Give the Devil Her Due

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"You're the Devil?" he asked hesitantly.  

In the chair opposite him sat a stunning woman, brunette, her hair pulled back into a meticulous French twist.  The woman's carriage was intense and confident, her dark, smoldering eyes seeming never to blink.  Her dark irises appeared to pick up a ring of fiery red in the soft glow of the living room lamp.  He glanced downwards, shying from her stare.  She wore a flowing pantsuit of coal black lined with faint red pinstripes, the loose sleeves and leggings sheathing her palms and obscuring the open-toed, red heels she wore.

"I am," she agreed.  Her voice was throaty without being deep, a homogeny of confidence, mischief, and seduction.  Her torrid voice suggested that here was someone who might do anything without regrets.  He shook his head, running fingers through his hair.

"Prove it," he said, his voice cracking nervously.  She cocked her head with an aura of bemusement.

"Very well," she laughed, a velvet chuckle that shivered his spine.  "Ask me a question.  Something you are satisfied that only I would know."  He bowed his head, sliding his palms against each other as he thought.

He fought a tremulous stutter and asked,  "If you're the Devil, what deal do I want to make?"  She looked at him levelly and spread her mouth in a sensuous, cruel smile.

"You want the ability to create air inside your belly at your whim, blowing yourself up like a fat, human balloon, because that perverted idea turns you sexually.  Years of your deepest desire going unfulfilled have left you willing to pay any price to have it happen," she responded without hesitation.  "I can make it happen to you.  Right now.  I can give you the power to make your tummy inflate." She tilted her head to the other side and peered at him with an expectant look.  Her eyes almost seemed to trap him in his chair.  Desire made his heart beat double-time.

Face pale, he said, "You really are the Devil."

"That's such a harsh description," she said sullenly.  "It's not my name, you know.  It's more of a title, a formality.  Call me Lucie if that makes it easier for you.  Think of me more as...a high-powered lawyer that can get you all the things that life won't let you have."

"And in return you want something," the man stated in a small voice.  She nodded slowly, her eyes never leaving his face.  "What?"

"Your soul, obviously," Lucie said.  The man sighed in disappointment upon hearing the price she listed.

"But, it's such a simple thing," he said.  "I'm not asking for fame, or fortune.  All I want is this.  It's such a little request."

"You want it so much more than you want fame or fortune.  That's exactly why it will cost you your soul," she teased.  "You'd do anything for it.  If you weren't hesitating, you could be inflating yourself right now.  Getting full.  Fat with nothing but air."  He squirmed at her goading.

"What about if I give it to you for twenty years?" he pleaded.  The Devil scowled and arched her head back, staring down the length of her nose at him.

"This isn't a yard sale," Lucie spat as she stood.  "We shan't haggle.  Take it or leave it.  I can see I'm wasting my time."  Without further comment, she vanished in a puff of smoke.

"Wait!  Wait!" he cried.  His words echoed hollowly against the empty walls of the room.
She returned as suddenly as she had departed.  Her arms were crossed, face set in a smoldering scowl.

"Yes, fine," he said.  "I'll do it."  The woman's scowl melted away like butter in a pan, revealing a pleasant smile.  She seated herself once more in the chair.  

"As a show of good faith, I'll even make you a concession," the Devil said warmly.  "If you're not fully satisfied after one year, we'll null the contract.  How about that?" He nodded numbly from across the room and worked his mouth silently.  

The woman reached into her attache case and withdrew a single, crisp piece of paper.  She held it up to the light, reading the simple article aloud.  "This document specifies that the first party, the undersigned, does hereby cede their immortal soul to the second party, Lucifer, yours truly, in exchange for the power for the first party to create miraculous air inside their belly.  After the first party has one calendar year of life experience with this power, this contract is hereby null and void if the first party is not completely satisfied in every way," she recited.  

