Bob and Mary's Life Part 1

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The day was like any other day, warm, sunny and blue.  Bob was returning home from work at his usual 6pm.  He worked like most others, nine-to-five and had a commute.  Bob was an average guy with a wife and two kids; the quintessential husband, father.  Normally he comes home, goes to the bedroom and changes out of his work clothes and gets ready to eat dinner with the family.  The typical night is dinner, some TV watching, fishing the internet and going to bed.  Repeat these five days a week, plus weekends and life is pretty much like “Leave it to Beaver”.

                Mary, Bob’s wife, is a smart outgoing woman who loves her family and likes taking care of the house.  She too works, but odd hours.  Sometimes she gets up early, sometimes late, but is always there for the family.  This night she had made plans…



                Bob had always had a secret fantasy, he dreamt of floating in mid-air: having his body inflated like in many of the stories he read on the internet.  He also fantasized about his wife enjoying the same passion; being herself inflated and floating mid-air.  Of course, being a rather straight guy he couldn’t act out on these desires.  He believed that physics prevented this kind of fantasy from coming true.  His wife is also a straight thinker and practical.  Her beliefs were grounded in the growing of the family and loving her husband just as he was back to her.

                Arriving home is always a high point of his day.  Parking the car, he got out and walked the drive way to the front door.  Something seemed….well different.  There was a familiar odor coming from the house as he opened the door and took off his coat; it smelled…like a rubbery, latex odor.  Bob hung his coat on the rack and said, “Hi honey.  What smells weird?” 

                Mary, replied, “I’m not sure what you’re talking about honey, I don’t smell anything”.

                Bob said, “It smells like a balloon store”.

                Mary kept quiet then said, “Just come upstairs and you’ll understand”.

                Bob turned and climbed the stairs, and came to a very slow stop on the stairs as his eyes peered into the living room.  He gazed into the room, coming to a slow stop at the top of the stairs and could not believe what he was seeing.  There in the middle of the living room was his wife.  Not just his wife, but a color coated wife.  Her long dark hair hung down towards the floor, legs horizontal, her arms extended in a kind V shape.  She was wearing nothing but a number of balloons attached somehow to her body.  Every part of her, save her head, was covered by balloons; her body floating above the floor at eye level.  Supporting her in mid-air were the swaying, squeaking multicolored balloons.

                Bob’s jaw dropped.  He thought, “OMG my wife is fulfilling my fantasy”.  

                Mary’s face was looking sultry and mischievous. She was motioning for Bob to come to her.  As she was making a come-here motion the balloons waved across her body and she rose slightly then descended back to Bob’s eye level.  He was stunned and speechless.  He stood at the top of the stairs, with an ear-to-ear grin on his face.  Slowly he walked towards his wife his pulse racing and his head throbbing at the thought of her encased in balloon.  As he got to her, he leaned over, taking her face in his hands, pulled her weightlessly towards himself and gave her a very passionate kiss.  Mary returned the kiss and wrapped her balloon arms around his neck.  She floated stretched outwards, legs and body even with the floor. She was feeling flush and warm especially in the never region.  Being encased in the balloons was a new experience for her.  Bob was overcome by the emotions he was feeling and reached behind her bottom and gently guided her body down towards him.  She wrapped her legs around waist as the balloons on her chest protested the extra pressure of the embrace. Her legs were floating upwards and slid up his body ending up under his armpits.  As she clung to him, he could feel his weight drop to almost nothing as the pull of the (what he assumed was helium) filled balloons lifted them both upwards; his feet on their tippy-toes.  He felt like a stiff breeze would loft the two of them into the air. 

                Bob left the embrace as Mary returned to her horizontal position in front of him.  He said, “Mary, what’s this all about?  You’re beautiful to begin with, but the balloons and the floating are amazing!  How did you do this?”

                Mary looked at Bob with a gleam in her eye and said, “I’ve known for a while about your fantasy and thought tonight I’d go thru with this.  So I went down to the magic store, and discussed how to do this with the owner, Max.  Max told me about a special gas that has twice the lifting power of helium and came in a little pill. It’s called ‘Felium’; for female helium.  He gave me some special balloons that adhere to human skin, so I put a pill into each one, placed the balloons all over my body and here I float!”

                Bob asked, “What was it like?”

