Bob and Mary's Life part 4

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(Author’s note: Bob and Mary experimented with a substance called felium or female helium a few months ago.  Its floatation properties are twice that of helium, but half the density.  Not a lot is required to achieve human lift.  They also discovered that after a month of taking felium pills, their bodies had adsorbed the felium and could produce it at will.  They further discovered that the two were linked together in thought; meaning either of them could think of a partner’s body part and inflate it without the other’s permission.  This has made for some interesting experiences for both of them.)




                Bob and Mary had been playing with their felium enriched bodies for about six months now and were quite pleased with the results.  Bob especially liked when he and Mary rose off the floor together and made love to one another. Mary enjoyed the floatation and the escape from gravity and Bob’s endowed body.  Bob was a smooth bodied muscular man.  He took care of himself.  Mary too took care of herself and was well endowed. When inflated, they were both soft and squishy. The pranks they played earlier on each other had given way to passionate, floating love making.


                One day Mary was floating in the kitchen with nothing on but her apron.  Her boobs were about the size of a basketball and her butt and legs were horizontal to the ground.  She hung there floating and humming to herself while cooking dinner. 


                The two of them had discovered another new aspect to floating; they could, with the help of small hand-held battery powered fans, (the kind you use to cool off in the summer) maneuver around the house while inflated.  This is how they got around most of the time now.


                Bob came into the living room, fresh home from work. “It smells great hon.  What are we having”?  “Chicken fried steak, potatoes and salad” she replied.  As Bob entered the kitchen, he saw here floating while cooking and marveled at her naked body all blown up.  He whistled and said “I knew I married you for a reason”.  She thought “Join me”.  With that Bob felt himself start to inflate.


                Quickly he got his coat, shirt and pants off.  He wore no undergarments since this wasn’t an unusual thought for her.  Soon enough he too was floating horizontal above the floor in the buff; His manhood saluting her.  She said “Go get dressed for dinner”.  As he floated out of the room, he thought “Hit the ceiling and back down”.


                Mary ballooned up.  Her boobs, behind and legs quickly expanded and she shot up to the ceiling.  “Bob!  Your incorrigible and I love you too!” she shouted as she drifted back down.  Bob for his part was laughing as he deflated and got into his clothes.


                In past months, they had discovered that they could inflate one-another thru thought.  At first they couldn’t deflate themselves if the other cast the inflation.  Now they could control all aspects of the inflation/deflation process.


                The clothes they wore in the house (if they wore clothes) were one-piece spandex suits.  Most of the time, they were short sleeved with bicycle styled pants. Bob’s favorite suit was a grey top and tan bottom. Mary’s was all teal.  These suits allowed for expansion when inflating.  His had a panel in front and hers in the crotch. (I don’t need to explain this do I?)  They looked like balloons when fully inflated.


                Mary yelled “Bob are you dressed”?  “Yes“he said.  “Come down and help me finish.  I need to change too” she told him.  Bob came into the kitchen and she was standing there, deflated.


                He finished cooking the dinner and set the table.  Mary came into the dining room on her tippy toes; her bosom inflated just enough to walk.  Bob’s reaction was to give a small “eppp”. He always got turned on when she did that.  His preference was to be normal most of the day, while she liked to float or hover around the house.


                They ate dinner and cleaned up.  Mary said “We haven’t been swimming since I cannon balled you into the pool.  Let’s go outside and have a swim”.  Bob thought ‘That hurt, but ok’ “Sure Hon. We both have our suits on, but you know, outside inflation is dangerous”.  She said “This is a no inflation night…in the outdoorsJ” They proceeded to the pool which was illuminated by the underwater lights.  It’s light reflecting off the canopy of trees overhanging the refreshing water.


                Mary was wearing a one-piece hot pink bathing suit that shimmered in the pool’s light.  Bob had on his swim trunks that were baggy and maroon colored.  Mary asked “Hot tub instead”?  “Sure” replied Bob. 


                They both got in and felt the hot water sooth out the day’s worries.  Mary reached over and turned on the jets.  As the bubbles rose, they entered Mary’s suit.  It started to inflate.  Mary shrieked “Bob, I’m inflating! This was supposed to be a no inflation night out”! 


                Bob just looked at her as she rose to the surface of the tub. Then to her surprise, her suit went ‘Pop’ and she sank back down.  Bob laughed “It’s just the air baby”. 


                Mary joined in the laughter “I thought you were doing that.  I didn’t realize it wasn’t you until I popped”.


                Bob’s suit was full of air too, but he wasn’t rising up because the air could escape.  Mary began to blow up again.  She then decided this wasn’t fun, so she popped the air out of the suit and undressed.  She placed the suit on the porch and got back in the water.  Bob took notice of this and removed his suit too.  They embraced and began kissing.  Mary then felt something strange.


                She said “Bob, I think something is happening to my body.  I feel tingly and cool.”


                Her tummy began to expand and looked three months pregnant.  Bob stroked her tummy and said “Hon, you know I Like you inflated, but I thought we weren’t supposed to fill up out here”?


                Mary’s expression was one of surprise. “I didn’t do that” she exclaimed!  Mary said “I think I’m hooked on one of the jets with my butt”.  She continued to get bigger and floated to the surface of the water.  She now looked like she was six months along.  Bob pulled her towards him and heard a quiet ‘Phiff’ as she was released from the jet.


                “How was that possible” she asked?


                “I don’t know, but it’s not a good sign” Bob said to her as she stood up and got out of the tub.  She was standing on the patio, looking all bloated; her arms were slightly inflated, her butt cheeks were the size of cantaloupes; her boobs the size of a 12” party balloon and her belly the size of a nine month pregnant woman. 