She slid the document across the coffee table.  "Totally fair," she said.  The man took brought the paper closer to himself across the tabletop with a trembling hand.  A stiletto winked into existence beside his hand.  "Draw the blood of a finger, and sign it."

He obeyed.  A blotched, crimson signature stained the cream of the paper.

"How long until it starts working?" the man asked.  He lightly rested his hands on his stomach.

"It was working as soon as you signed," she chuckled, staring at him with a fixed intensity.  "All you have to do now is think about it.  Will it to happen.  Blimp."  He looked down at himself.  With a soft hiss, his belly began to protrude.

"Oh god," he groaned ecstatically.  "It's happening.  I'm making it happen!"  He ran his hands down his waist, sinking his fingers into the swelling belly.  "It feels so much better than I imagined.  I'm inflating myself like a fucking blimp!  At last!" The Devil smiled tightly and uncrossed her legs.  She rose to a standing position.

"Like god had anything to do with it," she said acidly with a sneer as she picked up the contract and slid it back into the attache case.  The devil spread her fingertips on the table and leaned forward.  Cleavage winked through her collar.  "You should get bigger.  Show me what you can do to that belly of yours."  With a shivering, drawn-out moan, he continued to expand.  His belly swelled from a slight arc to a sizable mound.  A strip of flesh peeked between his belt and shirt as the latter rode upwards across the inflating sphere.  Diamonds of skin began to show between painfully restrictive buttons.  A bulge began to form in his pants in evidence of the arousal that was welling within his ballooned belly.

"Ahhh-h, I'm getting so stuffed," he moaned, gliding his hands around his belly.  His palms hissed across the tight flesh.  He writhed in his chair in a struggle to get comfortable.  The man found himself obliged to lean back to make room for his filling stomach.  Air still hissed into his stomach.  POP!  POP!  Buttons bailed from their blimping owner and flew across the living room.  POP!  His breath came in shallow pants as he grunted, "It's getting so...hahhh...tight.  I slow down."  The belly's inflation paused.

The Devil slyly stepped over the coffee table and put her hands on his knees.  "Let me just take care of that for you.  That belt must be so restrictive across this great, big tummy of yours.  She leaned in and tugged at his belt.  It had been under such pressure that it whipped open accompanied by a thump from his failing pants button as soon as she had pulled the buckle's latch from the belt notch.  "You're getting very full," she teased steamily.  He moaned, not responding.  "But show me you can get even bigger.  That could happen right now.  You could be bigger.  You could be as bloated, as fat as you want."  She smiled wickedly as the sphere began to swell again.  "That's right.  Get big."  She patted the growing belly impishly with her fingertips on either side of the man's swollen waist.  POP!  The solitary remaining button across his belly failed, baring his tight, stuffed tummy to the room.

He grew red in the face as his girth soared.  Gingerly removing his hands from his waistline, the blimp of a man grabbed hold of the arms of his chair as if bracing himself.  His tummy groaned, far beyond comfortable pressure.  Pink, striped stretchmarks began to blossom vertically across the width of his middle.  He gasped, "I can't stop!"

"Oh?" the Devil prompted.  "That's quite a predicament for a blimp boy like you."  She folded herself to sit upon his knee, one hip butting against the right side of his belly.  She placed a hand gently atop the mountainous swell.

"Why can't I stop!?" he groaned.  "What are you doing to me?"  She sat up straight atop his knee, a feigned expression of injury apparent.

"Me?  I'm not doing anything to you.  The reason you're inflating is because you want it to happen," Lucie chuckled.  He violently shook his head in denial.

"I'm too full!  God, help feels too good, I want to slow down!  I'm going to burst!  Why am I still filling!?  You said I could control it," he pleaded.  The skin of his belly groaned and hummed with pressure as it filled.  The Devil cupped the squirming man's chin in her hand and ran her other hand down his waist.  She turned his face towards her to meet her wicked smile.

