Drastic Measures

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“Ms. March, you have to lose weight.  Your blood pressure is too high, your knee and hip joints are going to wear out and diabetes is almost guaranteed.” 

That’s what her family doctor had told her.  She only came to see him about a sore throat, but Mandy March knew he was right. After all, she was 27, five foot nine, and she weighed 320 pounds. 

She had tried dieting.  She had tried exercising.  She had the best of intentions, but she didn’t have the will power.  She knew her only option was to leave willpower out of the weight-loss equation altogether with gastric bypass surgery.  Mandy booked an appointment with a surgeon at a well known clinic.

On a warm May Tuesday Mandy found herself in Doctor C.V. Wilde’s clinic.  Wilde was a well respected and experienced gastric surgeon.  She sat in an overstuffed armchair across the mahogany desk from a trim and fit 50ish doctor with impeccable teeth and salt and pepper hair.  His office was spare, but expensively furnished.   

“Ms. March,” began Dr. Wilde, “you are a great candidate as patients go.  You are still quite young, and your health, besides the elevated blood pressure, is good so far.  Most of my patients come in after they’ve already had a health scare.  You’ve made the right decision.  We can schedule you in for the day after tomorrow.”

“I didn’t think it would be so soon.”  Blurted Mandy.  I thought there would be a long waiting list.”

 “Normally there is.  But, I have a feeling that if you delay, you’re not going to allow yourself to go through with the surgery” said the doctor. 

“It shows, does it?” asked Mandy. 

The doctor continued “One precaution about the surgery, your gastrointestinal tract has to be completely clear to avoid straining on the stomach walls so that the sutures can heal properly.  I’m giving you a prescription for a purgative.  Drink one bottle tomorrow after lunch, and then no more food, only a maximum of 1 litre of water afterwards.  During the recovery period you’ll be limited to small amounts of a special low calorie, vitamin rich liquid diet that we will provide you with.  This diet will last for six weeks, and then you can start introducing a few ounces of solid food at a time.”

“A few ounces?” asked Mandy.

Dr. March’s voice turned stern.  “Do you want to live past 40?  If you continue to mistreat yourself you won’t.” 

With a sobbing hitch in her voice, and a nod of her head Mandy agreed.  “Yes doctor, I do.”  Ripping a leaf from his scrip pad, and handing it to her, Dr. Wilde said “I thought you would.  Here’s the prescription.  We’ll see you Thursday.”

Mandy walked out of the clinic into the warm sunshine, letting a gentle breeze ruffle her short red curls.  She was resigned.  She loved herself; this was why she had to do it.  She would go through with it.  She opened the door of her little silver Beetle convertible, sat down, smoothed her stylish pleated skirt and looked at herself in the rearview mirror.  She started to think about how she got to this point in her life.

She had lost both her parents to a drunk driver when she was 19.  She was away at university studying archaeology at the time.  Back then she was fit and trim, she even swam for the varsity team.  A civil suit against the drunk driver had resulted in a multi-million dollar insurance payout, but it couldn’t bring her parents back.  She became depressed; she ate, shopped, and even indulged in reckless relationships that soured as she grew ever larger.  All in an effort to fill the void left in her life that her missing parents had left behind. 

Even though obese, Mandy was stylish; attractive even, but large.  Mandy had all her clothes professionally altered to fit her proportions.  Her bras and tops were made special to contain her 56M cup breasts, her skirts and slacks were custom tailored for her size 32 hips, and she kept her hair and makeup impeccable in an effort to control the downward spiral of her emotions.

She pulled out of the clinic parking lot into traffic and headed to a pharmacy that was on her way home.  She walked up to the counter, unintentionally swaying her hips as she strode on her black stilettos.  The pharmacist watched her approach like a glorious Viking long ship under full sail.  He watched her ruby red lips part and noticed the tiny flecks of brown in her green eyes as she asked to have her prescription filled. 

