Hannah?" Jenny asked, starting to giggle herself. 
"Oh my gosh Jenny, what DID you eat recently?" Hannah laughed, "You look full to burst!" Jenny looked down at where Hannah was looking on her and gave a slight gasp. 
Her stomach was all puffy, like she had just swallowed a lot of air. But upon feeling it's cushion-like texture, Jenny realised that she had. Her heavy breathing from her race with Hannah must have caused her to take in big gulps of air, and now her belly was big and round like a balloon. But then, a thought sparked in her mind. Her mind took her to when she inflated for the first time, seeing her bloated belly, full of air...
"Hey Hannah!" she exclaimed joyfully. " My belly's all stuffed with air! That's why it's big! Wanna see?" Hannah was clearly confused at these words. "Full of air?" she asked. "What do you mean, Jenny?"
"Look!" pointed Jenny. She took a deep breath, filling her lungs to their limit, and to Hannah's utter surprise, Jenny's belly blew up like an airbag going off inside her. She grew and grew until she appeared to have swallowed a whole watermelon. 
She ran her hands across her big, round stomach and smiled at Hannah. "What do you think?" she asked. 
Hannah opened her mouth as if she was going to answer, but she didn't say anything. She stretched her mouth open as wide as she could, and with a great rushing of wind she began to inhale. Jenny held her breath to keep her fetish senses down as she gazed at the sight of Hannah's chest expanding. Drawing in one long, continuous breath, Hannah stretched her bust larger and larger like a big balloon. Her sky blue dress conformed perfectly to her changing shape, and it seemed that she was going to burst any moment. But she finally stopped, and gazed at Jenny over her basketball sized breasts. "How did you learn how to do this, Jenny?" she asked, indicating Jenny's balloon belly and her massive chest, clearly inflated for demonstration. 
"The same way as you learned to do that." Jenny replied, pointing at the two giant balloons under Hannah's dress. "You mean inhale continuously until you start to expand?!" Hannah asked excitedly. "That is totally awesome! Do it again!" 
"With pleasure.", Jenny purred. She drew in a big breath like Hannah and puffed out her cheeks. Her whole midsection swelled outwards, with her belly growing to the size of a exercise ball and her breasts swelling like ripening fruits on her chest. She came to a stop and admired her efforts. Her entire torso was a big, sexy red ball upon which her round, fat breasts now rested. "Your turn." She nodded towards Hannah with a giggle. 
"This is the best day of my life !" Hannah exclaimed with joy, shaking her curly ginger hair across her face. She then took a huge breath, puffed out her cheeks and ballooned up. Her chest, stomach and torso rounded out into a more spherical shape, and she inflated her sexy frame with more force than before. Jenny had to lean back to see her friend expanding, a huge blue ball with arms and a head. Hannah stopped inflating, and rolled forward slightly on her spherical form to see her tomato shaped friend standing below her. "This is so much fun! You look so cute, Jenny!"
""Awww, thank you Hannah!" Jenny giggled, making her body shake like jelly. " I suppose I had better come up there too." She inhaled, feeling her entire frame swell with her breath, and then bloated up like a pufferfish. Her red dress made her look just like a colourful child's balloon as she came to meet Hannah's height and girth. Hannah herself was a big blue balloon, like a blueberry. Jenny smiled through her milky blue eyes and light blonde hair, and Hannah gave her the same expression with her cocoa brown eyes and dark orange hair. This really was the best day of her life. 
Jenny finally pushed the last bubble of air out of her stomach and sighed with relief.  The two girls had just deflated themselves so that they were fully mobile again. Hannah wheezed a great puff and her breasts bounced, indicating that her chest was empty of air. The two girls looked at each other with a sweet smile on their faces. They couldn't bring themselves to believe that just 10 minutes ago they had been a giant blue balloon and an equally large red balloon. Jenny then rushed to Hannah and threw her arms around her, and being almost half a foot shorter than her 6ft friend, she dug her head straight in the middle of Hannah's melon like breasts. While most girls would consider this sexual harassment, both girls knew each other so well they even knew what their bodies felt like blindfolded. So Hannah wrapped her arms around Jenny's petite body and kissed her on the head. 
"Thank you Jenny!" she exclaimed when they let to of each other. "I've never had this much fun before." 
"Well, there's a first time for anything, isn't there?" Jenny giggled. "I'll see you tomorrow."
"See you tomorrow!" Hannah said excitedly, and with a last thrust of her chest, she set off from the field to the school gates. 
Jenny followed the same route, swishing her dress as she left through the gates. Her stomach was feeling all bubbly with excitement. She cast her mind to what she could do the next day with Hannah...
Such is the life of Jenny, a LITTLE girl with a BIG secret!


Author's Note: 

As requested by Caliban04. Although this is more of an inflate-off type situation, it's called what it's called because Jenny is showing her friend that she can inflate. I hope to add one soon that features cheerleaders.

I noticed that when I previously uploaded this story, there were a few grammatical errors in the text. Here is the grammatically correct version. 

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