She laughed and said, "You can control it just fine, silly man.  Controlling your own desires, on the other hand, appears to be beyond you.  Just because you're a blimp worried about going pop doesn't mean you don't want to blow up.  An inhibition of fear isn't going to save you."  She patted his belly with her free hand.  "You have to stop the want itself."  The groaning of his body was growing louder.

The man wriggled in the chair with the giggling ruler of Hell atop his knee, warring with his desires in an attempt to command himself.  With herculean effort, he clenched his teeth and mentally brought his expansion to a halt.  "Very good," the Devil chuckled, followed within seconds by her pressing her chest against the slope of his tummy.

"Please, don't do that," he begged.

"Why?" the woman inquired seductively.  She reached up to her suit top and unbuttoned several of the fasteners, exposing more of the deep cleavage held beneath.  "I only want to help my client enjoy his new gift."  She wriggled her body sinuously against the side of his belly while letting one hand wander down below his ball of a stomach in uncouth explorations of rubbing.  "Doesn't your big, tight belly feel so good with me leaning on it?"

He gasped, "Stop!"  His expansion sputtered to life again as wavering will faltered.  Lucie laughed in delight, clapping her hands with cruel glee.  The tortured man's waist inflated several more inches outward before he buckled down and halted it once more.  "Please," he groaned.  "How do I deflate myself?  I'm going to explode!"  The woman made a mockingly nervous expression of surprise.

"Deflate!  Regrettably, dear, you didn't say anything about that," Lucie said.  "You're going to have to stay stuffed to this size while avoiding thinking about getting bigger for now.  I'm sure a very big boy like yourself can handle that."  She rubbed his belly with firm pressure in a motion that swept across the tortured, groaning skin.  The bloated man gasped, squeezing the chair arms.

"Take it back!  Reverse it," he begged her.  "It feels too good, I can't stop, I can't!  Null the contract before I pop!"  On the other side of his belly, the woman's hand slid to a stop.

"Here's the problem," Lucie said, pausing with a silence that was pregnant with anticipation.  "It hasn't been a year yet.  I follow my contracts to the letter.  I don't have to let you reverse it for a whole, long year."  She smiled wickedly.

"It's too much," he moaned in helpless arousal.  He wrapped his arms around his sides as if in effort to hold himself together.  His hands didn't even come close to reaching the front of his stomach.  There was no give to his belly.  "Take the power away from me before I burst myself!  I don't want it!"  The woman rose from his crowded lap and poised in front of the man's belly.

"Oh, honey, I can prove you still want it."  Lucie opened her blouse, pulling the unfastened halves aside with a soft touch.  Her full breasts swayed freely.  She pushed her soft bosom against the mammoth swell of slick belly and slowly rubbed herself along it as she sank to the ground.  The man panted heatedly.

"Please stop," he begged.  "You're making me want more!"  The woman paid no mind.  As her knees finally made contact with the ground, she extended her tongue and sensuously licked the skin of the man's inflated belly, tracing a longitudinal line along the meridian of the blimp.  She reached his navel and withdrew her tongue.

"Mmm," she moaned, burying her face into the sphere and bestowing a full-mouthed sumptuous kiss onto its pained surface.  She spoke seductively, putting every iota of infernal experience into her voice.  "You've gotten so big, and so tight.  It would impress me so much if you could fill yourself more for me."  She kissed the quivering orb again, softly.  Almost immediately the man lost control of his own leash and began to swell again with a shuddering moan.  Far faster than before. 

The swelling of his stomach was a symphony of creaks nearly drowned by his passionate cries of absolute ecstasy in the feel of expansion.  Lucie rose and looked at him over top of his blimping belly.  Those red flecks in her intense, dark eyes were brighter now, forming hot coals that hungered after the fat blimp before her.

"Enjoy," she said.  "I think we'll be seeing each other again, real soon."  With that, she was gone in a flash of smoke.  It chaotically swirled in the air with the movements of the climaxing, inflating balloon of a man who waged a losing battle to prevent himself from rushing headlong in size towards the bursting point.

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