“We have that in stock.  It will take about ten minutes to fill. Will you wait, or would you like to come back later?” “I’ll wait.” Mandy replied.  “Great.” Said the pharmacist, “I’ll call your name as soon as it’s ready, Ms….uh...March.” as he reddened a little in the ears. “Thank you.” She purred.  She new there were men who appreciated her form, and when she came across one, like the young pharmacist it made her feel a bit better, a bit more confident in herself as a woman and her sexuality.  “Oh well,” she thought, “after the surgery and I lose this weight, there will be many more men that will appreciate me.”

As she waited she would catch the pharmacist glancing her way as she strode around the store.  She decided to take it up a notch.  “The girls aren’t going to be this impressive much longer, might as well have a little fun with them.” She reasoned as she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, revealing a full, milky white bosom and the deep cleavage that had been hidden there. 

When the pharmacist called out her name, she threw her shoulders back, and made sure she swung her ever so voluptuous hips as she made her way up to the consultation booth. Fully entranced the pharmacist watched every jiggle and bounce of her body as she plowed forward.  “Uh.. er.. uh..Your prescription Ms. March” Stammered the pharmacist as he held out the little white bag.  “Why thank you.”  Mandy said as she brought her right hand up under her neck and let her polished red French tipped nails slide down from her jaw to curl around the right side of her collar just above her breast, then reached out with her left hand to lest it rest atop his just a moment before sliding her warm soft fingers over his to take the bag from him.  “Thanks ever so much.” She said, just a hint duskier this time.  Then she spun on her heel, and gave him a view of her swaying backside and plump thighs as she sauntered out of the store.

A soon as she got past the door, she couldn’t help but giggle to herself all the way to her car.  That was fun, she thought.

After a fitful night’s sleep Mandy woke just before 11 O’ clock the next morning, climbed out of bed and made her way to the kitchen.  “I’m going to make myself a farewell brunch!”  She said to herself.  Soon the kitchen was awash in the smell of coffee, bacon and eggs, French toast, and fruit salad with whipped cream.  Forkful after forkful went into her mouth and she licked her fingers and even the plate when all was devoured.  Resting her hands atop her bulging midriff, she laughed to herself, and then said “Hmm, might have overdone it a bit!”

She walked to the refrigerator, opened the door and took out the clear liquid in the 250 ml glass bottle.  She rotated the bottle in her hand to read the label.



 To be used only before surgical procedures!  Must be taken in one drink.  This medication may cause discomfort.  Once taken, remain close to a toilet.

 “Oh great! Sounds like I’m going to be having a fun day.” Mandy said sarcastically.  She twisted the top of the bottle, took a whiff of the slightly citrus smelling liquid and said “Well, here goes nothing!  Actually” she chuckled “here goes a lot of nothing!” Then she tipped the bottle to her lips and chugged it down.  “Tastes sort of like extra fizzy ginger ale.  I wonder how fast it works.”  And right on cue, a gurgle shook her turgid belly and she ran for the half bath off the kitchen.

After spending hour upon hour making rapid trips to the bathroom eventually her stomach settled down, she even seemed to have lost an inch or two around her middle.  I can’t believe there was so much inside of me, she thought as she finally struggled exhausted into bed. 

Next morning at the clinic, she once again found herself in front of Dr. Wilde and a willowy blond nurse.  “I wasn’t entirely convinced you would come.”  He said.  “After last night?  I didn’t go through that awful purgative for nothing!”  Mandy responded.  “So you’re ready?” 

“Absolutely, doctor.” 

“Good, nurse Kane here will get you prepped.”  “Follow me, please Ms. March.”  Said the blonde nurse. 

Mandy pried her bulging form out of the overstuffed armchair and followed the nurse down the hall to a surgery suite that looked more like a posh hotel room than something you would find in a hospital except for the operating table in the centre. “This isn’t quite what I expected, said Mandy.”  “Well dear, you are paying top dollar for the best surgeon in the country.  You didn’t expect a military cot and a little black and white TV bolted to the wall did you?  You’ll have to get out of your clothes and into a surgical gown.  You can put your clothes in that closet over there.  I’ll be back in ten minutes.”  Then she left Mandy in the room to undress, closing the solid oak door behind her. 

