Bob and Mary's Life part 3

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(Author’s note: Bob and Mary experimented with a substance called felium or female helium a few months ago.  Its floatation properties are twice that of helium, but half the density.  Not a lot is required to achieve human lift.  They also discovered that after a month of taking felium pills, their bodies had adsorbed the felium and could produce it at will.  They further discovered that the two were linked together in thought; meaning either of them could think of a partner’s body part and inflate it without the other’s permission.  This has made for some interesting experiences for both of them.)

                Bob and Mary had been experimenting with their new found self-inflation abilities for about two months now.  Both had sometimes pulled pranks on the other; sometimes in public places and sometimes at home. 

                The first prank occurred at a restaurant some months ago.  Mary had thought about Bob’s butt and thought “Inflate behind”.  She then looked at him and said “Gotcha”!  Bob’s butt, and legs very quickly started to expand and he got pressed into his chair.  Soon after that, he had to hold onto the table to prevent him from rising up and causing a distraction.  Mary quickly thought “Deflate” and he slimmed back up.

                For her part, Mary hadn’t been too much the object of Bob’s pranks.  She was however embarrassed once by Bob in a mall.  The two were walking down on the first floor of the mall when Mary said “I need to go into a store upstairs.  There’s a blouse I want to look at and try on”.  Bob thought “Inflate Mary’s boobs”.

                Mary’s boobs began to swell and grow until she was floating.  The mall patrons gasped at the sight of a woman’s breast growing and lifting her into the air.  She screamed “Bob….this is not funny”!  This was as she lifted up to the second level; her breasts pulling her upwards.  As she floated over the second level floor Bob thought “slowly deflate”.   Mary slowly lowered to the floor.  She straightened her dress and went into the store.  After trying on the blouse, she thought “Revenge is a dish served cold!”

                 Bob, still on the first floor, just grinned and met her outside the store.  Mary was not happy and he could tell that by the look on her face.

                “Hay pay back is hell” he said to her on the drive home. “You inflated me in the restaurant last month”.

                 Mary just glazed at him. “Yea, but I didn’t make you float!” She said. 

                “You did deflate me before I got airborne, and thanks for that” said Bob. “I was just teasing….sorry baby”. 

                Bob said “Ok honey”.

                That was a month ago.  Today was Saturday and nothing was going on at home.  The two hadn’t inflated in a while and were just enjoying each other’s company in the morning when Mary said “I’m getting in the shower and after wards why don’t we go to the pool so I can sunbathe”? 

                Bob replied “OK; I could use a good float on my lounge and finish my book”

                Mary undressed in the bathroom and started showering.  While in the shower, Bob thought “Breast inflate to tippy-toes”.  Mary felt her breast start to expand, the up lift was faster than she had experienced before.  She shortly found herself standing on her toes; barely able to keep on the floor. Then Bob thought this is as good as anytime, “Butt inflation”.  Mary’s behind began to expand and she yelled “BOB! What are you doing!?” as she rose in the shower, warm water splashing on her body.

                Mary thought about Bob and then” Breast inflates, butt inflates, and legs inflate”.

                Bob soon found himself pinned to the ceiling.  He thought “God I love her. This is fun”.

                One thing they had discovered about the thought of inflating their other-half was the other-half couldn’t deflate themselves on their own.  The person doing the inflating had to do it. Bob thought “Deflate slowly” and Mary gently returned to normal; drifting slowly down to the shower floor.  She then thought the same about Bob.  They were even.

                Later after some breakfast, Mary emerged from the bedroom wearing a very small bikini. It had a white top and a bottom that was red, white and blue.  She had enhanced her boobs, just enough to keep her light on her feet, but not so much as to get airborne.  Bob took one look at her standing there and smiled.  “Nice touch Babe”!  Bob said “I’ll get changed and meet you outside”.

                Their pool wasn’t too big, but had a 10’ deep end.  It was a warm day. The sun was shining bright, no clouds were visible and the water warm.   Bob’s pool float was tucked under the handrail to the stairs entering the pool.  He pulled it out, got on it and opened his book.

                Mary went straight to the lounge chair and lay down.  She too opened a book and started reading.  After about fifteen minutes, Mary lowered her book and peered towards Bob.  He was sitting in the float reading; his back to her.  She smiled a sheepish grin and said “Hay honey, let’s cool off in the pool”.  With that, she arose from the lounge and slid gracefully into the water.  She had forgotten about her enhancements to her boobs; she was floating waist in the water, boobs and head out.  This gave her an idea.

                Bob paddled over to the side of the pool and put his book where it wouldn’t get wet.  Rolling over the side of the float, he too slipped into the water.  Mary swam over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck; still floating on her boobs.  Bob noticed this and found his private parts were interested. Mary noticed this and reached into the water.  Bob’s eyes lit up as she found her target.  She then thought “pool raft”.

                Bob’s legs expanded and drifted up on top of the water.  His upper body and butt inflated as he floated on the surface of the pool.  “Mary” he said “What are you doing”?  She replied “I was bored and needed my own float. So, you’ll just have to do”.  With that, she climbed on her ‘float’ and proceeded to enjoy her afternoon.  Bob too was having a good time, but Mary wasn’t done yet.

                After some arousing times for both of them, Mary climbed off and got back into the water. She thought “arise”.  Bob was stunned.  His felium filled breasts began to fill.  Of course after their love making, Bob wasn’t clothed.  Shortly after the breasts started to fill, he felt himself being pulled out of the water.  His chest rose first and he was sitting on top of the pool’s surface in a L position.  “Mary” he cried out “What’s this”!

                Mary replied “Honey I love you, but the mall incident…pay back”.  With that Bob’s chest continued to expand and he started to rise off the pool and into the air; all in his birthday suit.  Bob was starting to get worried and flailed his arms and legs around as he drifted above the trees.  “Mary!  I’m sorry….really really sorry”!

                She thought “DEFLATE”.  Bob dropped like a rock and fell into the deep end.  Splash! And like a cannon ball, he hit the water. Fortunately it was in the deep end and he went o the bottom. Rising to the surface, with a gasp for air he treaded water grinning.  “Best prank yet” he said.

Author's Note: 

This is the third installment of the Bob and Mary series.  Hope you all like it.

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