                “Well at first not much happened.” Mary said, “The balloons hung on my body limp as can be.  I thought, ‘I’ve been ripped off.’  Then the first balloons began inflating.  My chest, arms, back and butt began to feel light and kind of weird.  I was pulled upwards and couldn’t keep my arms down.  I slowly rose onto my toes and my hands rose above my head.  Next, my leg balloons began to hiss and inflate.  Shortly after that my toes left the ground and I started floating, vertical, like standing up. Then my legs began pulling upwards to a horizontal position. The next thing I know, I in the air and floating like you see me.”

                She continued, “I might have made one slight mistake.  I placed two balloons between my legs as Max said to do. He told me to place three tablets into these balloons and something special will happen.  He didn’t say what to expect.  As these balloons began to inflate, first one then the next entered me from below my never place. The next thing I knew, my breasts, belly and butt began to inflate inside me.  I could feel my breast raising and pulling me up, soon I was heading towards the ceiling.  I then felt my butt expand and it felt like I had two beach balls inside my butt cheeks.  I was pinned to the ceiling.  As I “lay” on the ceiling, I felt a new expansion; my tummy began to expand.  It further pushed me onto the ceiling.  I was stuck.  I thought to myself, ‘What have I done and what will Bob think?’  Then something weird happened, my boobs, butt and tummy all deflated and I floated down to where I am now.”

                As she described the experience, Bob marveled at the amazing sight of the colorful balloons, his wife floating in front of him and the fact that all this was actually happening.  Mary for her part was enjoying the bliss of weightlessness and the fact that she was feeling like a human balloon.  It made her want Bob to enjoy the feeling too.

                “Bob”, said Mary, “I want you to do something for us.”

                “What’s that?” asked Bob with a very curious voice, almost squeaky and quivering in anticipation of what was next.

                “I want you to pull me down and give me a balloon massage then I will do the rest”, said Mary.

                Bob said, “I’ll have to get out of my work clothes and float you upstairs to the bed room.” 

                With that, Bob grabbed Mary’s waist as the balloons he displaced squeaked in protest.  She was very light, like carrying a bouquet of balloons. (Well she was a human balloon now)  She was east to move up the stairs.  As he entered the bedroom, he let her go and she drifted over the bed.  She was splayed just inches over it as Bob change into his night clothes.  She didn’t have to change because she already had her night clothes on; balloons.

                Soon enough, Bob had his night clothes on; a pair of loose fitting spandex underwear and T-shirt.  Crawling under her floating body, Bob pulled her down.  The balloons touched his skin first and he found them both rising off the bed, leg first. Mary’s leg balloons were very strong in their lift factor.   Both of their legs were off the bed and in the air.  Bob’s back was still touching the bed but his and her legs were pointing upwards. They were floating embraced in each other’s arms; like a balloon that has lost some it’s lifting power. Their bodies were chest to chest, it was kind of awkward.  Bob could feel the strong pull of her entwined legs.  He pulled her down further and entered her.  He was hard pressed to keep her down on him.  The pressure pulling him up was very strong and he had to really pull her down to work the magic. 

                Mary said between kisses, “Honey, I have something to tell you.”

                “Yes”, said Bob.

                “I am going to do something that will amaze you”, she said.

                “What’s that?” queried Bob

                “This…” Mary commented

                With that, Bob saw the balloons covering Mary, one-by-one, start to detach from her body and float to the ceiling.  Each time one rose, they could hear a hollow “thunk” sound as the balloon hit the ceiling.  As the balloons left her body, she began to sink onto Bob’s chest.  He could feel her ever increasing weight on him. Soon all the balloons had left Mary’s body covered the ceiling.  Multiple colors fluttered above them; pinks, blues, reds and purple balloons littered the roof.  He was ready for her and as the last of the balloons fled her body, she sank on top of him and their love was strong.

                As the intimate love took place, something took hold of Bob.  He felt something he hadn’t felt before, tightness in his chest.  While kissing Mary, Bob could feel his chest begin to rise up. At first it was just two small bumps; barely noticeable. Then he noticed, with a start, that they were growing faster as if he had a pair of woman’s breast.  He also felt as though he was having a hard time keeping his back on the bed.  Mary questioned, “Do you like the experience?”

                Bob sat up and said, “Mary, what’s going on? Am I growing boobs?!”

                Mary said, “Remember what I said about the two balloons entering me and my inflation?  Well when I returned to normal, the felium spread throughout my body and I absorbed it. Now that you’re in me, I can transfer it to you and you will get to experience what I felt!”

                “Felium, you said that before.  What’s that?” said Bill.

                “It’s a gas, twice a buoyant as helium, but affects men and women differently”, said Mary

                “How is this possible?” asked Bob.