As Mandy undressed, she took a good look at herself in the full length mirror on the wall.  She noticed that her thick thighs and bubble bum didn’t have that rippled texture you see so often on big women.  Her large dark nipples didn’t point towards the floor, in spite of her heavy and full breasts.  Her belly was taught and smooth, and had an appearance of ripeness instead of the flabby sway common to women of her girth.  “No matter.” She thought, “It will all soon be a distant memory.”  As she looked herself up and down in the mirror, she imagined deflating into a smaller version of herself.  She pulled on the surgical gown.  She was ready.  This was going to happen.   

Nurse Kane knocked on the door, and then stepped into the room.  “I see the gown is on. Good!  Now, hop onto the table and I’ll get you prepped.”  Mandy did as she was told, resting her head on the small but comfortable pillow there.  As she lay there looking at the ceiling, nurse Kane walked behind her, pressed a button, and a panel slid away into the wall with a whoosh revealing a number of dials and hoses. 

“What are the hoses for?” Asked Mandy.  “Didn’t Dr. Wilde explain the procedure to you?”  Asked Nurse Kane “No, I think he believed he would scare me off if I knew.  It was probably a good decision.”  “Well, in a nutshell, this” She pointed to a thick clear hose, “is for the gas that puts you under, and is attached to the anesthetic mask.  This hose”, she picked up a narrow clear tubing “will inflate your abdomen with surgical grade helium so Dr. Wilde can perform the surgery.”

 “WHAT? HELIUM! INFLATE ME?” gasped Mandy.  “Don’t worry.” Soothed Nurse Kane.  “It’s a very small amount of gas.  Helium is used because it doesn’t react with the body’s tissues and it dissipates quickly because the molecules are so small.  The whole operation will take about three hours.  When you wake up you’ll have a tiny little incision just above your belly button.  There aren’t usually more than 2 stitches needed.   The whole operation is done through that incision.  The surgical tools all are inserted after the gas goes in, and a tiny camera guides Dr. Wilde through the whole process.”

Mandy let out a deep breath.  “Okay, I get it.  It sounded like some sort of torture for a second.” As she prepared the anesthesia mask, nurse Kane replied “It’s not a torture.  However, you will be a bit sore afterwards from the stretching of your skin.  But think of the benefits dear.  You will be a normal, healthy sized person again.”  Sensing she was having real doubts, Nurse Kane quickly slipped the anesthesia mask onto Mandy’s face and turned on the gas.  “Alright, I need you to take deep breaths dear, and count backwards from 20.”  Mandy inhaled the oddly scented gas and started to count.  “Twenty…Nineteen…Eighteen…Seve…”  and started to dream. 

She dreamed that Dr. Wilde was laughing maniacally and chasing her down an unending corridor.  As she ran from him she could hear a hissing.  The hissing became louder and louder as did the doctor’s laughter.  The hissing noise was coming from within her belly.  As she ran her belly grew, pulling her surgical gown loose from behind her.  She started to look pregnant, then bigger than pregnant.  Dr. Kane’s hyena laughing became closer and closer as her struggle to run was impeded by her swelling belly.  Her growing belly was forcing her breasts into her field of view.  She soon could see nothing but breast flesh as her belly became a dome from crotch to chin.  It expanded further in front of her and started to grow down towards the floor, pressing against her thighs so that she could no longer run, and still her belly grew, a great sphere pressing into the floor and forcing her to tilt her head back as it brushed against her chin.  Her belly was making the hollow creaking sounds associated with an overinflated balloon.  Yet, there was something about this pressure, this tenseness, this greatness, that was exciting to her.  She knew something momentous was going to happen.

“Ms.  March?  Ms. March?  How are you feeling?”  “Uhhnn…what?”  “You’re in the recovery room dear.  Your surgery went perfectly.  Just lay there and rest.  I’ll be back in a few hours.”  Mandy looked about the room around her, and then realized where she was and what had happened.  Then her hands shot to her belly.  A fiery pain shot through her plainly normal stomach to just above her navel.  “Just a dream.” she murmured and fell back to sleep.

Six weeks later; Mandy recovered quickly from her operation.  She followed all Dr. Wilde’s orders and she started to notice herself shrinking.  She was feeling good about herself and her sacrifice.