                Bob said, “Honey get a towel and get inside, I don’t want you floating away”!


                Mary got a towel and walked under the patio awning.  As she dried by patting herself, she made a sound like a beer gas fart.  She continued this as the air from her body escaped from behind her back.  As she returned to normal, Bob got out and wrapped the towel over her shoulders and ushered her towards the door.


                “That’s never happened before.  I wonder what caused that.” Mary asked.


                As Bob was helping her dry off he felt her skin; it felt rubbery.  The sound of the air escaping stopped and Mary started walking into the house.  Bob looked at her and noticed something on her back, just above the butt.  It looked like a balloon nozzle. He said “Mary, wait”!


                She turned around to look at him and he noticed her body was shiny and glimmering, like a highly polished balloon. The shine stopped at her neck and went all down her body to her toes.  She was shimmering, shiny and absolutely radiant.  Bob’s jaw dropped and he started putting two-and-two together. “Honey, I think I know what happened in the hot tub”!


                She looked at him with a quizzical face.  “What?” she asked as she walked towards him.  Still under the porch roof, Bob thought “Boobs inflate”.  Mary with a start, not expecting this, began to inflate in that area.  As soon as she did, she farted again and her boobs deflated.


                “I can’t inflate” exclaimed Mary!


                Bob told Mary to turn around.  He looked at the nozzle and pinched it shut then thought “Boobs inflate”.  They obliged and remained inflated.  Bob let go of the nozzle and the fart returned and her boobs deflated.


                Bob said “Umm…Mary, I think you’re a balloon now.  Look at your skin; it’s shiny.  You have somehow grown a balloon nozzle just above your behind.  That tingling feeling you got in the Tub must have been when you changed.  The fart noise is the felium escaping thru the nozzle.”


                Mary looked down and her skin was a radiant pink color, like her suit.  Its shiny surface reflected the pool light and as she rubbed it, it squeaked.  She was aghast.  Her face turned sad and she started to cry.  “Bob I can’t float or keep and inflation in this condition”.


                Bob wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him.  They held each other and she softly cried.  Bob’s face then light up and he got a huge grin on his face.  He pushed her away and with arms extended, looked at her and said “Mary, if you’re a balloon, then you can still inflate.  All we have to do is close the nozzle”!


                She leapt into his arms and said “You’re a genius. But how do we do that; balloons have their nozzles tied off and they lose their air then permanently deflate. I don’t want that.  I liked controlling my inflations”.


                Then Bob thought about how this could have happened and asked Mary “What did you do today”?


                She thought back.  After getting out of the shower and dressing, she went back to the magic store to thank Max (the owner who introduced them to felium).  He showed her a bouquet of felium filled balloons.  The balloons somehow came down from their strings and surrounded her body.  They even got under her bottom, arms and legs. She ended up sitting on them; like a floating chair.  She had felt a small burst of air under her dress that went into her womanhood.  It tingled a little.  The balloons then gently let her back down and she left the store thinking “That was weird”.


                  She told all of this to Bob and then realized to herself “Max must have had magical balloons and they coated me with something when they poofed under my dress”.


                “Mary, I think I got it.  The balloons Max showed you somehow must have transformed you into this.  It was the air in the tub…when you inflated in your suit, you felt weird.  Remember?  Then after you took it off and got back in, this nozzle got stuck on the jet and you inflated again.  I pulled you off and as you got out, you deflated thru this nozzle” Bob told her.


                “But what does that mean for me? I still can’t retain and inflation” asked Mary.


                Bob asked her to turn around and told her to think to float. She did as he asked. The farting sounds returned as he felium escaped thru the nozzle.  Bob reached down and closed the nozzle with his fingers.  She blew up faster than she ever had.  He had to grab her foot to keep her from shooting up to fast.  He let go of the nozzle and she slowly drifted back down.


                “You’re too smart.  That works” she said! “I can inflate again!  But how to I keep the nozzle closed?  I can’t tie it into a knot, that would keep the gas in and I couldn’t control it”.  She was grinning wildly and the shimmer of her body flashed him; he inadvertently blew up in excitement and rose to the ceiling.


                Bouncing on the ceiling, he thought “Whoops…deflate” and settled to the ground. “Mary, I have an idea”.


                They went into the house and he asked her to go into the newly built inflation room.  They had built an addition to their home for inflating and floating.  It was sunk into the ground two stories, and rose above it two stories; no one outside the house knew they had a room four stories high and twenty feet round.


                Bob entered the room holding a rubber band, a clothes pin and a piece of string.  He clamped the rubber band around her nozzle several times and asked her to inflate.  As she did, the pressure was too much, the band flew off and she deflated landing on the butt with a ‘thump’.  The same result occurred with the clothes pin.  He then tied the string into a bow tie. (So he could untie it)  She inflated just fine and retained the gas.  Bob was holding her string as she floated above him like a party balloon.  The string was around her waist and she felt sexy floating above him. She was giggling and said “Let’s go to the carnival like this.  It might be fun to watch people’s faces but instead of tying my waist, tie my foot.”


                “But you’re not wearing anything” Bob told her.


                “So, it’ll complete the illusion and no one will suspect anything. I do look like a balloon now; all but my head that is”. She replied.


                Bob said, “What if we did some outrageous make up on your face.  Then we can cut a teal balloon and cover your hair.  You’ll complete the illusion.  Sure let’s go”!


                With that, Bob untied her and she came to the floor.  They got themselves together and drove to the fair…. To be continued.

Author's Note: 

This is the fourth part of the Bob and Mary story.  I'm trying to expand (pardon the pun) my writing abilities.  I hope you are enjoying this series.

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