Time to Relax

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Time to Relax



     Suzanne checked her watch as she hurried along to meet with another client. There didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day she thought when her cell phone indicated a text coming in. The message was that the client she was on the way to meet had rescheduled, so in an unusual occurrence she actually had some time for herself for a bit. Having skipped breakfast she looked about the street and spied a small tea shop she had never noticed here before. It looked like a nice little place to take a few minutes to relax over a cup, so in she went.

     It was a neat and clean place with a number of tables. An elderly woman was behind the counter and greeted Suzanne with a smile. “How may I help you today?” the woman asked.

     “Just a cup of tea please,” replied Suzanne.

     “We have several varieties, what is your pleasure?” asked the woman.

     “Whatever you think I would like, I am kind of in a hurry,” answered Suzanne.

     “Really my Dear,” responded the old woman, “a good cup of tea should be enjoyed. You should relax a bit with it. If you are in such a hurry, perhaps a to go cup of coffee would suit you better, like the Americans who always seem to be in a hurry.”

     In spite of herself Suzanne had to smile at that. Having American friends, she had to appreciate what the old woman was saying. “Very well,” she answered, “but still, I will leave it to you to give me something you think I will enjoy.”

     The old woman smiled at that. “Good then,” she said, “I have just the thing for you to enjoy and take a moment to relax with.”

     That said she filled a small cachet with some tea leaves and added boiling water to the cup. She handed the cup to Suzanne, and made the sale. Suzanne carried her cup to one of the tables and got out  her schedule book to do a bit of planning ahead. As it turned out she actually had an hour to herself, so she began making notes to herself in the book while sipping the tea. After a bit she realized she was very much enjoying the tea. Must be some new sort she thought to herself as she got up to get a refill. The old woman smiled again as she filled a new tea bag and refilled her cup.

     Suzanne returned to her table and her making of notes about prospective clients when she noticed the woman standing by her with a plate of very tempting looking scones.

     “Perhaps you might enjoy one of my scones with your tea?” the old woman asked.

     “They do appear tempting,” replied Suzanne, “but I am on a diet.”

     The woman took a moment to look Suzanne up and down before she said: “On a diet? Surely you are making a joke? My Dear you hardly appear to be the sort that needs to be dieting. But, that does seem to be a common thing of late. I will leave them here, and if you wish, please enjoy one, on me.”

     Suzanne sipped her tea, and felt more relaxed as she did. The buttery scent of the scones caught her nose and tempted her further. After a moment she rationalized that one scone wouldn’t hurt as she took one and proceeded to eat it as she sipped on her tea. When she had finished both the scone and the tea she saw that she had plenty of time yet to reach her next client meeting. She was surprised to realize that she felt really good at that moment, not nearly so stressed as she remembered feeling earlier. Maybe the old woman is right, she thought, maybe I do need to relax.

      She thanked the old woman and went on about her day.

      The next day found her actually making time to stop in and have tea and a scone once again. This became her routine for the week.

     “What sort of tea have I been drinking?” she asked the woman at the end of the week. “I have been enjoying it immensely.”

     “It is a blend of teas mostly from India, but also some from areas of Africa,” said the woman. “This one in particular seems to have a very calming effect. When one is calm one sometimes realizes how one might find greater pleasure in life without letting the stresses of life take control as so often people do. We can look at things more objectively and make choices better without being driven by outside influences that so often intrude in our minds in this very connected world we live in now. Some customers have told me the effects are so pleasurable that they come in and buy it in quantity.”

     “It isn’t illegal, is it?” asked Suzanne, suddenly concerned.

     “Absolutely not,” assured the old woman, “it is all real tea but in its relaxing effect, sometimes it helps people to see what is important and what isn’t. That is all I know. I do have a cup every day, and I am able to smile at life more. It is sad to see how people let themselves become so stressed over such small things, things that are more important to life are often lost.”

      Suzanne mulled this over as she left. It was certainly true that she was a high stress kind of person, but it was also true that she had found herself being more relaxed this week than she could remember. In addition, she had found that she was being more patient with clients, and that she was finishing her days right on schedule, when so often she was hurrying to get home ahead of her husband to make dinner. Maybe the woman is right, she thought, maybe I have been wasting time stressing about stupid things.