One year later; Mandy had lost an incredible 155 pounds.  She had now settled at a weight of 165 pounds, but she was more deeply depressed than she had ever been.  She knew the weight loss was going to make her life better, her blood pressure was at a normal level again and she felt much more energy. 

A new problem had arisen.  Where there was once a ripe woman, now there was a flaccid shell.  Yes, her weight was down to 165, but a full 30 pounds of that was loose skin that hung in folds and layers.  Looking in the mirror now saddened her, frightened her even.  She had the same pretty face, but the body below it was beyond belief.  It was if she was 90 years old.  She even had to powder her body to prevent the folds from chafing and getting infected.  Showering was a 2 hour ordeal because she had to completely dry herself to prevent moisture caused infections.  She wouldn’t allow anyone to see her body at all.  She decided she needed help once again.

“Ms. March!” Beamed Dr. Wilde “I’m so proud of you.  You’ve lost so much weight. What can I do for you today?”  Mandy burst into tears as she pulled up her loose fitting sweatshirt to reveal the apron of her belly and the wet mittens that were all that were left of her once proud bosom.  “Yes, that is a side effect of such drastic weight loss.  Your skin was stretched beyond its ability to rebound.”

 “You knew this could happen?  I can’t live like this doctor, I can’t look at myself.  I want to die!” Mandy sobbed as she held her head in her hands. 

“Ms. March!  Don’t be so foolish!” barked Dr. Wilde.  “There are remedies for this.  We can remove the extra skin.  I want you to go straight down the hall to consult with a plastic surgeon colleague of mine.  Don’t despair; things are going to be better young lady.  Nurse Kane, take Ms. March down to see Dr. Green.”

Mandy found herself standing in the middle of the examining room of Dr. Green, in nothing must her underwear.  She looked completely naked, but that was a result of the skin that sagged over her waist covering her panties.  Dr. Green circled her slowly pinching her there, pulling at her here, lifting a fold and letting it down again with a smack.  “Your body has undergone a drastic transformation Ms. March.  But I assure you I will alleviate your symptoms.”  Having said as much Dr. Green picked up a skin marker from the exam table and started to draw U-shapes, circles, crescents and parallel lines across Mandy’s body. 

Mandy felt she should speak up, she had been distressed from not asking enough questions of Dr. Wilde.  “What do these lines mean doctor?”  Dr. Green rolled his eyes, sighed and said “These marks here and here,” he indicated below her breasts and above her mound, “are where I will have to remove your skin, and then sew the edges back together to tighten everything.”  “These marks” he pointed to her breasts, are where I will reposition you nipples after I cut away the skin from them.  I am going to be honest; it is going to be a long and dangerous surgery that will leave you very heavily scarred afterwards.”

Mandy broke down into tears and fell onto her knees in the doctor’s examining room, her loose flesh pooling about her.  “I don’t understand you people.”  Dr. Green ranted.  “You destroy your bodies with cheeseburgers, soda, potato chips and pasta and you don’t think there are consequences?  Do you want my help or not?” 

Tearfully Mandy looked up into the doctor’s face and pleaded “Is there an alternative?”  Dr. Green looked into Mandy’s eyes and truly saw the broken hearted girl before him.  Softening, he said to her “I have a colleague who, let’s just say, may have a more creative way to help you.  Wait here please Ms. March.” 

Dr. Green re-entered the room a few minutes later with a young doctor who sported thick red rimmed glasses, blue spiked hair, a lip ring and tattoos that covered both his arms and proceeded to introduce him to Mandy.  “This is my colleague Dr. Fuller.  Dr. Fuller, this is the patient I was speaking about, Ms. March” Dr. Fuller let out a slow whistle as he surveyed Mandy “I am so excited to meet you Ms. March.”  Then turning to Dr. Green “Hey Chuck, you want a give us a couple minutes?  Toodles.”  Dr. Green harrumphed and left.

Dr. Fuller shook Mandy’s hand and said “That guy has a stick so far up his arse, his throat is sore.”  That seemed to cheer Mandy up a bit, so she had the nerve to ask Dr. Fuller about his plans for her.  “Well chicky, can you think outside the box?  Because what I’m about to say is gonna be a bit out there.”  “Look at me,” Mandy said, “that Dr. Green blamed me for this.” She stuck her arms out to her sides and shook them to emphasize the skin hanging there.  “Then he told me he was going to cut me up and leave me permanently disfigured.  What is your alternative plan?”