                Mary smiled a childish grin, pushed Bob back on the bed and laid her weight on him and began to enjoy Bob’s attributes inside her.  While she was, shall we say, enjoying herself, she could feel the gas escaping her and entering Bob.  His chest continued to expand as Mary indulged herself in the pleasure of rubbing her lips on his expanding mams.

                Bob could feel his chest wanting to pull him upwards, but Mary’s weight now forced him down.  Soon the pull became too much for either of them and Bob was forced to sit upright.  He could feel his butt wanting to leave the bed, but it didn’t.  He bounced on the bed with a lightness he’d never felt before.  Mary took her legs and wrapped them around Bob’s waist.  Still joined together, Bob said, “Mary I don’t know how much longer I can sit here.  I’m very light.”

                Mary just pulled his face towards hers and kissed him gently, “Honey, this is just getting started!”

                Bob’s chest was now the size of two beach balls and pulling him upwards.  Mary pushed him down again and continued to engage him.  Soon Bob felt something new happening.  His butt was beginning to push Mary upwards.  He left the embrace and felt his backside.  It too had started to inflate.  Mary reached around too and pressed Bob’s hands into the expanding flesh.

                “I like what I’m feeling!” cooed Mary into Bob’s ear, “It’s invigorating and making me really get turned on!!”

                Bob for his part was getting wrapped up in the sensations he was feeling.  With Mary’s weight on him and his behind pushing him into her even further, Bob felt like he was about to start lifting them both off the bed.  As he grew, he felt the touch of the bed soften.  The more he grew, the less and less he could feel the bed beneath them.  Soon, Bob wasn’t feeling the bed on his back anymore.  As he felt below them, he discovered a space under their bodies.  He was floating horizontal with Mary on top of him.

                Mary was oblivious to this fact.  Her eyes closed, she gently kissed him on the lips and indulged herself in the pleasures she was feeling.  Entwining her legs around Bob’s, she wrapped her arms around his chest (which caused Bob’s “breasts” to spread around her slender body) and said”Honey, our bed is up there” as she pointed to the balloons covering the ceiling.

                After saying that Bob, felt nothing but air beneath him as the two slowly continued to rise. It wasn’t a fast rise, but a slow drift.  Mary’s felium was slowly and steadily entering Bob.  Bob was moaning in pleasure and increasing in size.  Soon his legs joined in the inflation.  This allowed Mary to unlace her legs and lay still on top of Bob; like a pool float Bob supported her.  They soon found themselves pinned to the top of the bedroom.  Felium was no longer flowing into Bob.  Mary’s back touched the ceiling as Bob’s lift forced him deeper into her.  He was her only means of staying aloft.

                Mary now said, “Do you like what I’ve done?”

                Bob just moaned with pleasure.  He had never dreamt this would or could happen.  Mary then said, “We’re not done honey.  I think I over filled you.  I’m pinned to the ceiling against the balloons.  While it feels great, I think I’m going to take some of it back.”

                Bob could feel a reversal of the flow of felium.  Soon Mary’s chest was beginning to grow and as it did Bob’s began to decrease in size.  She moaned and the felium entered her.  As she took back some of the gas they began to feel less pressure against the ceiling and began to sink downwards.  After a little more transfer, Mary’s hips, butt, and legs began to expand as Bob continued to deflate slightly.  Both were slowly floating back towards the bed when the transfer stopped.   Mary embraced Bob and he in turn placed his arms gently around her waist.  They were floating in the middle of their bedroom; not touching the ceiling or the floor. 

                As the night wore on and the excitement, love making and floating continued, they gradually drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

                In the morning, the sun shone thru the window and they found themselves on the bed under the covers.  Bob woke first and turned to Mary. Shaking her gently he said “Mary….Mary…wake up!”

                With groggy, sleep filled eyes, Mary said “Was that all real, we’re on the bed.  I guess the felium wore off over night”.

                Bob looked up at the ceiling expecting to see a sea of balloons, but none were there.  Mary too looked at the ceiling and asked “Where are the balloons?”

                Uncovering the sheets, Bob looked Mary and saw her covered in brightly colored deflated balloons.  Mary looked at herself and said to Bob “Wanna go again? That’s when they both could hear a slight hissing………..

Author's Note: 

This is my first attempt.  It's a story about a couple named Bob and Mary and how they discover their passion for one another.  Involves balloons, inflating and some non-explicit sex. Please let me know how you feel.

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