     The same thought was with her the following morning as she was dressing herself. Strange, she thought, her bra was awfully tight. She looked at her perky breasts in the mirror and thought maybe they might be a bit larger. That was silly she thought, but on impulse, tried on two other bras. They were all snug, but one wasn’t too uncomfortable. Maybe it is time to start paying attention to the diet again, she thought as she stood on the scale. Surprisingly the scale showed her actually weighing a kilo less than she had when she had last weighed herself. She shrugged to herself thinking that her husband would probably not mind slightly larger boobs on his wife.

     The following week found Suzanne again stopping at the tea shop for her cup of tea and scone. By now she and the old woman had become friendly and chatted when the shop was not otherwise busy.

The woman remarked on how Suzanne seemed to be more happy since that day when she had first come into her shop.

     “You know,” answered Suzanne, “it is funny, but since I have been making time to stop in and enjoy a cup here in the mornings, I have been more relaxed and my days have been flowing much more smoothly. It always seemed like there weren’t enough hours in the day, but now I seem to get done with everything I need to without stressing about so many little details.”

      “Sometimes you need to just look at the bigger picture, and things that seemed important at one time, become less significant,” replied the shopkeeper with a smile as she poured Suzanne a second cup of tea.

     Suzanne agreed that this seemed to be the case as she went back to her planner for the day. She nibbled another scone as she sipped her tea, and noticed that the waistband on her stretch pants seemed to be a bit snug. Strange, she thought, must have shrunk. It had to be that since she had stood on her scale that very morning, and it indicated that she was two kilos lighter than she had been 10 days ago. But, either way she thought, snug pants were hardly something to get stressed about. She finished her tea and said goodbye to the old woman as she left.

     The next day she again stood on the scale, and in spite of her clothes seeming to be fitting tighter, she had in fact lost over 2 kilos over the past two weeks. Strange she thought, but she didn’t really have time to dwell on it. So, she dressed in some looser fitting clothes and went about her day. As she was going to her client appointments she realized that she was actually more comfortable the way she was dressed. Maybe comfort is more important than stylish sometimes, she thought as she made her daily stop at the tea shop.

     The old woman smiled at her from behind the counter. “Your usual?” she inquired.

     “Yes, of course,” replied Suzanne smiling back.

     “You look much different today,” remarked the old woman.

     “Yes, well, I noticed that a lot of my usual clothes seem to be fitting me tighter lately,” answered Suzanne. “I don’t really get it, since my scale says that I have been losing weight.”

     “So many people, mostly women it seems, are obsessed with their weight,” replied the woman. “I just don’t understand why that is. So everyone can be looking like the tiny minority that the media says is the ideal appearance? What a boring world if everyone looked the same, and embraced all the same values.”

     Suzanne considered the old woman’s words as she sat down with her tea and scone. Maybe she did attach too much importance to things like appearances she thought. Of course she could hardly afford to judge her clients by their appearances. Such thinking might well have her miss important things about the people with whom she worked, and could come to depend on. With that thought she pulled out her planner, and made notes as she enjoyed what had come to be her favorite tea.

     The following morning she resolved to try not to pay attention to the distraction of her size and weight. With that she again dressed in looser fitting clothes and didn’t bother to stand on the scale. Her husband had even remarked on how nice she looked in the clothes she was wearing when he got home last night. If life was seeming to go so well, maybe she shouldn’t be looking at ways to make it more difficult or annoying she decided.

     Later that morning she was sitting at what had come to be her favorite table in the tea shop with her usual cup of tea and scone when an enormously fat woman came in and waddled up to the counter. The old woman greeted her with a big smile. “So good to see you again!” she told the fat woman.

     “And a pleasure to see you again,” replied the large woman. “Since I was out and about I thought to get some more of that wonderful tea.”

     “Of course,” said the old woman, “How much did you want, and can I interest you in staying for a cup and a scone?”

     “I think I can be tempted by that,” laughed the fat woman.

     “Please, sit down, and I will bring them over then,” the old woman told her.

     The fat woman waddled over to sit at the next table over from Suzanne, and as she sat on the chair that was visibly much smaller than the woman’s very wide bottom Suzanne winced inwardly, expecting to hear a loud creak of protest from the chair. Surprisingly however, no such sound came from wood of the chair. The fat woman smiled over to her.