The tone in Dr. Fuller’s voice became slightly lower and a bit more serious. “Mandy?  I can call you Mandy right?  When you were big you felt better about yourself didn’t you?  You felt safe, you felt like the real you, am I right?” 

Mandy blushed a little, “Yes I did, but I was so scared I’d die if I continued at that size.”  Dr. Fuller took her soft porcelain hands in his tattooed ones, “I can return you to your former self.”

“I don’t want to be fat again after all this trouble.  What sense would that make?”

“No-No- No.” said Dr. Fuller “Not fat, full yes, but not fat.” 

“You’re not making sense.”  Mandy replied.

“Really?” asked Dr. Fuller “You know how they did your stomach surgery right?” 

“You mean with the gas and cameras and things inside me?” Asked Mandy.  Dr. Fuller clapped his hands together and shouted “Bingo! Babe.”

“Your nuts!” said Mandy as she pulled away from him to the other side of the room.

“I told you to think outside the box, didn’t I?  Basically your body is covered in a balloon that has been stretched so far that it won’t return to its pre-stretched state.  So why not blow that balloon back up?  You won’t be fat, so you won’t have all the health problems associated with obesity.  It’s kind of simple really.  Your skin is lying over another layer of protective tissue which in turn covers your muscles and organs.  I can implant a one-way valve that’s used for skin expanders just below your belly button and use to it fill you up with medical grade carbon dioxide gas.  Presto-Chango you’re back to your big beautiful self.”

Mandy grew very quiet in her corner of the exam room.  She started to think it over.  To be as big as she used to be, but physically healthier?  It started to make sense to her.  She could go back to wearing her beautiful wardrobe and feeling like a big ripe sexy woman again, but without the risks.  Mandy looked at Dr. Fuller and said one word “When?”  Dr. Fuller smiled, took her hands again in his and said “No time like the present babe!”

Mandy found herself once again in one of the clinics’ operating suites.  Things were a bit different this time though.  For one, she was completely naked.  And two, she was going to be sedated but awake for this procedure. 

“Okay Mandy.  I’m going to give you a little shot just to relax you.”

“What about the pain, Dr. Fuller?” Asked Mandy.

“There shouldn’t be any pain.  If you feel any at all let me know immediately.”

“Next question Doctor.  How are you going to know when to stop pumping me up?” 

Dr. Fuller smiled and replied “I’m not going to pump you up.  I’m going to monitor you as you pump yourself up! That way you’ll be as big as you’re comfortable with.  No disappointment that way!”  

“Third question doctor.  Won’t this gas eventually leak out naturally over time?”

“You’re a smart cookie aren’t you?  Yes the gas will leak out slowly, and you will deflate.  So I’m going to send you home with a small, regulated low pressure tank with tubing and a small gauge needle to use for re-fills.”

“You’ve really thought about this, haven’t you Dr. Fuller?”

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.  I’ve seen what those hacks do to people in your situation.  We’re supposed to help beautify, not butcher.  And please, call me by my first name:  Makir.”

“Oh my God!  A man named Makir Fuller is going to be helping me inflate myself?”

He shrugged and replied “Sometimes a name can really define a person.  What can I say?  How about we get started, Mandy?”

“I can’t wait!”

“Get ready for a little pinch.  I’m inserting the valve now.  Good, it’s under the skin.  I’ll put a bit of surgical adhesive over the incision to hold it together. We’re going to have to wait a few minutes for the adhesive to fully cure.  In the mean time I’ll explain the filling system to you.”

He took out a chrome tank the size of a household fire extinguisher, attached a tube to the regulator outlet port and then to one side of a trigger mechanism. To the other side of the trigger he attached another hose, which was connected in turn to a toothpick sized needle.

“Alright, take this trigger in your hand.  The trigger controls the gas flow.  Pull the trigger all the way in for full flow, let it out to stop altogether.  The regulator on the tank is very low pressure and of relatively low volume, for a reason.  I don’t want anyone popping do I?”

“Whoa! Popping? You didn’t say anything about popping before.”

“That’s because there is absolutely no risk of that.  Like I said, the regulator on the tank is very low pressure, just enough to overcome outside ambient pressure, not much more.  Everything make sense?”

“Yes.  Trigger controls flow, I control trigger.”

“You got it Pontiac!  I think we’re ready to roll here.”

“Take a deep breath.  Let it out when I tell you to.  Okay let it out.”  Mandy exhaled.  As she did, she heard a pop and felt a pinch as the needle punctured her skin into the valve below.

“Good girl! It’s all up to you now. Pull the trigger when you’re ready.”

Mandy looked from the trigger in her hand to the hose sticking out of her belly button.  She couldn’t believe what she was about to do.  “What the hell!” she thought and gave the trigger a slight pull.  A hissing began, and the hose in her belly button bounced once and settled back. 

“I can feel it; it’s cool under my skin.”

“It will warm up to body temperature, but for the time being I’ll turn up the room’s heat, that will help a bit.”

The cool sensation continued to spread out ward from her navel, spreading to her sides and rising up to her chest and down to her mound.  Feeling a bit more confident, Mandy pulled the trigger to halfway.  The hissing increased and she started to feel a bubbling sensation as her skin shifted.  She propped her head up with her free hand to watch her transformation.  A dome was slowly forming under the tent of skin on her belly.  She stared fascinated.  As her belly slowly rose, it pulled the loose skin along with it. It was like watching a beach ball being blown up under a bunched up blanket.  Her skin was smoothing out, and smiling she pulled the trigger all the way in.

“That’s the way.  Looking good, I don’t see any abnormalities Mandy.” Encouraged Dr. Fuller.

Now the flow of gas into her belly was very obvious, she looked almost like she had before the operation.  She continued to watch herself grow, until she noticed that even though the gas was flowing, her belly wasn’t getting any bigger.  She propped herself up a bit further and realized why.  Her belly was back to its previous milky domed glory and now the spreading gas was seeking other places.  Her thighs had started to fill out, the skin that lay pooled about them was pulling taught.  She giggled as she realized they were pushing on each other just a little.  As they filled out to their Rubenesque glory, they first forced her feet apart, and she started to rise up as her glorious derriere swelled to capacity.  She then noticed that just a little pressure was obvious on her nether regions and she closed her eyes and let her head rest on the pillow again. 

“You are a sight to behold Mandy.”

“Really?  Just wait a bit longer, there are a couple more sights you might be interested in.”  She purred.

Her breasts, which had pooled to either side of her belly, and had been resting on her arms, started to perk.  The two white fleshy bags raised slowly off her arms and upward, the puckered skin filling out like rising dough.   They vibrated slightly as they filled causing Mandy to bite her lower lip in frustration. 

She was distracted by Dr. Fuller as he said “Those are truly impressive bazooms.” Then the hissing stopped.

“What’s wrong? Gasped Mandy glancing down at her chest. 

“Nothing’s wrong.  I cut off the gas.  You were getting carried away with those breasts.”

“No, I wasn’t.  They’re not full yet.”

“They were bigger than that?”

“Yes, now turn my gas back on little man.”

“Your wish is my desire,” and the gas began to flow once again.

“Mandy’s billowing breasts continued to grow, sending her still soft nipples skyward.  She could feel the pressure growing within them pulling the skin tight and the pressure below providing sensations of ecstasy.

“You must be done.”

“Nu..nuhh not qui.. quiii quite.” The excitement in her voice was audible, as her breasts pulled taught and zeppelin like, her arousal building “Almooooossssttt….there!” And with two audible pops her nipples shot skyward as she came.  She let go of the trigger.  The hissing stopped.

She laid on her back breathing deeply, a zaftig embodiment of femininity. Now…. I’m…. Done!

“My God, Mandy.  If I wasn’t married…”

With a twinkle in her eye she rose off the gurney, pulled a surgical gown over as much of her self as she could and said;

“No problem doc, I have to leave now anyway.  There’s something at the Pharmacy I have to pick up.”

Author's Note: 

I Just put my fantasy on paper people.  That's all.  Maybe someone else has similar tastes.  Enjoy.

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