     “Good morning,” she said to Suzanne with the happy air of someone with no cares in the world.

     The woman’s smile had an infectious quality about it, and her obvious cheeriness made Suzanne smile as well.  “A good morning to you as well,” she replied.

     “I can tell by the aroma that the tea you are drinking is my favorite,” said the fat woman then.

     “Your favorite too?” answered Suzanne, “I have been coming here for a few weeks now, and I have been enjoying this tea immensely.”

     “Our friend over there introduced it to me probably only a few weeks before you. Taking some time to enjoy a cup of tea is something that a person really should do every day. Before I started coming in here I seemed to have lost sight of that,” replied the fat woman.

     “I know exactly what you mean,” said Suzanne, thinking that the same thought had gone through her mind recently.

     Just then the old woman came over with a cup of steaming tea, a plate of scones, and a small bag which she placed on the fat woman’s table.

     “Here is your usual two ounces of tea for home, and of course the tea and scones,” said the old woman smiling.

     “Thank you so much,” replied the fat woman helping herself to a scone as she took her first sip of tea.

     “You know,” said Suzanne then, “I would like to take some of this tea home myself. It seems to be such a good thing to relax with, I think a cup in the evening would be nice.”

     “Absolutely,” said the big woman then. “A cup or two in the evening is so enjoyable.”

     The old woman went back behind the counter and returned shortly with a small bag. “Two ounces is usually enough to last a week or two depending on how often you have it, and how strong you like your tea,” she said as she put the bag on Suzanne’s table.

     Suzanne chatted with the fat woman, who introduced herself as Lucy, for a time as she finished her tea and scone, then packed up her planner and notes and said good bye to the two women in the shop, and went on about her day.

     Her husband was working late shifts this month, so they wouldn’t be seeing so much of each other until the month was over. She was usually up and out before he awoke, and she was usually asleep by the time he came home. It was making them very affectionate on the weekends however, she thought with a smile to herself as she left the home of another client. The thought of another evening alone in the flat wasn’t appealing, but she kept the weekends in mind whenever the negative thoughts came to bother her.

     As the days passed the idea of checking her weight on the scale seemed to vanish from her mind, and dressing in her more comfortable, loose fitting clothes seemed more the way she was liking to be. She had stopped into a lingerie shop after the second week and been surprised to learn that her boobs certainly had grown larger. She giggled as the woman measured her a second time and told her that she wasn’t doing herself any favors with a bra two cup sizes too small. On further measurement, it seemed her hips and waistline had also increased. It occurred to her as she was paying for some new under garments that this was something that would have been very upsetting to her not so very long ago, but for whatever reason she seemed not to be bothered about it. She knew she was happy and being more productive than when she was letting every little thing in life get to her. Even her supervisor at work had remarked on how cheerful she seemed to be of late, and complimented her on her work. Suzanne smiled to herself; I think I like this new me, she thought to herself as she went off to her next client visit.

     Now that she had brought home her new favorite tea, she was enjoying a cup or two every evening as she read or watched television. She was finding that she was falling asleep quickly and sleeping deeply. So much so that she never seemed to hear or wake up when Neil came home and climbed into bed. Still though, she enjoyed her morning visit to the tea shop and chatting with the old woman that ran it. She had even become friendly with the hugely fat woman that stopped in from time to time.

     On one such visit she was chatting with Lucy and remarked on how she had recently had to buy some larger clothes even though she seemed not to have gained any weight, but also that she wasn’t put off about it, just a bit surprised.

     “That is the attitude to have,” replied Lucy. “I used to obsess about my weight and size, and be so stressed out about every little thing in life. I wasn’t sleeping well, and my whole disposition was becoming so awful that my marriage was on the rocks.”

     “So what happened?” asked Suzanne, genuinely curious.

     “Like our friend behind the counter told you, she also told me, I needed to take time to relax and realize what was really important, and what wasn’t. It took some time, but it all started with taking time to have a cup of this splendid tea every day, and like you are now finding, I found that so many things that I let bother me really weren’t so important after all. I found that I laughed more, things got better with me and my husband, and you wouldn’t believe how much better our sex life got,” she ended with a conspiratorial whisper and a wink.

     Suzanne and the fat woman shared a good laugh at that, and Suzanne excused herself then and went off to her client visits. She couldn’t help but wonder how such a fat woman as Lucy had such a great sex life, but the way she presented it, Suzanne had no doubt that she did. In spite of trying not to think about it, her imagination couldn’t help but create a visual of what sex for her fat friend must be like. She had to giggle about this to herself as she went about her day.

     The next day her husband informed her that he was being sent on a business trip for work for a few days, but that he would be home late on Friday evening. While Suzanne was momentarily annoyed by this, she got over it quickly enough as she visited her clients that day. As the day progressed she even thought that a few days of free time to herself might be enjoyable. So on coming home that evening she went about doing a thorough cleaning of the flat. She even started cleaning out her closets and making piles of clothes neither she nor Neil ever wore anymore. By the end of the evening she was sipping a cup of tea and looking with satisfaction at the now much cleaner flat, and the bags of clothes she was getting rid of. Her next day was a light one for client visits, so she would have time to herself to donate the clothes, and do some shopping. She thought she would even sleep in a bit tomorrow.

     The next morning, following her one client visit she made her usual morning stop at the tea shop. Her fat friend Lucy was already there at a table and greeted her happily. “Good morning Suzanne! How are you today?”

     The woman’s good humor was infectious, and Suzanne smiled as she went over to put her things down on the table. “I am feeling good about life, and been being very productive since my husband got sent on a business trip until Friday,” replied Suzanne, and proceeded to tell her about her cleaning frenzy and getting ready to donate a lot of unused clothing.

     “Now that is a good idea,” said Lucy then. “You know I should do the same, I have lots of clothes that I don’t fit into or wear anymore.”

     “If you would like to drop them by, I can take them all at once,” offered Suzanne.

     “Now that would be very nice of you,” replied Lucy pulling out her cell phone. “Let us swap numbers and you can call me when it is convenient.”

     Having swapped numbers, Suzanne and Lucy chatted over their morning tea and scones, joined by the old woman proprietor when she had no customers at the counter. Lucy was an easy person to talk to and Suzanne and she were by now swapping details about their lives that they often had to lower their voices for, often such exchanges involved a lot of giggling. While she was not inclined to ask for details, Suzanne became convinced that Lucy and her husband did in fact have a very active sex life. Her husband must be a breast man thought Suzanne as Lucy’s enormous tits bounced and jiggled whenever she laughed loudly.

     That evening after her dinner and her husband’s call to tell her about his day, Suzanne made her evening tea and sat down with a book. She was feeling very good about life, and on reflection realized it had all started with her visits to the tea shop. Funny, she thought, how such seemingly trivial things can have such an effect on a person’s personal outlook. She got up then and made herself her fourth cup of tea of the day. She sipped on it slowly as she finished the chapter in her book, and then got up and took a shower. Between the tea and the effects of the long hot shower, Suzanne was nodding drowsily as she toweled off. She slipped into a loose, and short, almost flimsy bit of nightwear and almost staggered to the bedroom. She felt herself flopping onto the bed and was asleep almost instantly.

     Hours later Suzanne felt herself slowly awakening. Her eyes were still closed, but she was smiling to herself as she was still partially in a dreaming state. She was dreaming of having been at the big balloon festival last year, and all of the huge and colorful balloons drifting in the air together. In her dream she was looking at them all and delighting in the size of them as they drifted together in the air. It didn’t seem odd to her at all that she was looking at them from above instead of from the ground. Slowly her mind groped its way to full consciousness. Something felt amiss about her, but she wasn’t sure what it was. She opened her eyes then and then shook her head back a forth a few times as she needed to be sure her head was clear.

     She was laying on her back in the bed, but as she was looking towards the foot of the bed she found her view blocked by two massive breasts that stuck almost straight up from her chest. Any further view below between the gigantic tits was eclipsed by her now even more enormous round belly. She reached up tentatively to touch the very large spheres that it seemed her breasts had become. A brush of a nipple sent a wave of pleasure through her and she shivered involuntarily. She went on to rub her huge belly, and further exploration told her that her ass had widened and enlarged similarly. In spite of how calm and relaxed Suzanne had been of late, she was now feeling something akin to panic building inside of her. What in hell had happened to her?

     With a huge effort she rolled to the edge of the bed and was able to push herself sideways into an upright position. What she could see of her legs showed two now ballooned thighs which were only somewhat visible on each side of her fat round belly. Oddly, she noticed that she didn’t really feel as heavy as she thought she should. This moving of her thinking allowed her to keep the panic in check for the moment. Getting to her feet was also easier than she thought it should be. Surely if she had grown so fat and heavy she should be having difficulty moving, but it wasn’t so. Moving into the view of the full length mirror brought the shock completely home. She was now an enormously fat woman, and even though she was still able to be calm about it, she wasn’t thinking this was a good thing. Why, she thought, she looked like Lucy!

     That thought brought her thinking back to Earth instantly. She needed to get this sorted out as quickly as she could. It was still early in the morning, but she called in sick to work, then she called Lucy. She didn’t know quite how to explain what was happening over the phone, but she suspected Lucy might just have some insight. As it turned out Lucy answered the phone cheerfully, and said she would be happy to stop by Suzanne’s flat and bring the clothes that Suzanne was adding to her charity donations. Suzanne gave her directions, and since she had nothing here that would fit her, she wrapped herself in a bed sheet and made herself a cup of tea as she waited.

     Not so long later there came a knocking at her door. A look through the spy glass told her Lucy had arrived, and she opened the door carefully to admit her new friend. Lucy waddled through the door and closed it behind her. She took a long look at Suzanne, but showed no surprise at all.

     “So, how many cups of tea did you drink yesterday?” asked Lucy as she set down a large bag presumably containing the clothing for charity.

     “Four or five,” answered Suzanne. “Is that what did this to me? It has been making me feel so good and allowing me to be so easy about life, I can’t believe that it did this to me!”

     “Actually it seems that it affects people differently depending on the things that might be more or less important to a person,” answered Lucy. “It may surprise you to learn that I was once a much skinnier woman than you were when we met. Obviously I am not letting the ballooning effect it has had on me affect my attitude on life. In fact, life as an inflatable person isn’t such a bad thing I have found.”

     “Inflatable person? What do you mean? Am I stuck this way?” asked Suzanne incredulously.

     “Oh you can get back to where you were if you want,” replied Lucy. “Just stop drinking the tea for a day or two and you will return to your previous size. But as I have implied to you in some of our chats, there are some advantages to our larger size.”

     With that statement Lucy reached forward and rubbed the area of the sheet covering Suzanne where there was obviously a nipple beneath. Suzanne had a sharp intake a breath as she again shivered involuntarily.

     “And that was just a brush of a nipple,” said Lucy then. “I bet your imagination can run with the idea quite well.” She finished with a big smile.

     “But what am I going to do now?” asked Suzanne.

     “For now, I brought some clothes that I think will fit you, and you just have to switch teas for a day or two. If you are careful about how you drink it, you can slowly let yourself fatten up so that it doesn’t look abnormal. Two or three cups a day keeps me as fat and happy as I am.”

     Lucy’s words turned out to be true, and the following morning, having not drank what she thought of as the “special tea”, she awoke to be almost back to normal. Still, she had to have at least one cup of the tea, so she continued to have her daily cup at the tea shop. Thinking about the whole situation carefully that morning she decided that in spite of the effect on her size that the tea had, she was still happier about life and feeling good about things than she had been in years. She wondered how her husband might react to things, but he hadn’t seemed to mind when it was obvious that parts of her were growing larger before the full effect had manifested. Turning that over in her mind she began to wonder what he might think if he came home to a very fat wife on Friday. For some reason the thought made her smile.

     As the week wore on Suzanne followed Lucy’s advice, and carefully metered the amount of the tea she was drinking. She continued wearing loose fitting clothes so while it may have been obvious that she was a bit larger, how much was not apparent. Even so, she wished she could just take a holiday and come back a bigger woman. This thought was amusing to her as the old Suzanne would have been shocked and appalled at the idea of becoming a large fat woman, and doing it happily.

     Friday came, and she had only two client visits, and so met Lucy at the tea shop. Since they now shared a secret of sorts they had become closer friends. Suzanne finally brought herself to ask if it was the physical effects on her body that had helped to make for Lucy’s claims of such a great sex life.

     “Well of course,” answered Lucy with some surprise. “Are you going to tell me that you didn’t feel some pretty intense sensations from your nipple that day? Imagine what stimulating other parts of your anatomy will feel like! My husband was a bit put off by my size increase at first, but now he says he would never want to be with a skinny woman again,” she finished with a laugh.

     This made a strange sort of sense to Suzanne as she remembered the feeling from touching her nipples, but she had to wonder what Neil would think about it when she had to explain it to him. She thought about this as she went about the rest of her day, but an idea had been slowly moving from the back of her mind to the forefront. It began to become apparent as she stopped again at the tea shop on the way home and had two more cups of tea.

     On her arrival home, she decided to have an early dinner. She didn’t expect Neil home until late, so no point in going hungry. She also had her fourth cup of tea, and remembering that this might get her to her previous size, she put on a much larger, and loose fitting dressing gown she had bought for just this reason. She settled into her favorite chair with her book and had yet another cup of tea. Her husband was going to be quite surprised she thought with a smile. On an impulse she decided to throw caution to the wind and had her sixth cup of tea as she settled back into her chair.

     It was the abrupt snugness of the sides of the chair against her hips that was the first alert that something was happening. She looked down and saw her thighs swelling as she felt herself rising up in the chair as her ass enlarged beneath her. She quickly levered herself out of the chair which almost came up with her, but fell back as her ass was liberated from what was now a very narrow chair as compared to her rapidly widening hips. She looked down at herself and watched as her belly pushed out from her huge and round, while her tits slowly expanded into large balloons and rode out atop her slowly inflating belly. By now the view of anything below was eclipsed, and she explored herself with her hands as she felt her sides bulging out. The dressing gown was filling up quickly with her new size, and she closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling of the soft, shiny fabric rubbing against her skin. Tentatively she rubbed a nipple again, and felt a body tremor at the intensity of the sensation. She might have explored other areas as well at that moment, but by then her ballooning size made reaching down past her belly impossible.

     At that thought her eyes popped back open and she looked around her. She was bigger than she had imagined she might get. She had thought she was going to be back to the size she was when it had happened before, about Lucy’s size she had thought. But the person she was seeing in the mirror was almost as wide as she was tall, and as she watched herself she saw that she was continuing to expand. The person she was seeing made Lucy look almost tiny by comparison. She watched as her legs grew shorter, being absorbed into the roundness of her expanding body. Yet she still retained her womanly curves in spite of her body becoming rounder. Her tits were approaching the size of small beach balls as she noticed the tightness of the dressing gowns thin material pulling her arms back as her back ballooned outward. She was able to awkwardly turn herself to see a side view in the mirror and saw her eyes widen as she could now see her vast ass protruding back from her, it was a very shapely bottom she thought, as she also noted the continued expansion of her boobs and belly from the side view. She watched in a state of bemusement as she continued to balloon larger and larger. The sound of fabric tearing told her that the overlarge dressing gown was no longer large enough. She smiled at herself in the mirror as she again moved awkwardly to see herself from a different perspective. Her movements by then were not an easy thing, and she backed up a bit so as to avoid bumping the furniture. Moving was more difficult now she realized because her center of gravity was not where she was used to. She felt herself bump the small foot stool behind her and waved her arms in an effort to keep her balance. She managed to fall forward instead of onto her back, and as she came forward to land first on her enormous belly, and then further to land on the floor in a tripod arrangement as her gigantic boobs hit the carpet. As both tits contacted the floor and compressed slightly for a moment Suzanne felt such an intensity of something approaching orgasm explode within her that she squealed with pleasure as it seemed to go on and on.

     At that moment she realized that she was effectively helpless, but she took a deep breath and sighed happily. In spite of her situation she could not remember ever feeling more relaxed. Isn’t that what the old woman had said? You need to take time to relax and then you will come to see what is really important. She had never thought that being a human balloon would be something she would see as being important, but it did alter her perspective dramatically she thought. It would be interesting to see what her husband thought about it. She smiled as she imagined his face.

     Just then she heard the key in the lock in the hallway, and the door opening and closing.

     “Honey, I’m home,” called Neil as he came into the living room.

     The look on his face as he beheld his hugely inflated wife did not disappoint her in the least.




                                                           The End




© Copyright   2013   BTBLL

Author's Note: 

This was a short trip into inflation done while taking a brief break from the final polish on my lengthy story The Balloon People.

Done as a request from Sheerblimpmaster.

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